The Casual Vacancy – #15


  • We get to see immediately Ruth’s reaction to the bombshell Shirley has just given her
  • The flow/timing is really well done
  • Good call, but Simon will be furious, when, not if, he sees the post
  • Oh God, indeed!
  • Is telling him a good idea? He will get furious and abuse everyone, but if he doesn’t find out from Ruth, and then finds out later that she knew, that would be terrible, since he will find out eventually
  • At least he suspects his work colleagues first
  • Poor Paul, he is frightened Simon! Give him a break!
  • What is Simon’s issue? I can’t understand him.
  • Well Simon “you’ve brought all of this on yourself”!
  • Stop abusing your children and wife, even if they did something, this is not the way to deal with it!
  • Nosebleeds are so annoying, and it doesn’t make you a ‘girl’, they just happen, but 5 times a week is horrendously bad
  • Whoops! Wrong thing to say Ruth, wrong thing
  • Simon STOP!
  • Go Andrew, Simon does need to realise it isn’t acceptable, but he will just turn on you, and I don’t know if it is worth it? What should people even do in this situation? I have no idea, should they leave home? Should they call the police?
  • If they try to leave, won’t he follow them, and if he is arrested and ordered to stay away, he won’t
  • F**king hell Simon! Ring the police, this is getting really bad
  • Coward? You are the one beating your wife and kids, who is the coward?
  • Karma, hope you broke your toes, and can’t move ever again
  • Shut up Simon!
  • I hope you do lose your job and get locked up forever! But then would Ruth be able to support the family on her own, Andrew says she is smart enough to..
  • Andrew, lucky break. He doesn’t suspect you at all. Simon got the day wrong!
  • You shall get NO sympathy whatsoever Simon!
  • You can’t get rid of it Simon, and he just can’t become an admin (though I think he could probably). Stupid!
  • Now you bully your workmates…
  • No remorse, no apology, nothing?
  • Shirley? It could be her, if it wasn’t Andrew, she would want Simon out of the race, though Howard seems to think Simon being in the race divides the pro-Fields group, allowing Miles to slip through
  • Disposing of the evidence?


  • Always in a river! How original
  • Everyone just lies and pretends it is all okay, it isn’t
  • Shirley doesn’t really want to remove it
  • Yep, you did this. Dealing with the consequences for YOUR actions, is such a major theme for this novel, JK must believe this strongly
  • Got a lot on? It should take like 2 seconds
  • Ruth is scared Andrew, she has been beaten down, it’s hard to change
  • She still loves him, and doesn’t want to leave him, and probably thinks that maybe he will change,and that this is the last time he will do it
  • What happened to Simon for him to be like this? Was it his childhood in the Fields? Or was he ‘just born this way’?
  • Shirley IS going to remove it, once she knows how
  • Once online things NEVER go away
  • Parminder is right, Howard would do anything
  • So Colin has a condition? Anxiety I guess?
  • Of course Howard is, just in case Miles doesn’t get in, he wants to deal with the Fields in one swoop
  • I don’t really want Colin to win really, or Simon, or Miles. Have the applications closed? So nobody else can arrive to save the day?
  • Parminder works really hard, yet to the likes of Howard, this is just fuel for their fire of hatred
  • Yet Vikram who doesn’t get involved in the community, is loved?
  • Good question Vikram, why doesn’t Howard try to RULE THE WORLD?
  • Quite right Parminder, to Howard, Pagford IS THE WORLD
  • Arranged marriages, though abhorrent, seem to work pretty well, usually, though not having a choice must be hell
  • Tessa doesn’t have to get involved in your campaign, because it is YOUR campaign, sure it is nice to get some support, but she doesn’t have to
  • WHAT? The paper think Colin has sexually abused KRYSTAL! WHAT?
  • Is this Howard, trying to get Colin disgraced? What? Colin I think you would know whether you’ve touched her
  • Why visualise your shame, if you didn’t do anything? Does this mean you did?
  • I guess Colin can’t help it but he thinks Tessa is being cold, yet, he ignored the fact that she has diabetes, as if it were nothing (once he was sure she wasn’t dying)
  • Well Fats you don’t have to be rude, but yes Tessa didn’t have to do it at the table
  • Parminder! Your daughter is getting a job, and all you can think is that she is fraternising with the enemy! I’m sorry, but you are just as bad as Howard!
  • Parminder there is NOTHING wrong with her working!
  • What it’s bad because she is waitressing? Come on, not everyone can be doctors! But you don’t have to be so rude Parminder!
  • Yes, bagging your child is the BEST way to make them want to do better, and boost their confidence! Good job Parminder
  • You are being unreasonable!
  • So Fats is not Tessa’s son, whose is he then? Do we know them? Does Colin know, is this the betrayal?


  • Days have past, and Simon is still mad, what can he do?
  • The police didn’t care, they didn’t come, they probably didn’t even see the post
  • Andrew, it seems that your post has done very little, people don’t care about corruption, they won’t do anything
  • Our imagination and reality, are two completely different things!
  • He is withdrawing! Now it is a two-man race, unless someone else appears
  • But he still wants revenge on Howard, and he will do that through Andrew
  • Your plan might have worked Andrew, but what other repercussions have you caused?
  • Simon has clearly realised that his son might be an asset
  • Everything is not over! I wonder what will be happening next!



2 thoughts on “The Casual Vacancy – #15

  1. “I don’t really want Colin to win really, or Simon, or Miles. Have the applications closed? So nobody else can arrive to save the day?”

    Good commentary. I actually would vote for Colin. He’s the only one running for unselfish reasons and as we see later on in this, he agrees with Kay’s opinions. I hope Colin wins.

  2. Then again, he might have an anxiety attack on the job. But he’s still the only option. If Miles wins, the clinic is history and so is Terri keeping her son.

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