The Casual Vacancy – #22

Just quickly, this blog is not political, and I don’t want to tell you who to vote for. Of course the US Presidential Election is tomorrow/today and I would encourage every American reading this to go out there and vote, for whoever they want. Where I live, voting is compulsory so I don’t really get this voluntary voting thing, and I would never imagine NOT voting if I had the choice. So if you can, go out there and vote! Thank you! And back to the Casual Vacancy


  • What’s your plan Krystal? Have unprotected sex with Fats? And then what?
  • Would they actually give her a house because she was pregnant? Even though she isn’t an adult?
  • Are you sure Fats’ parents will actually give you money?
  • So that’s how you treat ‘a friend’? You don’t even want to see Andrew anymore. Was he ever your friend?
  • Well Krystal, having Robbie has made Fats very reluctant to have a baby with you
  • Why did you want to stay up all night? Was it to prove something? Fats, I think it is you who is the joke
  • Either coins in England are worth a lot, and Fats gave a lot of change, or food is REALLY cheap
  • Krystal what do you think you’ll be doing with Robbie while you too have sex?
  • So you knew Fats that Andrew liked Gaia, and yet you kissed her anyway? THAT is inauthentic
  • Kay didn’t mean to leave you
  • Maybe you should go and see Kay, she was the best woman to help you, silly Mattie
  • Seriously, Fats doesn’t want to have sex with Robbie around, and I can’t blame him
  • Hated the idea of what she was suggesting, yes, but how is that inauthentic? That makes NO sense!
  • So authenticity is what Cubby wouldn’t do, and what Dane Tully or Pikey Pritchard would do? I don’t think you should base your life choices on what two delinquents do
  • Hopefully Fats does become difficult and makes sure that Krystal doesn’t get pregnant.


  • Are you still trying to stalk Mary, Gavin?
  • Seriously Gavin! Mary doesn’t like you (as far as I know) and she was your best friend’s wife!
  • Casually walking past Robbie!
  • Gavin, I think Mary doesn’t need your ‘care’ any more
  • Leave Mary! Get as far away from Gavin as possible
  • Yep Miles won, Bellchapel will be closed, and the Fields will be Yarvils problem
  • Interesting that Mary is quite happy that everything Barry was fighting for is now crumbling
  • Mary you are being so harsh on Krystal and you don’t even know what she goes through, but I guess that is what all of us are like
  • Actually Mary most people really do just need someone who cares. Barry and Kay together would have done wonders for the Weedons, it’s just about finding the right fit
  • Who exactly needs help other than the people that you are pushing away? Yes everyone has issues, but why should your issues be more important than ‘theirs’?
  • Gavin tread carefully!
  • Mary watch out!
  • Oh dear Gavin, you’ve admitted it. Probably the first time you’ve actually told someone how you feel about them!
  • Mary doesn’t like you back
  • You can’t take something like that back. Ever.
  • Hmm Barry always suspected Gavin liked Mary
  • Mary don’t be polite. You don’t like him, and he’s made it too awkward


  • Howard the only reason you feel unwell, is guilt
  • Liar!
  • People can be very sneaky and hide things from you, but usually you should be able to tell, unless you don’t pay attention
  • Awkward, Lexie has come over so Sam and Miles can work things out, and yet Shirley and Howard need time to work things out too
  • What would Howard say to Maureen though? That they were found out? That she should lie? Or just be prepared?
  • Strange how one piece of information changes everything
  • Of course Gaia didn’t show, probably had a nasty hangover. And Sukhvinder well where is she?
  • I don’t think it is you Shirley that people would despise, it should be Howard. HE was the one who cheated on you, not you! Even though I dislike her, the fact that Shirley would be attacked or hated because her husband cheated on her, is just wrong
  • I wonder how many people saw the post? Did anyone?
  • Awkward for Andrew!
  • At least Andrew has a defense
  • What are you doing Shirley?


  • Oh dear, Robbie, stay put, we don’t want things to happen to you, or for you to see or hear something you shouldn’t
  • Krystal you should have thought of this
  • Gavin is coming back
  • Well Gavin you’ve lost Kay, so you’ll just have to deal with your misery by yourself
  • Robbie is about to run off, and what will Krystal do?
  • Is Sam going to do something about this four/five year old wandering around by himself?
  • Where did Krystal go?
  • Are you really going to ignore a screaming young child Shirley?
  • Are you going to try and kill Howard? With the epiPen? What do you think you are doing?
  • Krystal is still there, but I guess Robbie has just gotten confused


  • Everyone seems to be out and about today!
  • Building society pass book? What is that? And what is it used for?
  • Oh, of course, Sukhvinder feels so betrayed by Gaia! How did I not realise this!
  • How could Gaia do that! She starts out attacking Sukhvinder’s bully and then kisses him!
  • It is a real pity that Sukhvinder doesn’t know the whole story, and that Gaia doesn’t like Fats (I think he was just a rebound after Marco)
  • Does Gaia even remember?
  • What are you going to do Sukhviner? Where are you going?
  • Krystal has finally noticed that Robbie isn’t where he was supposed to
  • HOLY SHIT! He’s in the river!
  • Sukhviner just jumped in!
  • She’s going to be a hero? As long as she doesn’t get dragged under too


  • Where is Howard?
  • Shirley? Justice? You are going to give him adrenaline? And then what? You will be caught and be sent to jail!
  • People really don’t seem to think things through…
  • WHAT! Howard is dead?
  • Well he is close to it! Is Shirley going to save him
  • Um Shirley, you haven’t done anything! Ring the ambulance!
  • Orrbank Cottage? What?
  • Wouldn’t adrenaline save him?


  • Good to see that Miles goes to Parminder even though they hate each other
  • Parminder you have to!
  • You have to go, even if you are suspended you can save his life, and then he will drop the case
  • Oh is the ambulance for Sukhvinder?
  • Did you save him?
  • Nope, Sukhvinder had to be saved by someone else
  • NO! Robbie’s DEAD!
  • Is the ambulance coming for both things? It better!
  • NO JOKE! So much has happened!

So Robbie is dead? Howard nearly died! Krystal could be pregnant! Sukhvinder was close to dying too, and tried to save Robbie. Shirley was trying to kill Howard, but didn’t need to do anything since he was nearly dead. Maureen is oblivious to what is going on, which she would hate. Sam and Miles are in troubled times. Gavin is alone. Mary feels awkward because of Gavin. Andrew feels awkward because of Sam. Gaia knows nothing and probably made Sukhvinder so keen to save Robbie. Terri doesn’t know about her son being dead. Is Krystal with Robbie? What is Fats doing? Is he thinking about the authenticity? Parminder didn’t try to help Howard, even though I’m sure she could of. And if she did help, wouldn’t that have made them grateful? And Simon, Colin, Terri, Kay, Ruth and Vikram are all absent. So much interconnection! What on earth is going to happen next, and tie off everything?


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