The Keeping Place – Epilogue!


Wow, we’ve made it to the end of The Keeping Place. Something that began at the end of August, yes we’ve had a few distractions, namely The Casual Vacancy, and a few occasions where I haven’t been able to blog, but we’ve made it!

Now that Elspeth, is a very good point. But, nobody wants to know the answer to that. Once the story is over, we aren’t too interested in what happens next (unless we are heavily invested in the story and want to know every little detail about their remaining lives … *cough*Harry Potter*cough*). Especially for fairytales, we just want to know that the princess and prince are together and that they live ‘happily ever after’. Exactly, we want the events not the what happens after as the prince and princess settle down and have kids. But the story here, is still ongoing. Rushton is still recovering, but is finally back as Master of Obernewtyn, and has been meeting with the rebels, presumably so that they can do something about the west coast.

Unfortunately, Elspeth and Rushton haven’t made amends. Rushton appears to be avoiding Elspeth. Whether that is because of his torture and drug-addled time with the Herders, or the repressed memory saga, is not known. Dameon seems to think that Rushton is fearing Elspeth’s contempt. And that is an interesting concept. Because Rushton is not as he was. And Elspeth wants him to be exactly who is was, and she wants him to be open with what happened, but he isn’t ready.

As for Dragon, she is awake, but she remembers nothing about Obernewtyn or Elspeth. Dameon doesn’t understand that Elspeth was counting on Dragon remembering the location of the sign, but so far, she seems to remember nothing. The rebellion on the other hand, is under control, though Vos is in danger of losing his control, since he is more ruthless than the councilman he replaced. It is interesting that nobody has joined the dots and figured out that Elspeth was involved in Dragon’s as well as Rushton’s recovery. She isn’t too sure how much of the dream was real, and how much was a tapestry. But it is clear that Matthew saw a carving of the Red Queen, and was convinced that it was Dragon. I wonder if he thinks that Dragon is from this land?

When Dragon woke she seemed only to recall her time on the west coast in the ruins, and only Dameon had been able to approach her with his empathy. Upon seeing Elspeth, she barred her teeth, which is not the best sign. Elspeth does a quick roundup of all the things that have happened recently. Apparently Domick is still nowhere to be found, and Miryum, did not go to Sador. Daffyd is also missing. The rebels were optimistic that their ships will be ready the following spring, which is a year away. That is quite a long time for both sides to get ready. A lot could happen.

Elspeth thought over her quest, and all the different signs. She was a lot more confident that she would be able to find them all. Hannah Seraphim’s grave, she believes the Tecknoguild will eventually find. As for the monument for Kasanda’s son, that is on the west coast where ever the pact between the Gypsies and Council occurred. And then there is also the one over the seas in the Red Land. Elspeth is still coming to terms with the revelation that Cassy is Kasanda. Honestly it doesn’t seem so shocking, but since I already knew that, that is probably why. And Elspeth is convinced that Ariel is the Destroyer, but I’m not so sure.

Maruman tells Elspeth that time waits for nobody, and asks her if she is so eager to walk towards her journey where the Destroyer, H’rayka and glarsh await. She really does need to enjoy the time she has, before venturing out on her lifetime quest. Patience is a virtue, but one that is hard to remember. Elspeth decides that maybe she’ll ease up on Rushton and Dragon. And sends to Rushton that she wants to go for a walk together, and then go for a swim.

That’s it, The Keeping Place is over. I’ll do a wrap up post tomorrow, with some ‘news’ about the final book in the series, before launching into The Stone Key.


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