The Casual Vacancy – #13


  • Oooh, Colin has seen Gavin and Mary, he thinks that maybe Mary is having some sort of scandalous affair (well, thinks Mary has moved on a tad too quickly)
  • Gavin isn’t single Colin, but it just shows how much he hides Kay, and denies her existance
  • No Colin, they aren’t having some sort of an affair, he is just being ‘gentlemanly’ and walking her home
  • Tessa doesn’t want you to be Councillor because …? Well I’m not too sure. Is it because she knows you’d be terrible and never replace Barry? Or doesn’t want you trying to run Pagford? Not really too sure
  • Calm down Colin, I can almost see why Fats is the way he is with a father like Colin
  • You might win the election, but Simon has thrown a spanner into the works
  • See, Tessa has all the answers
  • You are bringing this on yourself Colin! Sounds like a theme, and in real life we bring a lot on ourselves too, in a way like karma, but also our minds make things more difficult than they need to be
  • Colin was jealous of Barry’s having other friends? That’s weird. Were they maybe more than friends, well there was certainly something that went on that we don’t know about
  • Poor, naive Colin, can’t you see that Mary hates you and doesn’t want you anywhere near her, and she certainly doesn’t want you asking if Barry would approve your ideas (be your own man Colin, don’t try to be Barry!
  • Mary is not Barry, and why are you so loyal to him?


  • Is this Andrew’s first day of work (No, it isn’t)
  • Simon, a complete control freak
  • Code, for what? Is this for his revenge?
  • Well he is actually seeing Fats, so he wasn’t lying about that, but I didn’t think he was going to tell Fats about his plan
  • Can you really be that made at 6 year olds?
  • You made Fats pee himself!
  • Don’t threaten them they are only 6 years old, jeez
  • Go Tessa! You show Simon how to be furious without raising your voice of becoming violent, quite a skill
  • Phew, thought they said Simon was a lesbian, that was a strange moment
  • Even Andrew misheard, and thought they were talking about Tessa!
  • Sukhvinder? You cannot make assumptions like that, and who cares? It’s not like you want to get with Sukhvinder so why does it matter she isn’t attracted to men, if that is the case?
  • Simon is doing better than Colin to prepare for the election. Plus he knows people?
  • Don’t be disrespectful Fats, swearing, sexism and crude language might be acceptable for you, but others don’t want to hear it
  • Hmm what is Andrew going to do? Send emails under Simon’s name? Use his bank account? Expose his child abuse?
  • What will Simon do if he loses, he would definitely blame Andrew somehow
  • Smart Andrew, who knows what Simon would do to find out if you were involved, and you aren’t ignorant about what traces you leave when you go online
  • SQL injections? What? Yes, I just googled it, but it makes no sense to me. But I can tell that this teacher should not have mentioned it!
  • It worked, but I guess since it is such an amateurish website, the ‘simplest’ of ‘hacks’ would crack it
  • Now he has Barry’s user details, his password, and his profile. I have no idea how he did that!
  • Interesting post, exposing Barry’s dodgy dealings with stolen goods and using the print works at his work without permission, but wouldn’t he immediately think that you have blabbed? How could you keep a straight face, even if you could, he wouldn’t believe that you didn’t do it?
  • Now are you actually going to do it with Fats on your case? Well now he wants to use it to expose Colin!
  • Clever to change the username!
  • Now, let’s wait to see the carnage!


  • Andrew went back home, but we stay with Fats as he remains in town “on a whim”, but really he is meeting Krystal
  • Does this mean we are going to have a real sex scene in this book? Even though this was clearly promoted as an ‘adult’ book, I didn’t expect this
  • Bit jealous of Andrew coming up with something clever? And without your help?
  • Not this ‘authentic’ stuff again! It makes so little sense
  • Sure not ‘conforming’ can be a good thing, but being an individual just for the sake of not conforming is almost sad
  • You clearly don’t know what life is like with Simon, but you just want to look for fights
  • Good to see that Fats remembers when Simon nearly killed him (well if he didn’t restrain, he could have done some serious damage)
  • Giving up words? But words are everything, sure empty words with no real meaning and not followed by action are pointless, but words do so much
  • JK Rowling really does like to put the accents into the spellings of words. I love it, yet loathe it. Yes it makes you read it the way it would be said, instead of just saying this character had a strong ….. accent, but it also gets really annoying trying to read it
  • Even Dane Tully seems to know that smoking is bad!
  • Nothing more romantic than having a shag in public on some grass…
  • A school celebrity?
  • I don’t understand gangs. Sorry, I really don’t. Sure it gives people a sense of community that they wouldn’t usually get, and it makes them feel like they belong. But do you really have to bash people up and cause trouble, just because you are ‘bored’? Don’t really get it
  • Krystal has gone to see Nana Cath, probably not the thing Fats wants to hear, but so be it
  • Krystal has done the interview! Good job! Though the journalist wasn’t as helpful as they could have been, and it would have been much better with Barry, but it was good enough
  • Pte Samuel Weedon, Krystal’s great-grandfather, went to the same school as her, I guess families have really got long roots in Pagford
  • Krystal does like school, no matter what other people might think
  • But kids are mean and nasty, it is really awful actually. And it is ‘good’ to see that Krystal, even someone who is seen to be aggressive and a trouble maker, is still affected by what other’s say about her. It goes to show that everyone is affected by hurtful words, and that everyone wants to belong
  • Who needs rotten people like Lexie Mollison!
  • Spliffs? Never heard that name for them (I guess marijuana)
  • Wagging school again Fats?
  • Good question. Why? Why does anyone do anything, especially something so violent?
  • Do you want to be glassed Fats? I think you might need some psychological help
  • Carrying around knives/blades, that will surely only lead to good things… Right? Seriously someone is going to get badly hurt or even die when there are knives about
  • Realities of life? We don’t need violence
  • Having sex in a cemetery? Really?
  • It would be weird not knowing your brother and sisters and not seeing them, I can’t imagine what that is like, really I can’t imagine what Krystal’s life is at all like
  • You want a child Krystal?
  • So Fats is adopted? Is Barry his father?
  • Sorry Krystal but I want to hear from Fats, not you, even though your story is interesting too
  • Ritchie Adams does sound psychotic, cannot imagine at all what that would be like
  • Woah, JK Rowling did that on purpose didn’t she. She made us think Krystal meant Barry Fairbrother, not Barry Coates
  • Do you really fantasise about having a dad who is in prison, and who has killed people, something is not right with you at all Fats!
  • Fats was a premature baby, and his mother had him young, but where does Barry fit in?
  • Well that was weird
  • Maybe if you didn’t take drugs getting home would be easier?
  • Oh, of course this would happen, Barry’s grave
  • You can’t change the past Krystal, no matter how hard you try
  • How is that a funny story at all? You are very strange Fats, and not in a good way

Well that is Part Two complete, next time we logically move on to Part Three. I’m guessing the election won’t be for a while yet, and next we will be seeing the fallout from Andrew’s post and also from Krystal’s interview. And we will see Andrew’s first day at work, and the three candidates trying to win votes. Apart from that, I have no idea what is coming.


One thought on “The Casual Vacancy – #13

  1. Things are certainly moving. Can’t wait to see where this leads.

    “You are very strange Fats, and not in a good way”
    Yeah, that sums it up.

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