The Sending – Chapter 26 – Part Two

Chapter Twenty-Six – Part Two

After the tense encounter with Moss, Elspeth is able to fall asleep, and she once again dreamt of a dragon, and next to it, was Gavyn and Rasial’s wolfman spirit. They were over the ocean, and Ari-noor was there. The dream changed and Elspeth saw a little girl playing a game, when a woman came to her, a pureblood gypsy, but she was none other than Cassandra, but then years older than Elspeth had last seen her. This is unprecedented, we have never seen Cassy after the Great White, and who is this child? The girl has a cat, who looks quite like Maruman, and yet it can’t be him since it is inclined to being rubbed on the belly. However, who knows what he was like as a kitten, but still, how could this be Maruman? He certainly is another mystery. But this mystery deepens further, as the girl asks if she can only see this place in her dreams. It seems that the real world, or at least wherever Cassy is, doesn’t have grass, but Hannah has seen that they will all see it before they die. Merimyn leaves the dream, which the child doesn’t quite like, but Merimyn does as he pleases, it does sound a lot like Maruman, and the name is what Cassy called him in the crystal cave. I do wonder who this child is. But Cassy says that Merimyn ‘made himself up’ and nobody is his master. Cassy tells the girl that they will be leaving this place soon, and that they should pity the ‘muties’.

Well that is certainly interesting, I’m guessing that this is before Cassy went to the Red Land, so who is the child (aka do we know their parents)? And does this ‘prove’ Maruman is Merimyn and he is not quite ‘normal’, and possibly somehow was alive before the Great White, and then possibly cyrogenically frozen, but his spirit was able to roam into this dream? But after turning the page and seeing what Swallow has to say, all this has gone out the window. Somehow Moss’ body has disappeared. They dragged it away last night, and were going to build a cairn, but it is gone. There is no sign that he was ever there, and nothing seems to have dragged the body, or if they did it was somehow silent since Ahdmedri was on watch. Plus, there are no tracks. They decide to tell Analivia, and her first thought is that Moss is alive, and let us hope that isn’t the case, but what has happened to his body?

The good news is that Analivia doesn’t really mind about his body anyway, she can’t really mourn him after what he did to her. And if beasts chose to eat him, so be it. Swallow suggests they better keep an armed watch up just in case Moss is actually still alive, well he doesn’t say that, but I think that’s what he means. But UGH what happened to the body?

Sadly Dragon is responsive but she hasn’t woken up, and so she will have to be carried in a travois. The good news is that none of her wounds look to serious, and it doesn’t look like she has been exposed to too much taint. What is actually really weird is that because Dragon is unconscious, they have to coerce her body to eat and drink, something they did when she was in a coma. But that’s just a really weird thought, they can coerce her body, but not her mind. I guess I’ve never really thought about a time before when intravenous fluids that would provide nourishment didn’t exist. What else is quite interesting is that Ahmedri doesn’t use Miryum’s name because ‘she never gave me leave’, what a courteous thing to do, but so strange.

Gahltha and Maruman both seem so confident that Dragon will wake, which is a good sign. The group starts packing up and organising the travois, which Sendari will be carrying. With the preparations done, it is time to leave and follow the wolves to the tainted land. Gavyn and Rasial are nowhere to be seen, but they will catch up, and Elspeth isn’t worried now about them. And this time we don’t really have a cliffhanger ending, just a more profound pondering by Elspeth about the fact that if the Destroyer succeeds everyone will be headed to the longsleep. Now I have to really wonder where we are going to go from here, Part Three is titled “The Perilous Dreamtrails”, which clearly gives some indication, but why are we in the dreamtrails? Are we going to have a battle with the Destroyer? Is it to do with the Elder? Hmm, I honestly have no idea, but I love it!


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