The Casual Vacancy – #5



  • Samantha Mollison, I forgot who she was, until she mentioned that rep that she wanted to flirt with, but he turned out to be a flop, I guess that is karma
  • Do people actually like receiving cards like that, unless they actually have a profound message, are they even worth it? I guess in this case, it is a show of support for the family, to make sure they don’t feel alone at a time like this
  • Cosmetic surgery, I prefer a natural look, and to let people age naturally
  • If Shirley wouldn’t notice your filler, what’s the point, if other people don’t notice you look different, hasn’t it failed. Or is it just to make yourself feel better
  • I’m sure the road isn’t that steep that you can’t walk there, no need for a car
  • Naming your house, how much more pompous can you get?
  • A few breast puns. Didn’t realise that Sam was a bra saleswoman, old men seem to get a touch gross as they age, and very creepy
  • All very petty isn’t it, taking jabs at one another
  • I feel kinda sorry for Sam having to endure it all, but not too sorry
  • These women are perverse
  • Interesting, Howard can be so nice to Vikram (he did save his live) but so rude and vindictive to Parminder
  • Politics, always about rounding up the numbers, in this case 9 out of 16
  • They want Miles to be a Councillor?


  • Fats and his father alone? Probably not a good idea
  • Is Fats Barry’s child? Oh, that explains a lot, does Fat know? Or does he think Colin is his father?
  • But wouldn’t Barry have some idea, he has another child?
  • Do Colin and Tessa still love each other?
  • Oh, so it will be Miles v Colin then
  • But Tessa doesn’t think Colin is right for it, and Barry would never want him on the Council, is that being too harsh?
  • Is it just grief, or something worse causing Tessa to be confused and forgetful?
  • Yes maybe you should call Parminder and see what she has to say

A short post for today, will read Wednesday tomorrow! Interesting to see the politics come into play now, and we start to see the new contenders for Barry’s seat. But I wonder what will happen to Krystal and the Fields in the fight, will they be forgotten?

2 thoughts on “The Casual Vacancy – #5

  1. I got the impression that the secret was that Tessa had accidentally rendered Colin infertile some time after Fats was born.

    1. You may be onto something. Maybe Colin was infertile, and Barry (being the kind man he was) offered to donate his sperm, so they could have a child. And maybe that is why Colin feels so much respect and misses him so much, because Barry was so kind to them. But then, if Colin is not Fats father, it doesn’t quite seem to make sense, why Colin takes his son’s behaviour so personally. Interesting to see what JK writes about this later on.

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