The Casual Vacancy – #9



  • Hopefully there are no scenes at Barry’s funeral, that would be disrespectful
  • Big turnout for a loved man
  • He was a banker, I though he was a journalist
  • Really Fats, show some respect and attend the funeral without complaint, and also don’t lie to your mother, you probably weren’t even going to see Andrew
  • Yeah ‘English project’, weren’t you seeing Krystal Weedon to finally have sex?
  • Sam doesn’t want Miles as councillor, which means all three contenders aren’t supported by their families and are all a pretty lousy replacement for Barry
  • Miles don’t jump in the grave
  • Really Miles, you are not some saint because you were there when he died, you played no part in the day, so don’t go around expecting a medal
  • Those are some bad nightmares to have about a funeral
  • I don’t think Barry would really want Howard there would he? But it seems that many funerals people turn up that you wouldn’t want, it’s almost as if your enemies come out to spite you
  • Playing into their hands, how? She is wearing a sari, get over it. Is it because she is ‘alienating’ herself in this small town full of white bigots?
  • Why? Would you like to lose 6 pounds in 6 days too?
  • What a detailed description of the inside of the church
  • Really, who cares what religion people are?
  • Surely the sari does not offend God, but just you
  • Good job girls it is a wonderful gift, is Krystal around? No she isn’t, she probably wanted to go, but didn’t know what to do
  • How grotesque is Fats, he is deplorable
  • Well Sam doesn’t mind Vikram at all, but he is too good for her
  • Howard it is not your funeral, so you can’t be outraged
  • Good on you Fergus, being environmentally friendly, don’t worry about what other people think
  • That would be the one awkward thing (well there would be plenty of others too) about living in a small town, your doctor knows everything…..
  • Parminder found her own father dead when she was young, how traumatic
  • It seems each of Barry’s children got to choose something about the funeral
  • Maybe Gavin realises he does like Kay, and shouldn’t push her away (probably too optimistic)
  • Gavin his family have already grieved, so that’s probably why they can keep ‘together’ you on the other hand, haven’t seemed to grieve yet
  • Be polite, and listen to the eulogy without complaint, it is a brother’s final goodbye, give it some respect
  • I think at a funeral, many people imagine what their own funeral would be like, who would go, who wouldn’t, who would speak, what would they say, not a very happy thought, but we all die at some point
  • ‘Help her with Colin’ what’s wrong with Colin?
  • Barry even told Colin not to worry about Fats behaviour, he really was such a good man (unless there are some dark secrets…)
  • Oh, they played ‘Umbrella’ just like they would have coming back from rowing, Howard, Shirely, you will never understand
  • I wonder if JK had to organise some sort of royalties to Rihanna for using this song, or did Rihanna just let her do it because she is JK Rowling and she can do what ever she wants


  • I guess not everyone is at the funeral
  • Does his father know he is taking his bike, probably not
  • Andrew rides past the church, not wanting to see his friend in a suit
  • He just wants to see Gaia? Well actually he just wants to find out exactly which house is hers, to what, stalk it?
  • Is Gaia really the Holy Grail?
  • Well he gets lucky, she is out on the pavement, and she says hello
  • At least he didn’t fall off, and embarrass himself
  • His father does know he has his bike (Simon probably never uses it), but he can’t let it get stolen
  • I love exploring my local area and finding hidden places, it’s awesome
  • Nice little hideout they’ve found, so long as they don’t fall into the water and drown
  • Now Andrew is going to analyse seeing Gaia second by second, and try to figure out where she was going, it is quite creepy actually
  • Now that is a dangerous game they are playing, the awkwardness if they were caught…
  • Again didn’t really expect to see JK writing about teenagers looking at online porn
  • Peer pressure, always wanting to do more than your mates
  • Fats arrives, obviously he got out of going to the burial, unless Andrew has been sitting there for a long time
  • He is ruining the suit now
  • Colin was a bit of a wreck, pull yourself together, Mary wasn’t that bad
  • A strange way to think of your parents: a pagan god and a high priestess of a cult
  • Andrew tells Fats that Simon wants to run for councillor, which is interesting, as Colin wants to run too
  • Fats tells him that Barry wasn’t being bribed, that was a councillor on the Yarvil District, and he got caught
  • Teenagers taking drugs, well I didn’t expect that either
  • Fats knows about Obbo, that’s a dangerous route to go down
  • Fats is no longer a virgin, I wonder how Krystal feels about basically being used?
  • At least it was safe sex, and Krystal shouldn’t be getting pregnant
  • Sex, Death and Music, sounds like Rock and Roll

That brings us to Part Two. I can’t quite figure out why the Trespassing passage was included for (The Olden Days), because I didn’t catch any trespassing going on, unless it was more metaphoric than literal. Over a third of the way through, now with the funeral over, what next? I guess the election, but first the actual nominations. I wonder what Howard will say when he finds out there are two extra contenders (maybe more) running against Miles. And what about the rowing team, and the clinic, and Krystal? What about the Weedons?


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