The Casual Vacancy – #12


  • Simon hit Andrew! All because he told him that Barry wasn’t getting bribes
  • Simon did it with a log, that is child abuse!
  • He seems to believe that just because Andrew doesn’t know about Barry taking bribes, doesn’t mean it is true, it just means that he wasn’t caught
  • Simon has sent in his application forms, there is now no turning back, I wonder when the election will be
  • Sabotage is a dangerous thing to pursue, and trying to do it anonymously, good luck, I almost think payback to Simon would be making him go on the Council and seeing how boring it is, and how you don’t get any money
  • Isn’t this stalking?
  • I don’t like seeing the word façade (written correctly that is), it always makes me think there is something on the book underneath it, and I go to wipe it away
  • Why on earth are they going to the deli, who would want to have to see Howard
  • Is he going to get a job at the George Hotel (I don’t like that word, does it mean a hotel as in a place you stay at and sleep on holidays, or do they mean hotel as in a pub? Too much ambiguity)
  • Well he is too self conscious of his acne (which is the bane of a teenager’s life, and if you don’t have it/didn’t get it consider yourself very, very lucky) so doesn’t apply, instead follows Gaia into the deli
  • Oh, wait a moment, the sign is out the front of the deli, and they are looking for staff for the cafe Howard is going to open up! I did think they would need more staff, and didn’t remember Andrew needed a job (I wonder if that will please Simon if he gets one)
  • Gaia is looking for a job too
  • Do we know Eddie, and what is he suggesting for the Council?
  • Howard isn’t going to like hiring Sukhvinder, unless he wants to use it to get to Parminder
  • He does however, love Gaia, and since she is from London, he loves her even more, and imagines training her, and giving her bonuses (is this starting to sound slightly pedophilic?)
  • He totally has no interest in Andrew and Sukhvinder, and shows Gaia the cafe, while the other two clearly understand they are not wanted
  • Maureen tries to ask if Gaia has any experience, but Howard doesn’t care. Maureen asks the other two if they want jobs as well, and Sukhvinder doesn’t and Andrew doesn’t make much of a comment, but Gaia pushes him into admitting
  • Sorry, Gaia pushes Sukhvinder into taking the job, and Howard thinks it exactly how I predicted, something to use against Parminder
  • Howard does however ask Andrew if he wants to be potboy, and do the heavy lifting, and Andrew accepts (so long as he gets to see Gaia more often), and they all get a trail for two weeks! Good on them!
  • Howard is quite interested when he finds out that Andrew is Simon Price’s son, he finally knows the competition
  • I would like to see Simon’s face when he finds out Andrew has a job!
  • The teenagers get a chance to leave, and Gaia asks why they call Andrew, ‘peanut’, apparently he is allergic, and nearly died because someone hid one in a marshmellow
  • “She was horrified at the prospect of telling Parminder what she had done”, is that the getting a job bit or did she give Andrew the peanut?
  • AHAHAHA! Andrew would not want to hear what Gaia just said about his dick!
  • What are you planning Andrew to get payback to your father. Try to remember stooping to his level is not a good idea, and don’t do something illegal it isn’t worth it


  • Things do tend to come back and bite you eventually Sam, so if you just did it out of spite, something will make you regret it
  • ‘Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders’ is that literally the store’s name? Maybe that’s why it isn’t doing well, because who would want to say “Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders” after being asked “Where did you get that?”
  • There is a rush hour in these small towns? Clearly the concept of small in England is different to Australia!
  • Don’t talk to Mary, you don’t care about her, and you don’t want her to come over (and inviting her to come when Kay and Gavin will be, that will be awkward, even if Mary likes Gavin)
  • Sam is really starting to like this boy band, and she is getting addicted to it
  • And now she has been found out by her daughter, awkward
  • “Samantha was glad they did not like the same one.” Why exactly? Is it because it is awkward that you and her are attracted to the same guy? Or is it that you want him to yourself?
  • Do remember Sam you brought this on yourself
  • Miles does your house really have a name too? Casa Mollison?
  • Is this what goes on in women’s minds when they see other women?
  • Don’t lie to Mary, they didn’t just ‘pop in’
  • But Mary’s appearance, hopefully means for Gavin there won’t be too many awkward questions.
  • Woops, there goes the casserole! Not quite the meal you were hoping for, I guess
  • I’m sure Kay is just so glad to learn about Pagford and its history!
  • Good to hear there has been good progress with the Weedons
  • Really Miles? These people are so pitiful and petty, and need to find out how life really is
  • Gaia isn’t too fond on Pagford, and I can understand being uprooted just because your mum believes that a man (who doesn’t at all love her) loves her and that moving in is the best idea
  • Might want to slow down on the wine Sam, don’t know what you might do under the influence of alcohol
  • Oh dear, the Fields, Miles will love discussing it, and Sam hates it just like Mary does
  • Miles don’t defend a man, when you know it is true
  • Took you long enough to realise that Mary was married to Barry and he just died, and Howard and Barry were on different sides of the battlefield
  • Outsize bras? Bras that aren’t in sizes? Or do you mean large bras, probably the latter.
  • Sam, once again, you brought this on yourself, and Miles is just one of those people that love to tell the same story to 50 different people at 50 different occasions, even if you’ve heard it 100 times
  • Drink driving is not a laughing matter! Seriously Miles you should know better, you’ve been caught twice
  • This sort of social life is just laborious for the sake of being laborious, no need in this, you can be a community without this sort of snobbish, bigoted interactions which are just stilted and fake
  • Mary is so kind, and so much better than Sam, something that Sam doesn’t quite understand that Gavin doesn’t deserve punishment, even if he is a coward who doesn’t tell the woman he ‘loves’ how he really feels about her
  • Didn’t take Kay and Miles long to start arguing about how to help the Fields and what ‘to do with them’, and Miles is very naive, and Kay knows what it is really like, she’s been there, she knows what a difference can be made because of the Clinic, and how cutting them off and giving them to someone else to deal with, is not an acceptable way to help these people (yes Miles these are actually PEOPLE!)
  • There are infinite foster homes Miles, ad not all of them are good homes, some are just as bad, if not worse than a child’s own home, and you’ve cut them off from their parents, just image you being forced from your mum and dad who you both seem to adore even to this day and rely upon
  • Adoption from birth, maybe that is a ‘good idea’ but you can’t take babies from their mothers without knowing what is going to happen in the future, and then these kids grow up not knowing who they are and where they came from
  • Good point Kay, everyone just wants babies, and not actual children
  • Whoops Kay, you so shouldn’t have revealed who you were discussing, that is very unethical and now Sam and Miles know something they shouldn’t, and she knew it, unfortunately in Pagford, everyone does know everyone, it’s not like London
  • Shut up Miles, you know nothing about life, being raised with mummy and daddy in a privileged home, there is a real world out there, where people go through shit, and you putting them down, doesn’t help them at all
  • BURN! You go Kay! You are just awesome! Miles does not deserve a license with his history of drink driving! Ultimate take down, makes me so happy. And that is not a different thing at all Sam, drink driving kills!
  • Common sense ‘the name people usually give to their prejudices’, Kay you are a wonder woman! You know how life is, and seriously Gavin doesn’t deserve you
  • “Philosophy is the biography of the philosopher” well clearly that is true, since philosophy is really just personal beliefs, and I don’t see how that is relevant at all, sorry Lexie
  • Good job everyone, you’ve made Mary upset, she might be feeling regretful at hating Barry talk of Krystal and try to help Krystal
  • Kay is not going to become friendly again after that I hope
  • Gavin you should support your girlfriend, but at the same time he doesn’t have to
  • Kay might just be like Lisa, but she doesn’t sound too bad, she saw through Miles bullshit
  • Poor Mary!
  • Poor Kay, at least she is realising that Gavin really isn’t interested in her, a painful reality nonetheless, but she can’t go on being naive of his feelings, even though he should just tell her

What a thrilling ‘chapter’! Kay staring down Miles and not accepting his bigoted, privileged, bull that he pulls from his ass which seems to be a time machine back to the 1800’s. He is just disgusting and disgraceful, and has no empathy or concern for other people who are doing it tough. He doesn’t realise what life is really like after growing up so sheltered and being spoon-fed misguided opinion from his parents, who are equally and if not even worse than Miles. I just love Kay now, so much, not only is she making a difference in Pagford as a social worker, but she knows how things really are. SHE should run for councillor! Seriously, put in your application now, and show Howard just how life is, and take him down! Please Kay, put your name forward!


3 thoughts on “The Casual Vacancy – #12

  1. ““Philosophy is the biography of the philosopher” well clearly that is true, since philosophy is really just personal beliefs, and I don’t see how that is relevant at all, sorry Lexie”

    YES! Neitzsche was a philosopher, that phrase is philosophy, and that phrase does not prove all philosophy invalid. Why would your personal experiences blind you? It would actually give you a better understanding of philosophy because you would be experiencing it. It would be real not just an im-personal thing, so you would get a better understanding of it.

    This statement does 1,000,000 times more to defend philosophy than to condemn it. Lexie is just an arrogant idiot teenager who read that quote somewhere and decided to say it here to blindly defend her father and appear to be smart.

  2. And Miles’ comments are so stupid, saying that principles are wrong, people should pay attention to common sense. The problem is that Kay’s principle is common sense, and you should see whether principles do, in effect, fall into common sense.

    Miles is just big an idiot as his daughter.

  3. Really, it’s the coward’s way out to bring that up, because you can’t defend
    against someone’s principle so you just say that all principles are meaningless and futile, which if it were true, you wouldn’t need to say that.

    Unbelievably childish.

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