The Sending – Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen

Then it gets weird, alright, going to the dreamtrails and then entering multiple levels of Rushton was already pretty weird, and then having the bear there and this pool of memories or whatever, was more weird. But this is just, weird. The bear starts to talk. And it says that he knows why she has come, so Elspeth tells him why she came. Apparently, since Elspeth drove away Ariel, which he calls the Destroyer, this is an interesting point. Is that proof he is the Destroyer. I think not, I honestly think that it isn’t going to be Ariel, this is just said because Rushton, who is the bear, was just given the information from Elspeth, who believes he is the Destroyer. But for her to bind her secrets to this place, she has to ‘use that which she fears most’.

For a moment I thought he was referring to an actual fear, that the Destroyer would win, but he is referring to her killing power, this sort of thing requires great power. She says she decided against using it again after she lost control of it, was that in the White valley, killing that man? Because I thought she has used it since. I do love that Rushton says that she shouldn’t pretend it doesn’t exist, it is part of her, so she must accept it, or she is being foolish. This is exactly what she needs to hear, her fear of the power, inhibits her controlling it. Still, she is reluctant, she doesn’t want to hurt him, but at the same time, she knows she can do this.

She can’t put it off, but first she shows him their golden spirit-link, as a gift to him, to make him know they will always be connected, no matter how far away they are. But now she must get on with it, and draw on her killing power, just like she has always thought she should, by tapping into it, not letting it run wild. The task she has to undertake is upsetting, as she has to essentially chain up the bear, which has consumed the knowledge, which will then stop them being seen by him or anyone, for a long time, until he is able to remember. I know it is bittersweet, but it’s not like Rushton himself is actually going to be changed by all of this, right?

Sadly, we don’t get to go on the dreamtrails and find Atthis, Elspeth is concerned about the residue of her dark power, somehow manifesting itself there, so she returns to her body. Coming back to it, she is now certain that Miky’s life is being drained by her bond to Angina, and he wants Elspeth to severe it. And that may, again involve Elspeth’s dark power, but does she just have to go into her spirit-form, and see it, and then severe it, or is there more. Is it really that simple that her mind is the black sword? I’m not surprised she feels a little anxious about doing that, it is after all something that shouldn’t be done lightly, but is this a good enough reason to do so? I love little ethical conundrums like this!

Rushton wakes up, and it looks like Elspeth was successful, but their time together must come to an end, they have to get back to their duties. Linnet, and the others will be out looking for them soon enough. Rushton leaves Elspeth to deal with the business he actually has done here on the farms, departing with the use of ‘ravek’, the tribal term of true love. Elspeth sleeps a little, but he quickly comes back, dressed, before leaving again. With the rain now over, Ceriwan seeks her out, but she shields herself so he can’t find her, which is a tad rude. Somehow it is actually now morning, because Rushton returns with some food for breakfast, they really do need to get back! Traders are starting to arrive for Moonfair and they need to be told where to go.

So the pair have to leave each other, but Elspeth seems to be a little sick, and I wonder if remnants of her killing power are somehow hurting her. Of course, her body will heal itself, of the cold she has, plus anything else, but it is a little cumbersome. She can’t quite go back to sleep and let herself heal just yet, she has to see if Darius has made any progress with Miky, and also she needs to speak with Kella about Dragon, plus hopefully they can work on their own problems. Tonight, she is certain she will find Atthis, but, given her previous plans, that might not happen. Well, Elspeth can’t say in her room much longer, though she needs to make sure she looks ‘respectable’, even in her ill state. Honestly when are we going to get to talk to Atthis?


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