The Sending – Chapter 12 – Part One

Chapter 12 – Part One

Sadly, even though Kella has returned, Dameon and Dragon have not come with her, Dameon had not returned when they had set off. Something must be delaying him, hopefully related to Dragon. As for the new-comer with Kella, the blond haired, golden-skinned man, he is called Okan (a new character!). The roads are apparently crawling with armsmen patrolling to keep the gangs at bay, especially for this Moonfair. But honestly, no explanation about Okan, yet?

Kella has come up to the Moonfair because Darius has come to the White Valley for the special meeting, which we already know about, and she decided to join him. Kella’s healing centre in Sutrium has become quite the hub for healers and beastspeakers, now that it heals both beast and human. People from Sador and Norseland are flocking to work at the centre, to learn more and to share their own expertise. What I find disappointing is Elspeth’s new feelings towards Kella, they were once close friends, but now, since Kella did not come to see Domick or say goodbye at his memorial, she feels differently towards her. I just think Elspeth doesn’t realise that Kella was probably trying to put Domick behind her (maybe Okan is her new man?), he cause her so much grief and pain, that she wasn’t ready to face him or to say goodbye. I think it is more complicated than Elspeth realises, and treating her differently because of her action (or lack thereof) isn’t right. And she shouldn’t for a second think Kella is ‘indifferent’ about him, she will always love him, and just because she couldn’t bear to see him again, isn’t a good enough reason to push her away. It is because you don’t understand, that means you shouldn’t judge her, she had her reasons, and judging her doesn’t help her.

We see Darius again, who, unfortunately, isn’t looking the best, he has certainly improved since Saithwood, but he isn’t in a good shape. It seems that Okan, isn’t Kella’s new man at all, he is a slightly defective man, who is helping Darius and Kella out. As a baby he was washed ashore, which is quite unusual circumstances, nobody knows where he came from, and that is an interesting mystery. The woman who found him, cared for him, but died not long ago, and ever since he has been at the Healing Centre. He does however, have a healing power, he gives great massages and is essentially a physiotherapist.

There is some good news with the arrival of Darius, he is going to try and heal Miky, with the new treatment Sover has developed in Norseland, the combination of coercer and empathy. Hopefully they can help Miky heal from the grief of Angina’s condition. What is strange is that Darius could tell that Elspeth had seen Iriny recently, what an interesting Talent, how on earth could he tell that? Apparently, Gypsies have a certain colour in their auras, and if you go near them, you get a tinge. He of course is up her for this special time, but he is full of sympathy for Swallow who now knows he will never bring a child into this world. He has learnt beastspeech and is very eager to talk to the horses directly for the first time.

I do love how Darius can ‘hit the nail on the head’. Kella has been anxious returning to Obernewtyn because of what happened with Domick, and she fears being judge by specifically, Elspeth! Elspeth does blame her though, and I can’t see why, nobody else seems to blame her. I know Elspeth spent time with Domick as he was dying, and heard what he went through better than anyone (except Rushton who was there), but it’s not Kella’s fault. And honestly, I’m not sure if Elspeth would have done any better, Kella didn’t have Dameon to urge her to go and be with him because he loved her. She could only remember his iciness, not his love, so why would she want to go and see him. Honestly, Elspeth!

Well it is time for Cinda, Elkar and Sarn to depart, the first of many goodbyes for Elspeth. As Darius goes inside with Elspeth, I am deeply confused. Apparently it is common knowledge that Darius was deeply in love with Kella. Ummmm, what? I don’t recall this at all, or did I just completely miss the signs? Honestly, what? And apparently that was what made him so sick, he knew he couldn’t have her. If you’ve read the series, please tell me I’m not the only one who has completely missed this. Was it really that obvious, even looking back I can’t recognise any of the signs!

Moving on past that, Dameon was taken by Blyss and Merret to Oldhaven, and there’s no doubt that they have taken good care of him. I just want him back! Darius is taken by Javo, who he had become close with when he was here, and that leaves Elspeth to do as she pleases. She was about to go to the Farseekers hall to read the notes Sarn left for her, but Rushton rushes (no pun intended, seriously!) in saying that they are need on the farms for ‘an urgent matter’. That is NEVER good!

But, it is just a ruse to get Linnet away from them, so the pair can spend some time together. He had enough of people wanting to speak to him, it was time to relax, so they make their way down to the farms. His excuse for this trip is ‘urgent lemons’, that Grufyyd has been experimenting with, trying to get them preserved in oil. But they really are just trying to get some time together, alone, something they haven’t really had yet. Elspeth shares her concern about Dameon and Dragon, but Rushton is sure they’ll arrive at Moonfair.

It begins to rain, so the two of them run into Louis Larkin’s hut, which is conveniently unoccupied. And soon enough, they had a roaring fire to dry them. I’m not sure if Louis would appreciate them being in his hut, but he won’t know, right. Of course Rushton is familiar with this hut, he used to live her, and used to conduct secret meetings when Alexi and crew were here. I’m going to end this part here, the next section is going to be interesting, as we get a full length, Elspeth-Rushton dialogue, something we have really been lacking for ages. I wonder what will be revealed.


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