The Sending – Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven

Ugh, this talk of food makes me hungry, just like Elspeth! I do like it when authors describe food, sometimes people forget that even characters need to eat sometimes! But enough about food, what I can’t believe if that nobody has thought to ask Swallow/The Gypsies for maps or information about the Red Land, THEY CAME FROM THERE, I know that isn’t common knowledge, but really, Elspeth especially, you should think more! Maybe Swallow will have things that will make the journey so much easier! And he is coming up to Obernewtyn soon as well, because he has been told to figure out who to name as heir, which is unusual, since do they think he is going to die or something? Well they’ve foreseen that Swallow’s children will never be D’rekta, which makes me filled with dread, is he going to die soon? My guess is that he will go to the Red Land, why wouldn’t he, he’s important enough. And he is going to help Elspeth with her quest.

Swallow will need to make a spirit journey to decide his heir, and after that, maybe he’ll be able to see Elspeth, I hope so, we haven’t see the cheeky bugger for ages. The spirit journey sounds dangerous though, he is going to fast for it, and it could take some time, plus whoever he chooses has to be collected and ‘anointed’ before anyone can leave. It’s quite frustrating that Elspeth can’t be told everything about the Gypsies, she has been told more than most people, and is clearly involved in the Gypsy promises, but that isn’t enough for her to be told the secrets of the Gypsies! The only way around that is for Swallow to tell her things, because he can as the D’rekta, but I’m not sure if we will see him for some time. Though I do wonder if Iriny would have answered if she was alone with Elspeth. But Iriny departs, and it sounds as if that is the final time we will see her.

Avra has decided to go with Iriny and her horse, to ‘gather information’ about the relationship between horse and Gypsy, she certainly is becoming more interested in freeing the beasts. Sadly Avra is starting to think Gahltha has ‘too much funaga’ about him these days, so I think that relationship might be over…. But for horses relationships are different, and it’s not such a big deal to them, remember Gahltha interested in the Sadorian horses in The Stone Key?

Elspeth doesn’t dwell for too long and now wonders how the statue ended up in Saithwood in the first place, since it was created to commemorate the free passage agreement, I guess the Gypsies just moved it, but why Saithwood? But Elspeth is sure that in these words is the thing she needs to destroy the weaponmachines, since it will enable her to ‘reach the heart’ of them. A wagon full of Tecknoguilders interrupts any further musing, as Garth wants to talk with Elspeth in private. About Analivia, he has concerns about her, she hasn’t been around for a while, and the last he heard she wanted to find out what Radost was up to, if only to protect Bergold. With the hints about Radost up to no good earlier, this is really cause for concern, Analivia might be in trouble, but do we really have time for yet another subplot?

It might be that she has gone to Sawlney where Jude resides, and he is most likely the person who would help Radost. I’m sure Analivia can handle herself, but maybe she can’t handle Radost and Moss and Jude? Hopefully all will be well with them, and they’ll come up to the Moonfair. Garth turns to the past, and gets Elspeth to discuss Hannah and Jacob. Elspeth stops him before he starts to wonder too much about the key that Hannah gave Jacob, reminding him about his journey to the White Valley. They depart, but not before Elspeth can tell them about Ahmedri. Which brings up an interesting revelation that Miryum and Straaka both went into Newrome on multiple occasions, Miryum even went diving! Apparently she wanted to see how the city looked, I can’t help but wonder why though. Will this help them somehow find Miryum?

Elspeth returns to Obernewtyn, just in time to say goodbye to Cinda and Elkar and see them off. Elspeth thinks about just how much of a sister Cinda seems to be, and is reminded about Gilaine, who was also mute, and who also was like a sister. A trend perhaps? Their muteness forced Elspeth to enter their minds for communication, which meant the two were closer than through verbal communication. Cinda asks about Gilaine, having seen her inside Elspeth’s mind, and she is most eager to see her and Daffyd reunited.

The trio go to the Healer Hall to collect some herbs to be taken to Herder Isle, and Elspeth takes the opportunity to ask about the twins, but news is not good. Cinda wants to see them, and says that they are like a prince and princess under the ‘spell’ just like Sleeping Beauty. Of course Elspeth thinks of the Black Sword, but who knows what the heck that is, all Elkar says it that between twins there is an unbreakable bond. But we don’t have time to dwell, (when do we ever?) as Elspeth sees some of the coercerknights and asks about Miryum and Newrome. Apparently she dreamed of it! She dreamed of a Beforetime City and thought it might be Newrome, and she was there with Straaka but in his weird spirit form. This could only have been a true dream! But we don’t get time to dwell on this either, as Cinda is about to leave, as well as Brydda and the others.

Well Brydda and Louis Larkin are just going down to see Enoch (someone we haven’t heard of for a little while!) and drag him up for the Moon Fair. Plus they want to ask him about the robber gangs, and send word to Dardelan, about that and Analivia. Oh and we can’t forget dredging up Stephen Seraphim’s name, since he is staying with Enoch, and so he will be coming back to Obernewtyn for moon fair. I think we might find some interesting knowledge from him to be honest, I think he might be more important than we expect. But apparently Gevan erased his memories of his time with Madam Vega and the others, and being near Obernewtyn acted as another trigger for him to be fearful of Misfits, so he was moved to Enoch’s farm. Rushton wants him to come and stay here permanently, but he is happy with Enoch, and that should be that.

If things couldn’t get more interesting. Kella arrives in a carriage, quite unexpectedly, and she is with a ‘blond giant’. Has Dameon and Dragon come too? There are certainly others in the carriage, but who they are, we don’t know yet. How exciting, things are certainly building towards an intense climax of action.

Just a heads up that tomorrow and Friday will both have no post. Sorry for the inconvenience, but such is life.


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