The Casual Vacancy – #17

Part Four – Lunacy

Hmm, I wonder why this is the heading for this section, is there someone who is an ‘idiot’ (the true definition) or of unsound mind?


  • Wow, Sam is really addicted, and it is kinda ‘sad’ that she is hiding the DVDs of this boy band
  • She even has a cover story, just in case
  • You really are considering going to see the band live? There will be so many screaming girls that it would be deadly
  • IS this plan even going to work?
  • Let’s get ready for the response to Sukhvinder’s post
  • The post is already off the site, but hopefully Parminder can sue Shirley for something or another
  • I wonder what it said
  • Of course Miles isn’t concerned with Shirley, it is all about him!
  • What secrets do you have?
  • It is indeed politics, and this is what you are getting into Miles
  • Shirley you shouldn’t have needed telling to tae it down
  • Maureen, that can get you sued!
  • No of course it wasn’t Parminder who did the Simon Price post, but WHAT did this one say?
  • Who is Howard talking to?
  • Aubrey? Really?
  • So Howard isn’t even concerned with the post, he is talking about the article written by Barry
  • Shut up Maureen! You old hag!
  • Shirley you do know that reading one thing on a website does not make you a doctor!
  • Yes maybe you should make the site secure, but Miles only is thinking of himself
  • How did Mary already see it? And it isn’t at all about you, sorry
  • Clever Fergus, you are very observant
  • Secret motive? Don’t stop him Mary!
  • Mary! I’m sorry, yes Barry died, but you are making everything about you, and what he wasn’t doing with you


  • Is this the board meeting?
  • Oh no, just a different case review
  • Ah good, the offending post
  • Of course she was in love with Barry, that wasn’t too shocking
  • Not the best post Sukhvinder, doesn’t actually sound too explosive
  • Everyone likely knows, but what can you do?
  • Vikram is interesting, I want to see him more
  • OH, it’s Robbie’s case review
  • Seriously who cares if the town gets some Yarvillians, you are just towns, it’s not that big a difference!
  • Terri assaulted a nurse? What for?
  • So it is true! Parminder actually was in love with Barry!
  • Robbie is in pretty good shape, physically at least
  • At least Parminder doesn’t suspect Sukhvinder in the slightest
  • Everything does hinge on Terri staying on the programme
  • Krystal is doing the mothering, and she might have to be a mother of her own child
  • You should be ashamed Parminder
  • Very delicate Kay, maybe you were, maybe you weren’t hinting at the accusations, but good job
  • When is the next meeting?
  • I think you did love him


  • Choosing what to wear for interviews or jobs or things, is really difficult, just saying. And having acne is no help, whatesoever
  • Oh, Simon has been laid off!
  • Serves him right!
  • But now this means the family aren’t in a secure position financially, and Simon won’t get another job any time soon
  • I bet Simon will start taking Andrew’s wages, as ‘payment’
  • Simon, just shut up
  • Yes Andrew, someone else is using your ‘profile’ for their own purposes
  • Dirt on Howard? Just look at his personality
  • Seriously Simon, you will kick Andrew out if he doesn’t get dirt on Howard?
  • Ruth you need to stop making excuses for Simon’s behaviour
  • A tad excited there Andrew
  • Calm down Howard
  • So if Howard wasn’t obese he could do Andrew’s job himself, but he can’t go into the cellar and has been making Maureen do it for years
  • Nonsense? I’m sorry Howard but your weight is your SOLE health problem
  • Yes asthma isn’t just for ‘fat’ people, everyone can get it, but being obese doesn’t help things
  • Oh no, Sukhvinder How can she cover that up?
  • Good one Andrew! But I guess that is exactly what you wanted
  • Trust Gaia to save the day
  • People are actually already waiting, I guess a free coffee is the best way to lure a croud
  • How are they keeping both the cafe and the deli open?
  • Woah, now you are going for real people in the flesh Sam, watch out!
  • Oh dear, acne, makes a person terrible doesn’t it…?
  • Shame, Howard’s birthday is when the concert is, there goes your expensive tickets
  • Too right Sam, this isn’t the national elections!
  • Maureen, mind your own business, oh, I guess you can’t
  • Sukhvinder, yes, you were the instigator of that post
  • Go, Gaia! What has Sukhvinder done to Fats to ‘deserve’ this treatment?
  • Really Andrew, Fats wouldn’t go after your dad?
  • They are, they really are

Hopefully Gaia can help Sukhvinder overcome her ‘issues’ and stop Fats from being such a prick.



One thought on “The Casual Vacancy – #17

  1. We haven’t heard about Krystal yet, but I did enjoy these sections. I liked that we don’t see Fergus throw away the newspaper as Mary told him to,
    but merely take it away with him.

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