The Sending – Epilogue


So this shall be interesting, are we actually going to continue where we left off and see what happened after the efari attacked Elspeth and knocked her out? Will there be another cliffhanger? Let’s find out!

So we are still with Elspeth, but she is drifting around in unconsciousness. She dreams of Ahmedri with Darga walking through the dunes, but the others don’t seem to be with him. I guess this actually is happening, so was it only Elspeth captured or are others with her? Then she dreams of what I assume to be Rheagor’s ancestor, possibly, walking through a deserted Beforetime city, just as the sand was starting to creep in. Then she saw Maruman leap onto a large machine! A ‘horseless carriage’ Elspeth thinks it is. Maruman seems to almost be ‘at home’ here, and I have to wonder if maybe he knew this place and lived here, cause he is such a mystery. At the same time, he seems to be stalking something.

The dream ended, and now Elspeth just seems to be in a void, where she can’t tell which way is ‘up’, and where she is in comparison to her own mind. I guess this is the work of the anaesthetic or whatever the efari used, and I guess Elspeth is going to end up like Miryum and Cassy, stuck in frozen animation. Elspeth drifted down, deeper than she had ever gone, but couldn’t find the mindstream, and trying to go up was impossible, it felt like someone pushing her down.

This is all so confusing and disjointed, which is exactly what Elspeth would be going through. She thought about her dark power and the possibility she could use it to get free, but instead found herself longing for Rushton, which seems to force Elspeth to see Rushton once again. There was a greatship on the beach, with a broken mast, and tattered sails, I guess this is the aftermath of the storm. Elspeth could hear people talking, and I believe they are talking about Rushton being quite ill from whatever happened to him during the storm. Brydda, Ruevan and Gwynedd were with him, and they are concerned for him, he was sick before, and now the storm has hurt him as well, and they aren’t sure if he will survive. The only thing he is saying is Elspeth’s name. He has also been raving about the fact that he asked Elspeth to bond before she took off, and whoever brought it up is a terrible man for doing so.

Elspeth felt compelled to help Rushton, but I couldn’t see how she could do anything. So she summons her dark power, more than she ever dared to before, and went into her spirit form. Maruman appears with her, and I believe that it was him who was keeping Rushton alive for so long (so that’s what he’s been doing!), longer than others had expected, now it is up to Elspeth. Elspeth uses her golden link with him to somehow find his own spirit, and talk to him. The reunion is sweet, and Rushton says he’d be happy to die holding her. But Elspeth tells him that he should live, for their connection lives on, and that without him, she would not be able to go on. Elspeth starts to fade, and she tells him that to keep her, he must hold on to life. And once again Elspeth is in the turmoil of darkness, before she resolves herself to fight and rise, to continue her quest.

And there it ends! It’s over, and we have to wait for The Red Queen for more. Isobelle is now solely working on this now (having finished a different book) and is hoping to have it finished later this year, with a release date probably around early 2014. Don’t complain, it’s just how things have turned out, and we all want Isobelle to do the series justice, and finish it off how SHE wants to, and to get it to a standard she is proud and happy with. Yes it’s frustrating to have to wait for the book, but honestly this series has been going on for so long, that most of us who have joined in along the way, don’t really have a ‘right’ to complain, compared to those who have been waiting 20 plus years. And consider Isobelle who has lived with this series for nearly her whole life (she started writing it when she was I think 14!!!), so it’s a harder time for her than it is for us! Bringing such a monumental part of her life is going to be tough, and I’m happy to wait as long as required to make sure she’s happy with it!

At the end of the book is a character list, in case you have been struggling to keep up with just who everyone is, since there are quite a lot of them. I do like that it’s now at the back of the book, so you can’t be spoiled with the new characters! Now there is one part I still have seen, and that’s the map! It’s brilliant! I know maps aren’t entirely accurate, and they have changed a bit over the books, but I still really do like seeing the world laid out in front of me. And it’s a nice thing to look at just how all the landmarks we have seen over the journey through the mountains relate to one another. Can’t wait for the next one! But we all have to!

As for what I’m doing next, I’ll have a wrap-up post, and tally up of my predictions tomorrow, then on Sunday there will be my predictions for The Red Queen. Monday there will be another post, before Tuesday’s Bookish Topic post, which will be the last one for a week, when another Bookish Topic post will go up, before we start The Great Gatsby!



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