Project for Awesome

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, and there won’t be a regular post today either. That will come tomorrow, and is really what I would have posted today, but I knew I couldn’t post tomorrow, so this is what you’ll get instead.

Project for Awesome (found here:, was organised by the Vlogbrothers (who I have mentioned before) a number of years ago (Six in fact), and it’s aim is ‘To Decrease World Suck’. So how it works, is that you can donate to the project, and then the community chooses where the funds go to. The funds are split between the top 5 , as voted by us, organisations (though, there is a proviso, that the board have the final say, to ensure that unscrupulous organisations don’t hijack the voting system and create an organisation that isn’t charitable).

Well, how do you vote. Well, individuals create videos on Youtube, saying which organisation they want to support and get votes for. This is then all put on the Project for Awesome 2012 website, and that is where you can view all the videos and see all the charities you can vote to support.

How do you donate? Using IndieGoGo, found here: you can donate as much or as little as you like. And there are some ‘rewards’ for the level of donation that you give, but they run out fast (usually). For example there are Calendars of the Men of Youtube, Christmas Cards by Weezywaiter,  EXCLUSIVE ebooks by John Green, and a whole lot more, including scripts from Crashcourse or SciShow, that will be signed by John or Hank Green! So far over $450,000 has been raised, and there is 1 HOUR LEFT! And remember that your money will be going to 5 very deserving, worthy, causes.

Now not everyone can afford to donate, especially in tough times, and with the Holidays approaching. But that’s okay, if you can donate, there is another way. If you go on any of the Project for Awesome videos found on Youtube, by hundreds of different creators, and make a comment, John Green (and probably some anonymous donors) will donate a penny to the Project. That’s right, one comment = one penny! Obviously a penny isn’t all that much, but it can add up quickly, and with thousands of videos and millions of people getting involved, a lot of pennies can be racked up. Over 717,000 pennies have been donated so far, which is just over $7,000. I believe (not entirely sure) but I guess you still have ONE DAY! Actually now that the Project is ‘over’, comments now no longer get a penny!

Another good way to get involved is going and checking out their livestream, which you can find here:   This is where Hank Green, plus a whole heap more Youtube personalities are hanging out, and just doing their thing! Sadly I don’t think you get a penny for a comment, but still it is a sight to see! Check them out! It is getting pretty ‘interesting’, since they have been on the air for a long time! So far they are still going, but they are rapping up soon. (Sadly this is now over, but you can watch the entire livestream, split into many enjoyable bits, on the Vlogbrother youtube channel)

There is also a hoverboard auction going on HERE at ebay,well it is a “Hoverboard replica signed by Phil DeFranco and cast of SourceFed”. Currently only at $405, but with 1 days and 1 hoursremaining on bidding, the price will likely soar! Another auction is also online for a George Watsky Super Pack HERE, which is currently going for $565.55, with 1 day and 9 hours remaining

So get involved, and support some worthy charities in whatever way you can! DFTBA! See you tomorrow!

As of now you can no longer vote for the charities, but fund-raising is still ongoing for around the next 1 hour! Every bit helps!


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