Deadline by Mira Grant

Just quickly: The Sending will continue on Wednesday, after Bookish Topic Tuesday’s post, I just finished Deadline and HAD to talk about it, and it feels better ending The Sending continuously instead of stopping for tomorrow’s other post and starting again.

THIS BOOK! THIS SERIES! MIRA GRANT or Seanan McGuire or whatever I’m supposed to call you when you write under a pseudonym! You are just evil, and I love it! I can just imagine you sitting (wherever you sit) as you read people’s reactions and reviews of your latest book, all screaming out for more, or ‘HOW COULD YOU END IT LIKE THAT’, and just gleefully smiling. You surely must have known the reactions you were going to get when you wrote this series, which is just diabolical. But I don’t really care if you are doing that, because Newsflesh is just so brilliant, I just want you to write forever, even if you are diabolical and cruel. I would say that the ending killed me, but that’s just too poetic.

Alright, enough talking to imaginary Mira Grant, she isn’t here, if you didn’t see my last post of Feed, book number one in Newsflesh, you should check that one out first, but more importantly you should find a copy of all three books in Newsflesh (plus the novellas) and borrow/buy them all at the same time, so then you won’t have to wait at all to read the next one. Because, trust me, you won’t want to wait. In addition, there will be spoilers coming up, so you really shouldn’t read them if you haven’t read the book.

Honestly, I’m so glad that nobody was around when I finished Deadline, I couldn’t imagine finishing it whilst out in public, I don’t think I’d be able to restrain myself from just gasping, and flailing my arms about screaming “HUH, WHAT, HOW, UMMMM” and just looking as stunned as possible. So a suggestion, don’t read this book in public, especially the ending! It’s just so shocking, and unexpected, and it makes me hyperventilate just thinking about it. It’s just, wow. And this doesn’t just happen at the end, it’s throughout. I know I really shouldn’t compare them, but think about the intensity of The Hunger Games and then multiply it by like 10, and you’ll start to come close to Newsflesh. It’s not like there’s constant action, but it’s just so riveting, that time really does slip away when you starting reading them. And that is the measure of a good book! But from the moment go, you’re hooked, so prepare for some sleepless nights reading this book!

I can’t even really pinpoint what I love about it the most. Is it the zombies? The national governmental conspiracies? The action? The humour? The blogging? The science? The fact that Mira Grant has researched so much to make it so realistic and ‘factual’? The dialogue? The characters? The suspense? The cliff-hangers? How natural everything feels? The idea that there is a virus which turns people into zombies after they die? How about I just say, that it’s everything. Everything works so well, and it’s just brilliant and gripping. I don’t have much more ‘generic’, ‘less spoilerific’ stuff left to say, so Spoiler Warning  for the remaining part of the post.

You have been warned!

So firstly, let’s talk about the fact that Georgia still exists in Shaun’s mind, and he constantly talks to her, and then even sees and feels her! This is just heart-breaking! And it’s a neat way to keep Georgia in the picture, and to make sure Shaun doesn’t completely lose his mind, and kill his whole team. She was more than helpful, even though she’s just part of his mind anyway.

And nearly straight away, we are right back in the thick of it, as a mob of zombies comes out of nowhere, and Shaun has to go back out into the field and save the day. It’s interesting characterisation that now Shaun just doesn’t like being an Irwin any more, he isn’t have fun with it, so he’s stopped going out in the field, despite everyone wanting him to. At least he isn’t afraid of being out in the field, as he has no qualms with getting into the thick of it, that’s a good thing.

So we get Doctor Kelly (and the idea that she had a clone is very cool), and things really start to heat up, as we start exposing the fact that the CDC and WHO are involved in a massive cover-up. Of course Kelly doesn’t let everything out immediately, and the CDC decide it’s a good idea to completely flatten their apartment block in response to an outbreak that they caused to stop the word being spread. Then, we find out that reservoir conditions, like Georgia had, actually are an immune response, and some people recover from a live infection! AND GEORGIA WOULD HAVE RECOVERED! And I thought that was going to be the biggest bombshell, boy was I wrong.

Then we have a tense time as Shaun and Becks face the CDC head on, and nearly get killed in the process, as the CDC have no problem with starting an outbreak in their own facility, killing their own staff, just to stop these journalists! That just shows how much the CDC are willing to go to stop word getting out of what they are up to.

And can I say how much love I have for Maggie’s house, it’s just awesome! But even that isn’t safe enough for them, as our group goes to face Dr Wynne, who turns out to be a traitor after all. And then, as they leave things get EVEN MORE INTENSE as the whole country seems to become uninhabited. And there’s a tornado, and it actually is spreading, what I believe to be a CDC released alteration to the virus, which means it is now spread by insects! And it’s the second rising! Coming up to Maggie’s place with her armed guards there, and then the airlock, that was scary. Who expected that to happen? Did the CDC really think, ok, I know, let’s start a second wave of Rising, and potentially kill everyone, that will show After the End Times, and stop them from releasing everything. Clearly they didn’t learn, as it just makes everyone more determined to bring the CDC down, and whoever else is involved.

So we evacuate, and it reaches a whole other level of intensity that just can’t be compared, as Shaun is attacked by zombies, and it looks grim as his sleeve breaks, and then HE GETS BITTEN, WHICH MEANS HE’S GONE! But then he’s not, and what? Someone he doesn’t amplify at all, and how is that even possible, he didn’t have a reservoir condition, so what is going on? Is it the new strain of the virus, that for some reason didn’t affect him? And then it gets even MORE intense, like that was even possible, and Mira Grant gives us the worse ending ever (which means the best one ever, it’s just that it’s such a cliffhanger and it’s evil to stop there) as she reveals a weird place were GEORGIA IS ALIVE! Like nothing ever happened, and that’s so impossible. Is she a clone? How did she survive a gunshot? What is going on? Where is she really, the CDC? Which explains everyone’s reactions, which were: HOW ON EARTH IS THIS POSSIBLE, HOW CAN IT END HERE, WHAT IS GOING ON, WHAT, WHAT, WHAT?

It’s just the greatest. Can’t wait to read Blackout, and I refrained from reading the first chapter which was at the end of Deadline because I knew that wouldn’t be a good idea, since I’d still be waiting, and I’d be hooked in, with no way to release. I think the editors/publishers/publicists for the book were like, maybe that’s a bit harsh, to leave it hanging there, so we’ll include a snippet from the next book, just to tie everyone over, and ensure a different sort of Uprising doesn’t happen!


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