The Casual Vacancy – #7

My seventh post about The Casual Vacancy!


  • Tessa finally seeing Parminder
  • Oh Mrs Weedon, Krystal’s greatgrandmother
  • They may be lies, but don’t we wish they were true
  • Mrs Weedon’s not too happy with Parminder, she has emphysema, but is still smoking, and is blaming Parminder for stomach problems. Plus she is a racist, just because Parminder isn’t ‘white’ doesn’t mean she is a bad doctor
  • Good to see the two release their emotions
  • Why does Colin like Parminder so much? And vice versa?
  • Parminder sounds like a great doctor, who is doing her job properly, and controlling the drugs she gives out
  • Howard’s already trying to get Miles in without an election, hopefully he won’t get the support he needs
  • Good luck getting Fats into a suit
  • What’s wrong with Tessa. High blood pressure. Glucose monitoring?


  • Brown-nosing, not a very pleasant image (which is exactly why I brought it up for you to consider…)
  • Maybe you just love your job and don’t want to leave, or actually have work stuff to do before you go home?
  • But before Simon could go home, he needed to collect his drugs or whatever it was he bought, so the two of them went off to the Fields (of course if it is drugs, it would be in the Fields)
  • Oh, it isn’t drugs. It is the stolen computers that Terri was housing in her home, and he is getting one, and Ruth thought that he was buying one, when he is just buying a stolen one
  • Would they have CCTV on the estate? Or is he just being paranoid?
  • Is the forklift driver, that Obbo, or is it just another guy who knew about the stolen computers?
  • I bet he isn’t going the otherway he just doesn’t want to give the guy a lift
  • Driving quickly doesn’t make your number plate harder to see…
  • Simon doesn’t like seeing his wife excited, because she ‘doesn’t understand the risks’ well if you bought things legitimately then there would be no risk!
  • Do you need an instruction manual for setting up a computer?
  • Gaia had said ‘Hi’ to Andrew! But he seems to have no knowledge of girls, I’m surprised he hasn’t google some of that stuff (though that is a dangerous thing to do…)
  • Don’t they teach that stuff in schools over in the UK?
  • His jealousy of Marco and Gaia is somewhat endearing
  • That would be plain annoying having a parent come in to investigate what you were doing, you might not be doing anything ‘wrong’ but having to explain what you were doing would be so frustrating
  • Simon is very invasive of privacy and very controlling
  • I have to admit that Simon standing for Council is a strange thought
  • Can’t Simon just drop the subject like a normal person, and accept that Andrew says he doesn’t have a problem, or does he just like confrontation too much
  • Is finding a job in a small town even that easy?
  • Oh, Ruth was asking Shirley if on the website there would be instructions on how to put your name forward for nomination, but I’m guessing Ruth won’t want them on there anymore to stop competition.
  • Simon fiddled with the electricity meter? Is he that desperate? I could understand if they were living in challenging situations, but he just seems like he doesn’t want to pay what he has to, and will do whatever he can to save a buck, even if it means breaking the law. There are legal ways of reducing your bills!
  • Oh, so Ruth likes that Simon would ‘choose’ her as ‘worthy’, it is quite sad really
  • So Simon makes Ruth’s anxieties even worse by making up a story which would set her off to thinking of the police coming knocking to their home? Sick!
  • And then threatens everyone to keep their mouths shut about the computer, I wonder if Ruth feels bad for telling Shirley they were getting one
  • Address your children with their names and not ‘You’
  • Calling your child a ‘pussy’, really, you are the weakling, picking on your own children
  • So you want to do it yourself, don’t scream at someone trying to help you! He is infuriating me, and I’m not even there!
  • Ruth came to watch them, and Andrew could tell, she wanted it not to work, so it would be gone, but I doubt that would be the end of it, he would demand it to be fixed, and blame Andrew
  • Wow, he really is getting worked up about not being able to work the computer, it is almost comical how frustrated he is getting, but then he just takes it out on his children, calling your son, ‘Pauline’ as a joke, what are you? And how old are you, I expect that from a sadistic 5 year old!
  • Yes Simon, that inanimate object is just out to get you
  • Thankfully the computer works, so Simon doesn’t explode and attack his children
  • I am reminded of how annoying and infuriating Umbridge is in Harry Potter
  • At least the computer works. But Simon has no idea what he is doing
  • Does Simon not like socialising? Why? Is it because he knows he is inferior to other people and wants to control the only people he can, but if he socialises he will be ridiculed for being moronic?
  • Simon would not be a good politician!

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