The Obernewtyn Chronicles – Size

I wanted to show everyone just what the chronicles looked like compared to one another. I mentioned I wanted to do this as I started The Stone Key, just to show you what they looked like. There is quite a change as you continue through the series, as I think you will be able to see.


As you can see The Sending is much bigger than the rest of the books, as for why that is, I have absolutely no idea (I wonder if The Red Queen will be larger as well). It is actually less pages than The Stone Key, and yet on the inside, the margins are HUGE, which makes me think it could have been the same size as the rest of them, and there wouldn’t have been too many more pages. But maybe they decided that having a larger book was better than a really thick book like The Stone Key, I’m not sure. Since I haven’t read The Sending, I’m not sure how it feels to read, and if it is too cumbersome (but I’m sure it will be easier to read than the Lord of the Rings in one edition, which is a huge tome). I don’t think it will be, but the huge margins are a little strange, but more on that when I actually read the book (which is the 10th of February!).

Here’s another view of the books, from the point of view of the front covers. Clearly one annoying thing about the change in size of The Sending is that it doesn’t match the rest of the books, but that is a minor issue.


Anyway, just a quick post, there’ll be a few days break before we resume The Stone Key, and get to explore the Beforetime complex in more detail, and that will be exciting!


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