The Keeping Place – Chapter 28

Chapter Twenty-Eight

We’ve just arrived in Sutrium, and the rebellion seems to have been pretty easy, but where is everyone? Plus, Dameon is back!

Malik, you are the liar! Brocade don’t even try to stand up for the traitor, Elspeth was and is not mistaken. I’m surprised you even know the names of the Misfits that were with you, and don’t try to make it sound like you were just protecting the Misfits, everyone knows that you hate them Malik. Dameon uses his empathy to make sure that Elspeth doesn’t burst out in an uncontrollable rage, like she so desperately wants to. Well said Elspeth, you can’t prove that Malik didn’t reveal himself on purpose, but it doesn’t take a genius to see what he did. Brocade are you really trying to divert attention to the Gypsies, and now trying to lay the blame to the Misfits for ‘telling the Gypsies’? Come on, you must be delusional!

Sure it does sound suspicious, but what can Elspeth say? That the D’rekta heard a voice tell him where to go? Elii is definitely the most level headed and rational out of all the leaders, and this event is not at all out of character for Malik. You may not have broken an oath, but there is an unspoken oath that you would actually do what you said, and protect fellow allies. Malik you may have done no harm, but you caused harm to the Misfits when you did not do what you said you would. Malik, everyone knows that you would kill anyone who said anything different to your version of the story, so how is getting your men into witness boxes, any good? Seems they might use ‘our’ idea of justice by jury, sometimes that is not the best option, but it is better than the Council making the rules. Nothing more can really be done right now during the rebellion, but Malik must get his comeuppance.

As for the Gypsies, well Elspeth’s explanation will have to suffice, even if it now implies that the D’rekta is a Misfit, much to the disgust of Brocade. Elspeth tries to explain that not just Misfits have true dreams, but I doubt that will change Brocade’s mind. Shut up Malik, Brydda is allowed to have his say just as much as you are. Well done Dardelan! Use Malik’s logic against him. Tag-team work by Jakoby, who must have brought Dameon back home with the Sadorian rebel force. You can’t argue with what happened in the Battlegames Malik!

The rebellion is not over yet, so they do have things to get on with. As for the help from the Misfits, Elspeth agrees to have the Misfits remain in the rebel groups, except for Malik’s. Before much more can happen, the doors open to show Zarak supporting Serba, who is bloody and injured. The west coast’s treachery! The soldierguards knew everything about the rebellion, even that the Misfits were helping, and attacked a secret meeting of the rebels. The soldierguards took no prisoners and left many of their best fighters dead. Malik, the Misfits can’t foresee everything, but unfortunately now you know about the demon bands, and the fact that they actually work. Blyss, an empath, detected the danger and that is what saved Serba. Serba saw the soldierguard captain taunt the rebels with their failed plan, and told them that all the rebels on the west coast would be dead before reinforcements arrived. As for the Misfits, Blyss and Merrett who were with Serba, departed, going to warn the others.

Not only was the meeting attacked, but all the rebel hiding and refuge spots too. Clearly someone told the soldierguards everything. Somehow the soldierguards even knew the names of those Misfits on the west coast! They were betrayed big time! Serba faints for the shock, and Kella goes to heal her and take her away, but Malik wants her to stay so she can continue to be questioned. He clearly doesn’t know that there is one thing you should never come in the way of, a healer trying to heal. She tells him that she will not wake for several hours, so will be of no use to him, unless of course he wants to torture it out of her.

Malik immediately accuses the Misfits on the west coast, who just happened to warn Serba at the last minute, but with just enough time to save themselves. I am so glad that Zarak steps up and questions how such a plan would help the Misfits. Zarak shares his story, and how he just stepped off the ferry, ready to relay the good news to everyone, when Serba came running out, warning him to turn back before the soldierguards arrived. Zarak tried to contact the Misfits, but was unsuccessful, possibly they were experiencing storms, or were underground, but he didn’t have much time as the soldierguards quickly approached. Over a hundred soldierguards arrived, just too late to stop the ferry from returning. Brocade, the Misfits can’t scry out everything, and remember, it is YOUR ‘rebels’ who must have betrayed the rebellion, not the Misfits.

As to where the information came from, who knows. It could be a rebel, maybe someone connected to them, a spy? But the real question is, what happens next? The council can’t really attack, since they will have to send people over in boats, but by the same token, the rebels can’t send over that many people in the ferry, and people would easily see their approach. The shores on both sides will have to be watched, just in case they send over spies. It is very lucky Serba was able to warn them, otherwise they would walk into a death sentence. Jakoby leaves to organise the first watch, with thoughts that this could impact her people after all.

Now that the defence has been planned what about the offence? Find out next time!


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