The Casual Vacancy – #24 – The end

Part Seven – Relief of Povery …

‘A gift for the poor is charitable even if it happens incidentally to benefit the rich’? What? I’m pretty sure it is only charitable if it benefits the poor. Once again, don’t see the relevance, unless the community is banding together for Terri, but that sounds unlikely.

  • Three weeks have passed since Robbie’s death
  • Howard is still in hospital and Shirley is looking worse for wear
  • Is Howard’s life worth living? Will he make a recovery? Even if he does, his quality of life is surely going to be low
  • Life in an empty house is something that would take a lot to get used to, because even a day in an empty house can be strange
  • Wow, she had Pat and Melly at her house? And they stayed over?
  • Are you sure you weren’t going to do it? You were so close, at least you didn’t
  • Well does Howard remember?
  • Parminder didn’t have to go anywhere, you were the ones who basically thought she was unfit, so why would you ask for her help?
  • Blaming Krystal and Fats for Howard? Okay, the ambulances were tied up, but maybe Howard caused Robbie’s death? For the same reason
  • How did they find out that Fats was behind the Ghost?
  • Wow, he confessed and apologised! I like the new Fats
  • So nobody but Shirley and Howard know about the post. I guess that is fair, since it has done enough damage
  • Maureen and Shirley have actually become closer
  • The funeral for Robbie… They are having it where they had Barry’s, so lots of symmetry
  • Bit strange how everyone have suddenly become so concerned about Robbie, and so sad, when they weren’t concerned when he was in a terrible state
  • Shirley! YOU could have saved Robbie!
  • Why was he punched?
  • Andrew, Gaia, Sukhvinder are all going to Krystal’s funeral, I guess it’s a double funeral
  • So Andrew isn’t leaving? Wait, they’ve got an offer on the house, so that means they are going
  • So Fats was the one who tried to kill Andrew with a peanut!
  • I guess Krystal saved his life
  • What did Lexie say? Seriously Krystal should have been showered in praise
  • What did Tessa do? Did Fats give him the black eye? I’m confused
  • OH, Simon gave it to him, since he assumed that Andrew told Fats about the stolen computer
  • I can see that Simon hasn’t changed a bit
  • Would it be a cruel thing for Fats to go? He did after all basically cause Robbie and therefore Krystals’ deaths
  • Well done Colin, I don’t think they would want him there
  • Calm down Sam, as if you can’t recognise the boy you kissed!
  • Well you can, and that just makes you awkward
  • She cried over their death, that’s interesting
  • At least Miles and Sam seem to be on the mend
  • I think Sam is over that boy band member
  • Sam saw Robbie too, but she also did nothing
  • I do wonder the same thing, if it was a child from a ‘better’ family, would she or Shirley have been more concerned? Probably
  • He was only 3 and a half, way off of my 4 to 5
  • It’s very understandable Sam, death does that
  • WOW! Sam suggests that they co-opt Colin and herself into the Council!
  • At least Sam will be on the pro-Bellchapel side, and she has given up alcohol
  • Kay and Gaia, hurry up!
  • What are you doing Gavin? You want a second chance? I don’t think so!
  • Yep you walked past as well Gavin, so you are partly to blame
  • Interesting, Gavin didn’t just want Mary, he wanted to take Barry’s place in everything, he was jealous of Barry, and wanted to have his life
  • Seriously Gavin!
  • See Colin does love you Fats, he is trying to protect you
  • Sukhvinder organised the funeral, chose the coffin, did everything
  • She is a heroine, but hates it, I think more because she didn’t actually save him, not because of the limelight
  • At least she no longer cuts
  • Sukhvinder raised the money, what a champion
  • Sukhvinder and the rowing team even went to tell Terri what they had done and why
  • Terri isn’t doing well, understandably so
  • Who knows what would have happened if Kay had been her social worker instead of Mattie
  • Might miss Pagford after all Gaia?
  • Tessa you were right in telling Fats the dirty side of his life, because that is what he was craving
  • Tessa’s WATCH!
  • Let’s see (though we won’t be able to) how Sukhvinder’s life goes with her councillor and new Parminder
  • Private schools try to seem intimidating with their fancy buildings and well-kempt grounds, but they aren’t that great
  • Gotta love Krystal!
  • What a joker!
  • Krystal had made them win, she made the team feel at ease and removed all the pressure
  • Such a perfect ending, don’t know about a ‘happy’ ending, but everything has been wrapped up
  • That’s it!

I’ll leave the proper analysis for tomorrow! But I loved it! I know there has been a lot of critisim, but I really, really enjoyed reading it. Yes sometimes it was sad and depressing reading, but isn’t that a ‘good’ thing? It makes you feel something, and that is the measure of a good book. It makes you emotional. I really want JK to continue writing both adult and children stories, because both are phenominal!


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