The Sending Predictions Scorecard

Now that I’ve finished the book, it’s time to see just how well I did on my predictions that I made, maybe I’m a futureteller after all!

  1. I’ll start off with some more ‘safe’ predictions, we aren’t going to the Red Queen’s Land, that is saved for the final book, since it is after all titled The Red Queen. But we will definitely see preparation for this journey happening, and by the end of the book we should be on the ship. Well half right, we certainly didn’t go there, even the ships haven’t arrived. But Elspeth isn’t on the ship after all.
  2. As for who is going to go, pretty much everyone, Dameon, Rushton, Brydda, Dragon, Elspeth, Daffyd, Miky, Gilbert, Gwynedd, Dardelan, Jakoby, Maruman, Gahltha and maybe Swallow. I have a little feeling that maybe Elspeth, Maruman and Gahltha won’t be on the ship and will somehow end up in the Red Queen’s Land, but that seems implausible Does this make up for the previous one, since I did say Elspeth didn’t end up on the ship. Plus pretty much all of the characters I listed are either on the ship or with Elspeth (the only exception being Miky), at least I think Daffyd and Gilbert are there.
  3. Darga is going to show up with the pack of dogs that was predicted. How this can happen and nobody else get really suspicious I’m not sure. Well he did at the end of part one.
  4. There is going to be a heartwrenching scene where Elspeth has to leave Rushton, without saying goodbye. Correct, but that was a given.
  5. We will see a memory of the Great White as it happened, or one very close to its happening. Sort of right, since we saw Cassy and Hannah looking at images of the devastation.
  6. Elspeth will find the statue/thing that marks the agreement of safe passage, and it will be in Murmroth, simply because Elspeth hasn’t been there. Wrong, she didn’t even find the statue, she just saw it in Iriny’s memory.
  7. I think the ancient promises with Swallow will be complete, Elspeth needs to have finished at least one of her three destinies, she can’t do them all in the final book. Wrong again, but at least Swallow is actually with Elspeth now.
  8. As for what they are, I guess it is just something that Cassy said to make sure the Seeker got all the signs that were to be placed in the Land. I don’t even know what I was trying to say here, so wrong.
  9. Gavyn will disappear, maybe he will bring back Darga. Nope, but at least I connected Gavyn to being important.
  10. Elspeth will make contact with Matthew again through the dreamtrails. Nope, didn’t see him at all.
  11. We will see a ‘memory’ of Matthew spotting Ariel, and possibly Salamander will be with him, but not in disguise. Nope
  12. Salamander is Seresh, and if not, Seresh has an important role to play. Yep, no.
  13. The White Faced lords will get a few more mentions. That one was true, we did get some more details about them, so finally another correct one.
  14. Atthis is dying, and I don’t think she’ll be replaced, as once the Seeker’s destiny is complete there won’t be any more Agyllians. Wrong, but at least, so far, she hasn’t been replaced.
  15. We’ll find out more about Maruman’s past, I was going to say he dies, but that won’t work since Elspeth wouldn’t be able to get into the weaponmachines complex, so he must live, but my guess is that after that, he’ll die/disappear. Nope, not at all.
  16. Miryum is not dead, and will turn up somewhere unexpected, I almost want to say Jes is alive, but I feel that might be pushing it. YES, Miryum is not dead at all, and she certainly is somewhere unexpected. As for Jes, no word.
  17. Elspeth is going to go after Jacob Obernewtyn and into the Blacklands, since she must get the key that he has (or did Hannah have it, not sure). Yep, she has been doing just that, but as for the key, we shall have to see.
  18. I thought Dragon might have gone to the Beforetime library complex/ruins since that is where she went when she first came here, but that wouldn’t make sense. So Dragon (I don’t think she was taken by someone) is, gosh I have no idea. Where are you Dragon? Maybe she has slipped over to the west coast. Oh, that gives me an idea, maybe Dragon has ended up going to the ocean and contacting one of the ship-fish, and they have taken her somewhere, obviously not the Red Queen’s Land since that is way too long! But maybe we won’t find her at all. Well that first bit is correct, she did go there, and then “I don’t think she was taken by someone” is completely wrong. I guess we didn’t find her after all, but she found them.
  19. Speaking of Dragon, the stone sword is hers, why did Cassy make a stone sword for her, I don’t know. I think the cover for the Red Queen indicates as much. Don’t know yet, but possibly.
  20. Entina is just a huge ass scary beast that kills people, and is stuck in the cave because there is taint there and it has adapted to it. Or, it is not a beast at all, and is some sort of time portal or computermachine, farfetched but still (my guess is that this isn’t answered until the next book). Don’t know yet, but at least I knew that this wouldn’t be answered yet.
  21. We’ll meet probably three new characters (as in more than just a passing reference, and who could be important) and we’ll be going to at least four places Elspeth has never been before. Plus Elspeth will definitely travel the dreamtrails again, despite Maruman’s warning, and will come very close to being trapped by the Destroyer/H’yraka. Three new characters: Ahmedri, Rheagor, Moss (I guess). And of course the four places: Taillard Observatory, Skylake, graag, desert, but no where we haven’t been to in the Land proper.
  22. The Destroyer is…. I have no idea, it could be Ariel, but I don’t think so, it could me Matthew, why else was he in that tunnel thing, honestly it could be anyone at this point. You want me to pick? I think that Matthew is almost too obvious, like a red-herring, but then I immediately think is Isobelle Carmody trying to make it a red-herring that it is a red-herring, so he really is, but she makes it look like it is a red-herring. I almost want to say Dameon, but no I don’t think so. I think it has to be someone we have seen, and it has to be unexpected, which I guess is why I have thought that maybe it is Jes, that would make some sort of sense, brother vs sister. And maybe Jes was just taken by some sort of Destroyer version of Atthis/Agyllians, and has been groomed to destroy the world. But I’m going to say not. So who then? Seresh? But then I don’t think so if she is Salamander. Gah, I know it won’t be revealed in this book, I’m certain of that, but there are going to be clues, that can point to a number of different people. But I’m going to point my finger to Gavyn, don’t ask why, just because. We’ll have to see
  23. Oh and we’ll end on a cliffhanger! I certainly got that one right!

I didn’t do all that badly now did I? I’ll have some Red Queen predictions tomorrow!


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