The Sending – Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen

Ceirwan, Aras and Zarak all turned up half an hour later, so it was a good time to discuss the expedition, and what needed to be done. It sounds like the farseekers are quite prepared, and everyone has/will have what they need, all that is left is rounding up the tithe which will be sent down soon. As for their information gathering, that is nearly complete, and it will soon be bound into a book, and the maps put into cases, so they are protected and more useful for their journey. I think Obernewtyn is well on their way to being ready for the expedition, now it’s just Moonfair they need to organise. Katlyn has announced that it won’t rain again till Moonfair is over, and her accuracy is uncanny, so that is good news.

It is interesting to hear them discuss the finer details of the guild, I really wish we got more of that, but I guess that wouldn’t make for an interesting read. But hearing about the choosing a bit more, and the fact that candidates have to be approved first, and that those with two abilities can’t choose too young, since they might prefer the other later on. Guild changes don’t really happen too often, only Zarak’s comes to mind, so they don’t want people to make the wrong choice. But the suggestion of having a year of trial in all the guilds/those guilds relevant, is a good one. Zarak takes it a step further saying they should learn in the first year the basics of finger speech, and start training in all their Talents, as well as working on the farms and in the kitchens of course (plus basic literacy and numeracy). This opens up the possibility of non-Talents doing the same thing, and coming to realise that they aren’t monsters, it is interesting to be sure, and the same thing could happen at the learning centres (like Oldhaven) as well. Elspeth, expectedly, isn’t so sure that people will choose to come here, but give it time, it will happen. Of course they can’t decide this all now, this is up to guildmerge, and poor Elspeth feels a little isolated, since she will be gone.

Speaking of the other teaching centres (oldhaven) they are going to have to set up guilds there too, and Zarak is interested in a temporary position there, it is getting to be a very exciting time for Misfits. I have an inkling that these good times won’t last, and I’m predicting something bad during Moonfair, I hope I’m wrong, but I think I won’t be. But there is more good news, Zarak and Lina are going to bond during Moonfair, more exciting times! It is good to see the development of Zarak (and Aras and Lina) from children to adults, just as we have done with Elspeth and the others.

It seems the Twentyfamily Gypsies are making their way to the White Valley, so maybe some time soon we’ll see Swallow again, and THAT will be very exciting. Dardelan will be arriving on the afternoon of darkmoon, which is ‘cutting it fine’, but they have had word that the bands of robbers are thinking of merging and making a fullblown rebellion, which is interesting since these leaders were once rebels themselves! And my own prediction of trouble during Moonfair isn’t so unfounded, since Elspeth is thinking it too, it is a perfect time for Misfit haters to make a point. But forget about everything else, DAMEON IS ON HIS WAY TO OBERNEWTYN! A complete downer is that Dragon isn’t with him. So where on earth is she? Hopefully Atthis will have the answer, but even that I fear is going to be less fruitful than hoped.

Elspeth makes her way to the Healer Hall and finds Kella looking a little distraught, she is already blaming herself for not returning sooner to try and help Miky and Angina, who seem to be beyond reach. Her self-blaming is very unfounded since this has been going on for ages, and Kella was still here when Angina fell ill because of Malik’s treachery. What Elspeth blames her for is not loving Domick, but (as we already knew) Kella would have, but couldn’t because it was too late, she was on her way back to Obernewtyn before Iriny came with the news. Domick had already been buried, but later she went and said a final goodbye. And seriously, Elspeth you should feel remorseful, what you were doing was stupid. But there is something else that Kella is fearing from Elspeth, something else that has happened that might disgust Elspeth.

Kella begins by saying that she thinks she didn’t love Domick as much, and if she loved him more, she would have stayed, and if he did, he would have asked her to help. If she had loved him less, she would have seen what was happening, and would have been able to help him as a healer. When she went to Sutrium, she was looking for him, so she could heal him, and fix what she had ‘failed’ as a healer. Elspeth tries to stop her, but Kella has a story to tell first! She wants to thank Elspeth for healing Domick and fixing his spirit. This makes Elspeth think of her killing power, and I think she might be thinking of using it in a different way to help with Angina.

Anyway back to Kella, she was very guilty about Domick, but more so because she knew she loved someone else. And it should be obvious, but it wasn’t, she loves Darius. Honestly, I didn’t see that coming either. Kella told him that she couldn’t love anyone else after Domick, but that wasn’t true, until she was over him. Kella tried to go and find him and tell him, after it became obvious to her, Dragon was still with her, so she had to come along too. But they couldn’t find him, they had already left, Swallow was still there, and offered to take her to him, though not him personally. He would take Dragon back to the Healing Centre, since she didn’t want to go with Kella, thinking she was returning to Obernewtyn, but that was the last time Kella saw her. And now we have to wonder, what happened next. She did not go to the Healing Centre, so what happened with Swallow?

Kella was able to tell Darius she loved him, around the time Domick was dying. Kella thought that Elspeth would hate her because of Domick and Dragon, and it turns out that she was. Elspeth is ‘happy’ that she has found new love with Darius, and how could Kella know what would happen with Dragon. She seems to think that she ran off after Swallow returned her, but I wonder if Swallow knows more about it, and that he had something to do with it (not in a malicious way, just a helping out way). The pair make up, which is really pleasing to see.

Elspeth goes to look at the twins (Darius may be able to get somewhere, hopefully), and wonders how she ever thought that Kella would turn her back on Domick. Which is what I am thinking too, sometimes I don’t know what goes on in her head. Roland was treating the twins, giving them nourishment, which is something I hadn’t thought about, but now interests me. Apparently they have been using coercion to nourish unconscious patients, but it is a pretty tedious process. No where as easy as intravenous tubes, which they had considered doing, by taking them to Oldhaven, but with Jak gone, and Angina in so much trouble as it is, it wasn’t worth the risk. But right now, there is very little hope left, they are going to die soon, no matter how hard any healer tries. Miky’s hope lies in Elspeth and the black sword.


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