Feed by Mira Grant

Zombies. Blogging. Politics. Conspiracies.

Are those four words reason enough for me to not post the next post about The Sending? I think so. And you would too if you had read Feed by Mira Grant (Seanan McGuire’s pseudonym. This might be a long tangent, but it’s a question I have. Why bother using a pseudonym, why not use Seanan McGuire? She already uses that for her other books, why create an ‘open pseudonym to use for horror’? And I guess the reason for that must be that whatever she has already written, is just too different to horror, and her readers would freak out if they saw it published under her name. That’s the only reason I can imagine, it’s just like if JK Rowling was like I’m going to start writing erotica, she would probably go under a pseudonym [first let’s hope she never does that, but secondly just imagine if there are books out there that she has written under a pseudonym!], because she most certainly wouldn’t want her name and Harry Potter which is connected to her name to be linked with her new work. I guess that’s really our fault, we fail to realise that authors are interested in different things, and are allowed to go and write in different genres [that’s why there was so much uproar over The Casual Vacancy, everyone couldn’t separate Harry Potter from JK Rowling]. Unless Seanan just thought it would be fun to write under a pseudonym, and I guess it would be, especially if nobody knew bout it. /End of tangent.)

There aren’t going to be any ‘spoilers’ just yet, I’ll warn you when that’s going to happen, but Feed, part of the trilogy, Newsflesh, is just amazing. I have to say that it is (so far) the best book I have read this year, and is arguably one of the best books I have ever read. Now, it might look like I’m just throwing those words around, and that’s why I use them sparingly, and would really never create a ‘list’ of my favourite books with rankings, that would never happen. They are all different, and I love them for different reasons. But Feed is certainly on the ‘list’ and is certainly very highly ranked. I enjoyed The Hunger Games, and I’m going to make a connection between that and Feed for reasons that I think are obvious to those who have read both, now in Feed there is no nasty Capitol forcing children to fight to the death, there’s just zombies going around chomping on people. But I loved Feed, and I think that both books certainly make use of cliffhangers, excitement, intensity and let’s face it, are ruthless, but there’s something about Feed that has made me love it more than The Hunger Games.

‘Mira Grant’ was able to write action sequences so well, and I was never left going ‘huh?’ I was always able to understand what was going on. And the amount of research that she must have gone through (she acknowledges this at the end) to make the story so believable, in terms of weapons, politics, medicine, geography and technology, is astounding. Everything is so well thought out, and that’s something I love in a book, there aren’t any (at least not yet) places where you go, “that’s never going to happen” or “that’s so fake”. Everything is believable, and I guess that’s part of that attraction, because that’s scary!

Alright, MAJOR spoilers are now going to be discussed, so if you haven’t read the first book, go away and find a copy before you read on! And if you’ve read the trilogy, please don’t spoil the next two books (plus the little short story ones either!).



You’ve been warned! Honestly if you haven’t read the book, don’t read on, because you HAVE to read this one!

As I said just above, everything is so believable, because I can see our world easily becoming like this one. A reaction between an anti-cold virus and an anti-cancer virus causes zombies to rise up from dead people! I think it’s scary that this literally could happen, simply because we have no clue about drugs and genetically engineered things, and how they interact with other drugs, we might know they are ‘safe’ on healthy people, but what happens when they are combined with the million billion things that they could come into contact with? We have no idea!

And I simply love the fact that this is a book about zombies, but it’s not about the outbreak (or Rising), it’s about life years down the track, where it’s relatively ‘safe’. Things are largely under control, outbreaks still happen, but usually that’s because of someone stupidity, and they avoidable. At first I wasn’t at all sure where this book would be going. Okay there were zombies, but what were Georgia and Shaun going to do, they are bloggers after all (which may also be part of why I love this book, because it just gets me excited about blogging). I totally did not expect them to follow a presidential hopeful!

And then I had no idea that there would be conspiracies involved, and not even that deep into the story! After Eakly, I was on edge, what was going on, who was sabotaging everything? Then the ranch happened, and it was obvious this was no coincidence, but who was behind it all? Then it just explodes as Georgia uncovers the foul-play, and it looked like the government (at the least the soldiers/federal agents) was involved after that exchange. The action and tension just continues to climb, reaching boiling point on the road, where they are shot at, and then we sadly have to say goodbye to Buffy, who reveals SHE WAS INVOLVED in this whole conspiracy! At that point it was clearer that Tate was involved, but even then I was so naive to think that Georgia and Shaun would be safe after that, even when they themselves explicitly said how dangerous it was for them, they were after all the main characters, and they surely are ‘untouchable’.

But no, Mira Grant, doesn’t play by the rules, and so she ends up SWITCHING PERSPECTIVES, as Georgia dies having been infected with live virus. I can’t even imagine how hard it is for Shaun, he had to literally ‘put down’ his sister, so that he could survive, and she didn’t complete viral amplification. The implications of that action was starting to show at the end, but in the next two books it’s going to play a major role. For a moment I hoped that Georgia would somehow survive the jab, and when Shaun was getting out something from the first aid kit, I thought that maybe they had some secret thing that was super expensive and super rare, that would save them. But no, it just gave Georgia time to write one final blog post, which is just so emotional.

There were just so many twists, and so many unexpected developments, that I can’t even begin to imagine what is in store, is she going to kill off Shaun and switch to a different character? I honestly thought that Suzanne Collins did a good job of keeping me on my toes, but Mira Grant is taking it to a whole new level! I’m excited, and scared, what’s around the corner?


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