The Casual Vacancy – #16


  • First time we have really heard from Gaia. I guess we have basically met all the major characters, unless there are some more surprises left for us
  • Isn’t the peace, quiet and the slow life just relaxing though?
  • Change is tough
  • Good to see Sukhvinder is going to get a friend
  • People can be so insensitive about other religions. It does sound a tad confusing, but really all religions are fundamentally the same
  • Sukhvinder likes Pagford for the reasons that Gaia hates it
  • Thinking ‘white’ as a minority would be a real shock to some people, but they just need to wake up
  • It is so embarassing, how cans he cope
  • Gaia can see what Kay cannot, and she even can see Andrew and his feelings towards herself
  • Strange to think that Gaia is so comfortable with boys staring at her, that she just accepts it
  • For I second I thought I had missed something and that it just said that Gaia and Andrew had had sex!
  • If he is 18, why isn’t he getting the condoms himself? Instead of Gaia stealing them from her mother (who surely must notice)?
  • Sorry Gaia, but he’ll probably cheat, no matter what he’s told you
  • They can leave the school grounds? I am so confused as to how old these kids are, can all kids at this high school leave the grounds? Or just the oldest? Must be everyone…
  • Oh dear! Krystal what are you doing? It isn’t Sukhvinder’s fault in the slightest. And really Nana Cath was getting old, so not everything is someone’s fault
  • Lucky timing
  • I guess Sukhvinder thought that Krystal wasn’t ‘one of them’ and was almost a friend. But who knows with Krystal. She is just like a lot of people that are so different with their friends compared to when their friends aren’t around
  • Truanting is not a good idea
  • Drowning? That isn’t peaceful, that would be traumatic
  • Let’s hope Tessa can help Sukhvinder
  • Telling someone is usually the best option, and it let’s you get everything off of your chest
  • Well Krystal has been talking to her family
  • OH! You just told Tessa about Fats and Krystal!!!!! That would have caused a stir! But Tessa can’t do a thing


  • Can’t blame you for not wanting to go anywhere near Howard and the Mollisons
  • Oh, Kay when will you see?
  • Good on you Kay for taking the offensive against Howard and protecting the Fields and the clinic
  • Colin? Have an affair? I don’t think so
  • No, she isn’t the reporter, you don’t have to worry
  • Hopefully Kay can make a candidate out of Colin
  • What can a mother do?
  • Is that why he is Fats, cause he eats a lot but stays thin?
  • Kay is very prepared
  • Calm down Tessa!
  • Well done, didn’t let it slip twice, but Tessa knows who you are talking about anyway
  • No Tessa, Sukhvinder is NOT wrong
  • How come Barry started the rowing team? Did he used to row?
  • Barry sounds almost too good to be true, I hope there are no skeletons in his closet
  • Stats alone don’t win elections


  • Secrets don’t usually stay secret for very long
  • Sometimes though, when people actually know what is going on, they aren’t mad, they aren’t going to belittle you, they actually help you, and things aren’t so bad
  • Do Sukhvinder’s parents realise she has dyslexia? Because that can make learning so much more difficult, so it isn’t her fault she isn’t as perfect as someone without it.
  • This piece of land sounds like a lot of trouble, why don’t they just give the land to those people who are actually living there?
  • Parminder knows, and she doesn’t look happy
  • Seriously this sort of disapproval and lecturing doesn’t work! And Parminder doesn’t even understand what is going on, and doesn’t really give her a chance to explain
  • Sorry Parminder, but if Krystal Weedon was yelling at you, and threatening to bash you with a couple of her mates, I don’t think you would try and stand there and talk it out with her
  • Parminder you have just given Sukhvinder more ammunition in her self-loathing, you haven’t helped her at all
  • OH! Sukhvinder wants to get her revenge, and she might do it just like Andrew
  • Yes, Shirley had not deleted the user, so The Ghost of Barry Fairbrother, strikes again!
  • What did Parminder do? What happened on New Years Eve? Was it something with Barry? Oh god, if it was, Mary will be devastated


  • Another funeral
  • Very sad that Terri doesn’t know who Robbie’s father really is
  • Terri you should go
  • Even if it means facing those you hate, but if you don’t go, then they’ll just think you haven’t changed a bit, and are disrespectful
  • Oh no, Obbo is coming over, for ‘business’, don’t go and use Terri, you’ve done so well
  • Now you’ve made Krystal miss the funeral!
  • OF course it is blood Fats fault that Krystal had a go at Sukhvinder!
  • Fats did get it wrong, well, we don’t know for sure, but I don’t think Parminder did any wrong
  • Good on you Krystal, looking out for your mum
  • See you could have both gone to the funeral and come back
  • Why don’t you help her Obbo? Or is it just because you want money?
  • So close Terri, almost got away. Why do you have to be so mean Obbo?
  • Oh no! Go away Obbo!
  • NO, NO, NO! F*** off Obbo!
  • If you get her pregnant. God help you
  • Sorry Krystal, Barry’s dead, but Obbo doesn’t know
  • Poor Krystal!
  • Terri, he did
  • Krystal, go to the police!
  • Why couldn’t Barry still be around?
  • Even Terri had liked Barry!
  • You can’t have Obbo’s baby Krystal
  • Where can you go Krystal?
  • Don’t get pregnant no matter who it is Krystal! Not Fats!
  • Fats is most certainly strange
  • You don’t have to have a baby Krystal!

What a shocking end to the ‘part’, I wasn’t expecting Krystal to get raped! Who cares about the election anymore! This story is about Krystal, and what is going to happen next, the election is just the background plot.


One thought on “The Casual Vacancy – #16

  1. That was a shocking ending, so shocking it didn’t really register for a while. Just a numb “that just happened” feeling. Very dramatic ending. I like how much happened in this. I felt a great sense of finality and importance to the ending of this section for some reason and Rowling certainly delivered.

    Colin Wall vs. Miles Mollison

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