The Casual Vacancy – #11


  • Retaliation against Miles? I guess that makes sense in a kinda pitiful way
  • Maybe Sam can push Gavin in the right direction away from his ‘pusillanimous’ ways (what a fantastic way to say ‘showing a lack of courage’, i.e a coward, I hope JK throws more of these extravagant words at us)
  • Unfortunately Miles loves the idea of tea, so that backfired
  • Dinner at Sweetlove, Miles is doing the same as you Sam, your revenge has double backfired, though if you don’t go Sam, that will be your own revenge again
  • I’m in 2 minds with Sam, I support yet loathe her
  • Shirley will be shocked, don’t know about the orgasm though
  • Close her store? That would be sad, but does it matter if they lose money? They seem wealthy enough.
  • Did having children spoil your dreams and plans of travel? Well if you don’t want kids, plan accordingly. Tad harsh, but…
  • That would be awkward and terrifying, what if Miles walked out on her, she would be a single mum
  • At least he wanted to marry her already, no matter what Shirley might think
  • Americans have perfect teeth?
  • PlayStation, which year is this? Ok, maybe she didn’t number it. There was a PlayStation in Harry Potter as well… Why not an xbox or wii?
  • A whole bottle of wine?
  • I think this teenager part of a boyband (partially a reference to One Direction?) is a bit young for you Sam
  • If you don’t like the sex, shouldn’t you tell him, or would that break his heart?
  • Nearly caught in the act there Sam
  • Miles it seems you aren’t that interesting now, and Sam doesn’t want you to get less interesting by joining the Council
  • I think there are still a few years until your girls are out of school, and then you can travel, even though that’s now why you are mad
  • I think you’ve made up this whole travel business Sam, and since there are four years until the youngest is out of school, Miles going on Council won’t impact on that!
  • I do think hearing them go on and on about the Fields would be exhausting
  • I guess Sam is right, you don’t really get on the Council for one term, and then get off of it again
  • So really this is all about Sam hating Pagford, and wanting to get out of the place she loathes
  • I too would be afraid if Miles was turning into Howard, that is something you don’t want


  • A new character! Well, we just haven’t really had much time with Alison Jenkins, the journalist
  • Oh the interview. Will Krystal still want to do it, I think she is under the impression it won’t be happening
  • Terri got to her first, and wasn’t very helpful, and she can’t believe her daughter would be interviewed
  • Terri’s sister? Danielle, definitely a new character, a ‘snobby bitch’ according to Terri herself
  • Oh, Nana Cath, isn’t quite dead, she has had a stroke and has been in hospital, Krystal didn’t even know, but she might not cover
  • Terri should see her, but it might be more effort than it is worth
  • Don’t we all wish that our relatives, especially the ones we love dearly, would never die, and would somehow live, healthily forever
  • Who and where is Krystal’s father, he wasn’t the man she found dead was he? He is called ‘Banger’, apparently
  • Nana Cath was a lifesaver for Krystal, keeping her away from foster care, pity she is getting old
  • ‘Approved individuals’!
  • Going to see her is going to be scary, especially by herself, and seeing her in a poor state, is not easy
  • Krystal has a few half-sisters, since Banger, whose name obviously is reflective of his life, has gotten around and reared a number of children
  • They don’t even know who Robbie’s father is!
  • Terri has been desperate, stealing things and hiding them in a pram
  • Cheryl can’t be that snobby, she was married to Shane Tully, which that last name is not very snobby (another character we have been introduced to briefly, is testament)
  • As far as I know, doing your cousin is not legal, but then again, I don’t think having sex at 14 is entirely legal either
  • Finding your way around a large hospital is not easy
  • Krystal will have to ask someone, but will they have time to answer her?
  • It took her 15 minutes to find the ward, and she is right, why don’t they make it easy for people?
  • Aunt Cheryl is here, and personally, I don’t see how she is a snob, maybe Terri can
  • OH, Danielle is the snob and not Cheryl! Cheryl and Terri just fight frequently
  • Cheryl got a call from the journalist, and she has a number for Krystal to ring
  • Strokes are terrible, horrific things, and since Nana Cath was lying there for three days, it would have been very good for her
  • Krystal has an older sister? Anne-Marie? Or is that a half-sister?
  • No, a full sister it seems, but she was taken away from Terri
  • Poor Nana Cath, and poor Krystal!

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