The Casual Vacancy – #21

III (continued)

  • Howard makes a speech, reminding everyone about Miles win, but it is his birthday after all
  • Andrew slips out to find Gaia and Sukhvinder well acquainted with the alcohol, and Gaia might have had too much to drink
  • Oh dear, Howard and Maureen are singing!
  • What are you going to do Gavin?
  • You are right Gavin it is NOT anyone’s business, but small towns have a reputation of being nosy
  • If you are so jealous Shirley, you go on up and sing with your husband
  • What is Fats doing here?
  • Poor Colin, didn’t get the seat after all
  • Really Patricia, is smoking that normal in England?
  • I don’t think an intoxicated state is the best time to bring up Fats bullying
  • Fats it isn’t a joke, the way you treat Sukhvinder is terrible
  • Shirley has been gloating about the Ghost of Barry and his posts?
  • Fats are you considering to keep posting stuff?
  • Did Howard cheat on Shirley? Does she know? Is that why she hates her? But if she knew, surely she wouldn’t let Maureen around still?
  • Aubrey Fawley, doesn’t care about Howard, he just doesn’t get it
  • Woah, Fats and Gaia are going at it
  • That’s a real blow for Andrew
  • What happened?
  • Howard didn’t even notice that things were amiss
  • Did Andrew kiss Sam and then Miles came in? Did Sam pass out? What happened
  • Very scandalous
  • Why is Simon still up? And he isn’t angry!
  • Andrew doesn’t hate his father anymore, and is helping him
  • I’m guessing the Ghost strikes again!


  • When are they moving?
  • I guess Miles did see Sam kiss Andrew
  • How awkward, what do you even do after seeing/doing that?
  • Wow Colin, your dreams are very strange. Killing Barry?
  • Colin you were in no way involved in Barry’s death!
  • Smithy? I am confused, why is Gavin showering there?
  • Did Gaia and Fats have sex?
  • Oh, was Gaia an accident?
  • Resigning might be best, even though it will mean they will have to have another election
  • Can you love someone without being physically attracted to them?
  • Vikram is very kind, pity Parminder didn’t just say yes
  • Seriously Parminder? Forcing Sukhvinder to work, even when she doesn’t? Is it a good thing, or are you just being too hard on her?
  • Please do Parminder, your daughter needs you


  • Never brought fruit? I couldn’t imagine a life without eating fruit! It can be very expensive though
  • Oh dear!
  • Where is Robbie?
  • Holy shit what did Obbo do?
  • You are keeping drugs for Obbo?
  • Terri! You used?
  • Did Obbo do anything? Seriously Krystal go to the police and get that creep locked away for good


  • Shirley I don’t think you realise that Patricia hates you, because you are basically homophobic
  • She was upset because you didn’t invite Melly, and so Melly was angry
  • Shirley does really love that medical website
  • The Ghost has struck again!
  • But Shirley is so naive in thinking it is about Parminder
  • Revenge is sweet
  • At least Andrew and Simon weren’t too explicit
  • It is true Shirley, what are you going to do about it?
  • Ah, for once you want to get it down immediately, funny that
  • ‘Did not need sex’? Was that you Shirley? And Howard didn’t care because he was getting it elsewhere?
  • Ok, I do feel somewhat bad for Shirley, finding out that Howard cheated. Which is an inexcusable thing, but Shirley is an awful woman, and for once she has some of her own brought upon her
  • Howard doesn’t even deny it
  • Is their marriage over then? I certainly didn’t expect this to happen


  • What is Krystal going to do?
  • Krystal are you sure you still want to make a baby with Fats?
  • Colin are you somehow convinced that you spiked Barry’s food with some sort of poison that you somehow obtained? I know you have anxiety and OCD, but isn’t that even too much of a stretch?
  • Where are you going to keep Robbie while you and Fats are having sex?
  • Good! Gaia didn’t have sex with him, she yelled at him for a bit, so he left
  • You aren’t responsible Colin!


  • Marriages are crumpling!
  • There is no dignity Sam, not even with Vikram, that would just mean you and him were BOTH cheaters
  • That’s right, you do need to talk
  • WAIT! That’s legal? He’s sixteen and you are at least thirty? How is that legal?
  • I guess you didn’t expect that Miles, that she wanted to kiss Andrew
  • What if Lexie does find out? That would be too awkward
  • What an argument
  • OH! Sam sent the letter to Howard! She doesn’t think he is fit to replace Barry!
  • How did I not see that one?
  • Is that another marriage over?
  • Will there be a ‘happy ending’ for this book?

2 thoughts on “The Casual Vacancy – #21

  1. I’m not sure Mary returning Gavin’s feelings is so ludicrous. She seemed to like him enough. But this really did show how the election wasn’t important all, it was the characters’ storylines that needed to be resolved.

  2. In my opinion, Howard did deny it. “Where did he get it that from?” was his way of saying “That’s ridiculous”, but Shirley realized that if it really was a lie, he would not have responded that way.

    And why did you say “revenge is sweet” when the Mollisons never actually did anything bad to Simon or Andrew?

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