The Casual Vacancy – #20

Finally back to reading The Casual Vacancy! So we just had Kay and Gavin break up, and Krystal and Fats basically about to make a baby, and the election is over! The results of the election will come out soon, and I don’t think anyone deserves to win. And we just had Parminder break down in the Council Meeting. What else is going to happen?

Part Five – Privilege

  • Can anyone claim privilege, or is this just for councillors?
  • How can you defame someone without malice?
  • Is this connected to the defamatory comments on the site? Is Shirley going to be sued?


  • Abandonment is a real issue, and Terri has never recovered with all the people leaving her
  • Seriously Mattie, why did you decide to come back and take Terri away from Kay, who was actually getting somewhere for once, unlike you!
  • You don’t even know who you are trying to help! I know it’s an awfully difficult job, but if you don’t want to do it, don’t
  • And Mattie decides to tell Terri that Bellchapel will most certainly close, which I’m sure will just make Terri think everything is pointless and give up
  • That’s interesting that they have neon lighting in the bathrooms so people can’t find their veins to inject, quite clever actually
  • And since Terri will have to see Dr Parminder, she won’t want to continue with her methadone
  • At least Krystal thinks that Parminder had nothing to do with Nana Cath’s death
  • Is this it? Has Krystal left her home for good (with Robbie in tow)?
  • She tries to go to Nikki’s, like she normally would, but Nikki’s mum isn’t letting her stay with Robbie
  • So back they go, and Terri takes Robbie off of Krystal, and slams the door in her face
  • Seriously you believe Obbo over your daughter?
  • Obbo just sticks around for the sex and to use you Terri, not because he cares
  • Jealous? How can people be jealous of Obbo? Especially Krystal?
  • Yes Obbo does help out on the odd occasion, but he does more harm than good
  • Krystal doesn’t return the next day, and Terri is running out of food, cigarettes and Robbie wants Krystal back. Does she need any more proof that Krystal does everything?
  • Terri has found Krystal’s stash of precious things, and sees Terri’s watch, and assumes that Krystal must have gotten it from Nana Cath, which makes her basically jealous
  • So Terri takes the watch, and decides to go shopping, but Robbie takes too long getting ready, and so she slaps him
  • Don’t let Obbo do anything, he is using you
  • So you actually go and sell Krystal’s watch?
  • At least Terri tells him not to bring any drugs with him
  • Can you go somewhere else for the methadone?


  • Here come the results!
  • Honestly Howard you have to tell everyone at the same time, but since you are so excited, I guess Miles won
  • Sam and Libby are about to leave
  • Miles won, with basically two votes for every one Colin received, not great news, but then again, maybe Miles can be different?
  • You don’t care at all Sam
  • Oh no, is Sam going to miss out on seeing her obsession?
  • Seriously Harriet? Not everything is about you, Sam just wants to perve at the bandmember (sorry I’ve forgotten his name!)
  • Sam will definitely reject this offer right? She wants to go
  • Liar!
  • Poor Sam, she can’t say no now!


  • You don’t have to do anything Gavin, but I do hope you don’t hit onto Mary anymore
  • Gavin are you actually delusional! Do you think Mary likes you back?
  • ‘Looking after her for Barry’? Seriously, you don’t see this as an issue?
  • She won’t be alone forever, she has her children, and she can find someone else, just NOT YOU
  • Moving up in the world Andrew, a waiter at a party
  • Maybe you will have a chance now that Marco is not in the picture, but it’s still only a small one
  • Seriously Simon, if Andrew is making himself look nice, there is nothing wrong with that
  • Go get a job Simon, you useless waste of space! What’s that? Don’t like hearing your own advice?
  • At least Howard is nice to Andrew
  • Howard has a daughter?
  • Oh Patricia! Don’t they hate her? Or dislike her?
  • That’s brazen Gaia, nearly got caught! Plus that is technically illegal
  • Why does Maureen wear such clothes? I mean, each to their own, but why?
  • Need I remind you Shirley that you are NOT on the Council, you are just the secretary (aren’t you?)
  • Seriously you hate Patricia? Is she ‘not woman-like’ enough? Does she ‘disgrace’ you?
  • Oh, she is a lesbian! Of course Shirley doesn’t approve, the old hag! So rude of you Shirley, terribly rude
  • What Parminder does, has nothing to do with Sukhvinder, children have no control over what their parents do, or anyone does, so don’t tarnish them with the same brush
  • Contagious? Eczema? Clearly you don’t know as much as you think you do
  • Really Howard, you want to be seen ordering around Gaia?
  • Awkward! For both Gaia and Gavin, but more so Gavin, as Gaia explains for him
  • Shirley and Maureen are just despicable, I am curious and sometimes nosey, but these two are just way over the top
  • Sam has come to the party, in the band t-shirt!
  • Miles don’t be a mummy’s boy, and defend your mother every second of the day, she isn’t a saint
  • So instead of the band, you want to perve on Andrew?
  • The graft? Are you a gardener?
  • Yes Howard a ‘self-starter’, I didn’t think that meant taking money from your mother
  • I like Sam, but don’t at the same time, her persistence for the truth and cutting through the lies is nice
  • Gavin you sound almost like Colin!
  • Oh dear Gavin, what are you going to do? Move to Liverpool, stalking Mary?
  • Do you really think Gaia is a virgin?
  • I don’t think Sukhvinder will want a drink…
  • Lexie you can’t drink yet, just wait
  • Howard is just about to announce Miles as the next councillor, but he can’t wait until next time

4 thoughts on “The Casual Vacancy – #20

  1. There’s probably some sort of law in the British legal system I’m not aware of, but I found myself wondering where Terri gets money for groceries when she is clearly unemployed.

    1. Well if the UK is anything like Australia (which it usually is when it comes to laws and things) then there is always unemployment benefits for those out of work. As well as single parent benefits, parent benefits, youth benefits, etc. So Terri would get unemployment benefits and parent/family benefits of some sort, as would Krystal as she is nearly an adult herself. The unemployment benefits are there to make sure that when people are laid off or lose their jobs, they have some sort of safety net to make sure they don’t become homeless. Technically it is there for the short term, but of course, some people never find work again, so have to try and live off of what is a meagre amount. Unlike the US which has food stamps, the UK and Australia, provide financial support for the unemployed (well that is as far as my understanding goes).

    1. The spacing is really strange to be honest. The first few parts go on for ages, and then the last couple are very short. They could have done that better.

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