The Casual Vacancy – #14

Part Three – Duplicity

  • That kinda sounds familiar but I’m not sure why, probably a movie
  • So it means to resolve only 1 subject at once, otherwise confusion prevails?


  • Oh no, Nana Cath has died, and they want Parminder to get in trouble
  • Oh dear, Howard! Couldn’t he go somewhere else?
  • that greeting makes little sense
  • Go on, humiliate him!
  • Lichen? Like the plant? There is a plant growing on him? Well a fungus, gross
  • Clearly you do Howard!
  • Do we get to see the article?


  • Good on you Terri! Keep it up!
  • Danielle don’t be greedy! Why should you get the house, and only you?
  • Oh no, I hope this doesn’t push Terri over the edge
  • Ddin’t think burning a letterbox was really that bad, until I remembered that they have their letterboxes on their front doors
  • Poor Terri, you have to confront these thoughts and memories
  • Oh dear, what else can I say? That is really horrific, and so tragic
  • Only Nana Cath was by her beside
  • Sexual and physical abuse? No wonder she wants to forget
  • Don’t Terri, don’t use
  • It feels so real, I feel like I know Terri, JK has outdone herself
  • Children should be able to live with whoever they want, but I guess the ‘other adults’ will just think that an adult is influencing their decision
  • I guess Mikey had a bad childhood too. Beaten, abused. The cycle continues. And it’s not like you can ‘blame’ Mikey, if this happened to him too, who do we ‘blame’ then, his father, and then his? Where does it end?
  • Well done, JK, you have made us feel for everyone, usually we turn a blind eye and ignore people, and ignore their feelings. We don’t know what they are going through, so we find it acceptable to be mean, cruel, bigoted, nasty, violent to ‘them’ for no reason, apart from ‘we’ see ‘them’ as worthless, and beneath ‘us’, and that it is something we are supposed to do, and that is how we have been taught to treat people. With suspicion and contempt. We believe rumour and judge without trying to see the why, and the actual what. That is humanity.


  • Gavin really has taken up the fight for Mary, what about Kay?
  • If it is so bad with Kay, WHY! Why are you still with her? Cowardly
  • It is all your fault, you’ve BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELF!
  • What’s happened
  • Oh, I didn’t really considered, and neither did Andrew, the effect his post would have on Mary, seeing her dead husband ‘post’ something
  • Barry loved you Mary, but he loved the Fields and loved Krystal and wanted to help them. Nothing wrong with that
  • Krystal does have no one, but at the same time you are allowed to grieve
  • So you blame Barry’s busy life, his love of helping people, for killing him?
  • Let’s hope this stays professional
  • Barry’s kids really sound like awesome, good, children!


  • Howard you don’t care at all!
  • Karen, so much for confidentiality!
  • What you do care about is making Parminder’s life hell
  • Come on Shirely, you’re lives are pitiful, people out there are struggling, and all you care about is one-upping yourself over Maureen, and making sure you are trhe centre of attention
  • Oh, they’ve just seen the post, will they delete it?
  • Do they have to delete it? They are the moderators, just like I am on this blog, if something is offensive I wouldn’t post it, and I would delete it, so does this mean they will or will they leave it up for their own purposes. Probably they’ll just delay any action on it, until after the election
  • Why is Maureen always with Howard?
  • Well that is a touch extreme Sam
  • It’s not very tasteful and Andrew did not consider that at all
  • Oh of course Miles, you go and make everything about you, and assume that everyone is just out to get you, and that you are the ‘threat’ and you should be getting attacked? You sound jealous!
  • Well I forgot about that letter, but who did that one? I really do wonder
  • Andrew did not think of Mary at all
  • But Sam is right, Shirely! So shut up, you are wrong, and know nothing
  • Good to see that Sam can see just how ridiculous this all is
  • 21 and 26, 5 years different is not bad at all, which is why Sam feels so guilty for loving Jake, actually obsessing over him
  • Privet Hedge! Privet Drive anyone?
  • Don’t count your chickens Howard!
  • 2259? What? Is that like their address? That doesn’t sound like something you would say upon answering the phone
  • I guess Ruth wants the post removed
  • Maybe not. She is just ringing to make sure Howard knows that Andrew is allergic to peanuts and that it would be best if they kept some adrenaline in the fridge in case he has a reaction. How nice and protective of her
  • Allergies are massively on the rise, partly because of our obsession with ‘hygiene’ and killing all the germs. When all germs aren’t bad, and it will come back and bite us on the bum, when we have resistant bugs (we already do!) that kill us all, like a simple infection would have before penicillin
  • Well Simon isn’t going to be pleased at all

3 thoughts on “The Casual Vacancy – #14

  1. I read the section involving Terri being informed of Nana Cath’s death this morning. I thought this was a well-written situation and reaction from him, but I didn’t feel Terri’s feelings. Now I do.
    I am Terri. I have experienced “the casual vacancy”. My mother called me
    to inform of me of my adopted grandfather’s death.
    I found out he’s been dead for two days, and I was only told now. I am Terri. I wasn’t close with him, but now, now I have the memories, and now I don’t know how to feel, and now, now, I am running……. running away……..

  2. I won’t be able to read The Casual Vacancy for a while now. Because it’s not just a story. I am living it now. I am living The Casual Vacancy.

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