The Casual Vacancy – #19


  • Oh, is this the Council meeting?
  • Excellent!
  • Who are the Brownies?
  • So all 16 councillors rarely ever attend, are their votes counted for things, do they have proxies?
  • My guess is that each and every councillor (15 excluding of course Barry) will attend
  • What is Aubrey doing here?
  • A reporter is here too
  • Howard those are BIG news!
  • This reporter is good
  • Aubrey the ‘appetite’ is your doing, you just want to push the Fields back to Yarvil for the ‘anti-government votes’, slightly confused
  • I think this will be the most heated council meeting ever
  • Go Parminder, don’t stick up for these old hags and their gossip, but unfortunately it won’t win you any friends
  • What disorganised chaos
  • Oh no! They’ve voted to push the Fields back to Yarvil
  • Is Parminder alright? Does she need to see a doctor?
  • Shut up Shirley
  • I’m sure there are other areas in which you can cut back in. Probably Councillor entitlements and the like…
  • This is not going well at all
  • Howard, that is the most naive solution of all. ‘Stop taking the drugs’. It is not at all that easy
  • OH! Parminder you are so right, obesity costs a heck of a lot of money!
  • But that probably wasn’t the best thing to do, don’t know about ‘patient confidentiality’ being breached though
  • And there is the reporter there, who must be full of glee at the prospect of a few juicy stories
  • I thought that there were supports of Barry other than Parminder. Or were they just in love with Barry, and can’t stand Parminder, so now that he is gone, they don’t care?
  • Not quite how I thought the meeting would go


  • At least they aren’t reporting everything that happened
  • But gossip like this spreads like wildfire
  • At least there is talk of criminal action about the posts, to which Howard and Shirley are at fault for
  • Have you beefed up security now Howard?
  • At least Parminder has shaken Howard
  • The election is nearly upon us!
  • Of course Howard has made a formal complaint about Parminder’s outburst, which isn’t good news for her
  • Maybe the outburst wasn’t a bad thing, since everything has changed
  • Things aren’t going well for Howard and the anti-Fielders either
  • Have you really Shirley, this is a matter of defamation
  • So Shirley just got some boy in a computing course to come around?
  • He’s given them good advice, close the site, get someone who knows what to do in, and build a new one
  • But she decided that just sending an email to everyone saying, change your passwords and keep the secret, is the better option
  • Come on Shirley, you are liable for criminal charges if the posts continue, but you just want to make sure you are kept in charge of the site, and think that adding security measures will make it too difficult for you to understand
  • People might think it is Miles, since he has come out of this unscathed
  • At least Parminder delayed the vote for the clinic
  • See, people aren’t liking the Mollisons too much, but Colin is not a better alternative
  • Sam is finally admitting she might have to close her store
  • So they brush over that issue in two seconds, and Miles moves on to the paper and its stories
  • Sam you really are obsessed with Jake, and she gives in to Miles’ advances, but imagines it is Jake instead
  • You even imagine yourself younger, and with Miles watching you, very creepy


  • Colin still hasn’t returned to work, and he has lost a lot of weight
  • Parminder has basically been suspended, since the Mollison’s complained to every medical body
  • I think Colin is saying he can’t go with you
  • They haven’t beaten you yet
  • Good for them! They are relishing with each other in their misery
  • Nobody cares if you are going to go and vote Miles
  • Why is it on the weekday? The weekend is much better for elections so people can actually go and vote
  • Good on you Sam!
  • Tessa isn’t voting, neither is Simon or Ruth
  • Gavin didn’t want to vote, but Kay is going to drag him out with her to vote
  • Maybe not
  • Did Gaia really believe that whatever his name wouldn’t start seeing someone else? Marco, that’s it
  • I think the music is disrupting their evening
  • Kay, Parminder’s outburst might have done more than your stats and testimonials could ever do
  • Oh no, Kay isn’t on the Weedon’s case any more, Mattie is back
  • What if Brendan did say yes. Is that in Reading?
  • It is very offensive Gavin, if you don’t want to be here with Kay, then tell her
  • Is their relationship over? Does Gavin want to live with Mary?
  • WOAH! Gavin is in love with Mary?
  • Is that a lie? Just to push Kay away?
  • So it is true, that’s not going to happen, Mary was your best friend’s wife, you don’t just jump into his place
  • Fair? If you were fair, you would have never let Kay believe you wanted her
  • So you just end the relationship, and leave happier than ever, to go and see Mary?
  • Disgusting!
  • That ends Part Four! I guess we’ll have the results of the election soon. What if it is a tie?



One thought on “The Casual Vacancy – #19

  1. You realized Dr. Jawanda had been in love with Barry when it caught me completely off guard, and I realized Gavin was in love with Mary when it caught you completely off guard. Interesting.

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