The Casual Vacancy – #8

Already up to post number eight about ‘The Casual Vacancy’, and nearly a third of the way through!

Friday (for some reason we get not Thursday)

This is the first ‘chapter’ without sub sections, but in this chapter we swap from character to character quite a bit

  • First we have heard for ages about Barry and his funeral
  • Should Colin be allowed to see Barry’s body, is it morbid? He was a good friend, but I guess it is up to Mary really
  • Sweet touch to put letters in with the casket
  • Gavin you should be telling Kay those things, and telling her you don’t want her, it would be better for both of you
  • I guess the funeral is around the corner, I wonder if Ruth will be able to get Fats in a suit
  • Go on, piss of Shirley!
  • Blood Fats, Sukhvinder doesn’t even know it is him that is sending her terrible messages and photos, he keeps changing his profile that he uses. She does suspect him though, and really she should report him to the police, some might think that extreme, but he deserves punishment, and it can be scary going and telling someone, but they do need to know
  • See what bullying does, it pushes people to their limits, and makes them feel worthless
  • Fats is worse than Dane, he personalises and changes the bullying constantly
  • Even her parents criticise her, expecting more of her, clearly they don’t know what she is going through
  • Maybe Sukhvinder doesn’t try as hard as she could, but telling her to, usually won’t work, and will make teenagers more likely to try less
  • Don’t be afraid of answering questions in class, and doing your best! If you are smart and capable of doing something, do it, and that way you can see that you are worth something and that when you finish school and get a good job, and see one of your bullies slumming it, you can feel good about yourself, and remember that what they said to you meant nothing because they were pathetic people
  • Telling someone is really important, no matter who it is, if it is an online help forum, a call centre specialising in this, the police, your parents, your friends, a councillor at school, it is important that you don’t have to suffer in silence and alone
  • Sukhvinder you are not unfit for Andrew, he is unfit for you, and you are not strange. And frankly being strange is much better than being ‘normal’, who wants to be normal, being different is awesome
  • Oh, she is a rower like Krystal, could the two someone find friendship?
  • Maybe not, since Krystal is rude to her too, for no reason, and is racist. But Barry catches her out, and scolds her, and Krystal does apologise, good on Barry, sounds like a perfect person
  • Oh, dear Sukhvinder! Suicide and self-harm are such serious issues, and I strongly urge people going through these times to seek help, and remember that times really do get better, and that these people that bully, are the worthless ones, not you.
  • Maybe Gaia will be her saviour, if Sukhvinder doesn’t push her away because she thinks that Gaia is up to something and is being disingenuous, which I don’t think she is

Again I want to stress how deplorable bullying is. And to those who are bullied, you are not alone, so many people are going through the same thing, and so many people have been through what you are going through. It does get better, but right now it might be hard, but you’ll get through, and be stronger than those cowards who pick on you.

It’s good to see JK Rowling write about a wide range of issues, that just couldn’t be talked about in a fantasy novel like Harry Potter.


One thought on “The Casual Vacancy – #8

  1. Well said, sir, well said.

    As for why Thursday was not included, I think it’s because Rowling felt the need to speed up the pace, not much happens in this chapter, and what happened on Thursday could be briefly mentioned in here.

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