The Casual Vacancy – #3

Continuing my The Casual Vacancy, by JK Rowling, readthrough. I don’t know  if this is actually Part Two, but it is a different section in the very least, and as I said yesterday it is called (Olden Days).


  • Finding out more about this Parish Council is interesting
  • They met once a month, and were known for being obstreperous, i.e noisy and difficult to control (I love it when we get fancy words, words are amazing, and such a rich vocabulary makes things interesting!)
  • There were 16 men and women who were all elected unopposed
  • The issue that Howard and Barry fought over is a 60 year old issue, and has caused a Civil War (well not really, but their words, not mine)!
  • Intertown rivalry!


  • Civil war over a manor house
  • This Aubrey Fawley is probably not going to ‘shower grace over them’ but cause some trouble


  • Yarvil (the District) are trying to invade Pagford! Seriously you aren’t individual countries, you are just two towns, get along
  • The ultimate betrayal by Fawley, selling his land to Yarvil
  • Nothing could fire up Pagford quite like this betrayal
  • Barry was born in the Fields so let me guess he doesn’t want it destroyed or removed


  • Pagford has to foot the bill for all the maintence of footpaths and bus shelters, even though it was Yarvil who created the place, not exactly fair.
  • Are there really different accents when they are only a couple of miles apart?
  • The Fields were cheap housing and so attracted what Howard would call ‘unsavoury people’
  • But not everyone is ‘unsavoury’ Barry grew up there (though I guess Howard would call him unsavoury too) and went to the school, so he was alright
  • Krystal went to Pagford’s school as well, but she caused some trouble. She even punched Lexie Mollison (Howard’s granddaughter), I wonder if she deserved it. Probably.


  • Ah, Pagford are trying to change the borders and give the Fields back to Yarvil, well Howard is leading the charge, and has opposition from Barry and probably Parminder
  • Aubrey Fawley (the 2nd) is on the District Council, apparently trying to right the wrong, and he is an ally with Howard
  • Clearly the divide between the rich and poor is vast, and this is definitely going to play out a lot
  • Why not help these people rather than see them as just a problem waiting to be fixed by getting rid of them. They clearly need help


  • There may be ‘nothing to stop them’ Howard, but it isn’t that easy to suddenly transform your life, when you know no different
  • Choosing to live in squaller? I don’t think so.
  • Barry was helping Krystal & Howard only sees this as a way for Barry to win over the town, and I really hope he is wrong, and Barry was a good many trying to help Krystal and the Fields
  • Privilege, what an interesting thing it is. It’s all very well and good to suggest things and try to help them, but if you haven’t lived that way, and haven’t been through it, you have no idea what they need or what they want

A short little ‘part’ for today’s post. But I am really starting to love this book, and I love that it is JK Rowling. She is creating a really interesting town, and it is something that everyone can relate to and connect with. Sure she can’t create a world like Harry Potter, but this is a real world story, and yet we are getting to know so many characters, and are able to get inside their heads and find out what they are thinking and why they are thinking it. And so far not all that much has happened, Barry has died, and the effects of his death are starting to permeate across the town, and now we know why Howard and Barry were enemies, because Barry didn’t want to get rid of the Fields from Pagford, and Howard wanted to. Clearly there is so much more to read and explore about Pagford, but I’m definitely not disappointed by this book!

5 thoughts on “The Casual Vacancy – #3

    1. Your reviews were really good, I liked them. Much more detailed than random dotpoints, and you were analysing things a lot more than I was. So please, continue reviewing the book, I’d like to read what you have to say about it, so I can see differing opinions!

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