Introducing “Bookish Topic Tuesday” – Hardcover vs Paperback

Bookish Topic Tuesday

I’ve decided to start a ‘blog series’. Since this is a book blog, I will of course be covering topics relating to books, as the name suggests. I have no idea whether this will become a permanent thing, but it is something I want to do for a few months. So once a week, on Tuesday (again the name gives it away) there will be a new post, with a new topic, and there won’t a regular chapter post, this is it’s replacement. So Wednesday to Monday is whatever book I’m currently reviewing, and then Tuesday will be a book topic. I don’t really have any plans on what we will be covering, so if you have any ideas please comment them below, or in any of these posts!

So for today I want to discuss Hardcover vs Paperback

It’s not exactly the most controversial or interesting of topics, and there isn’t that much to discuss (I want to ease into this), but it is certainly something to consider when buying a book, or even publishing one. Now I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that hardcover books inherently costs more, and are more hardy, that’s just a fact. And when books are published, they usually are printed as paperbacks unless the publishers know they are going to sell well, so if you are a first time author, chances are you most certainly won’t be published in hardcover, at least not in the first edition. But even though they are more expensive, they are more durable and of better quality. Plus, they look better too! Added bonus is that all the ‘professional’ academic books are usually published in hardcover, because (not just to make them more expensive) they look more professional, and like they can be trusted. Their covers are usually devoid of images, but some of the newer ones are starting to have this, not sure how I feel about that, I tend to like a nice looking cover, with just the title on the side.

And hardcovers are of course steeped in history, since that is what most of the ‘old’ books are printed in. But can I just say that we have really lost out having mass-produced books, because have you seen some of them? They have the tops of the pages in patterns! Maybe it’s just me, but I adore old hardcover books!

But paperbacks are lighter, easier to carry around, and cheaper! There’s nothing wrong with a good paperback, but if you’re like me and reread one particular book often enough, it can start to show. But when your at the airport and just want a quick read for the long flight ahead, you want a small, handy book to read, and paperbacks afford you this. And usually paperbacks have a cooler cover, their front covers include pictures, and aren’t the annoying dust-jackets that slightly infuriate me.

Given the choice, and if money wasn’t an issue, I’d buy up all the hardcovers I can! But them not being available, or more expensive, usually means I’d just go ahead and get a paperback, I’m not going to wait until I can get a hardcover, I just want the content. And I think that’s someone everyone will agree on. The content is what we really are after, but we can’t ignore that fact that we do judge books on their covers, how else would we find a random new book, if it didn’t catch out eye on the shelves?

Next week, we shall be discussing something more juicy, libraries. Are they dying out like bookstores? And do they have a place in a world where e-books are rising (that too will of COURSE, be a topic in itself!)


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