Hunger Games: Catching Fire Teaser Trailer

I didn’t expect to do a post about this today, I was actually thinking about doing another short story, but since the brand new trailer, excuse me, teaser trailer, was just released after it’s premier at the MTV awards. So it seems like a good time to discuss the new trailer, and the sequel to the Hunger Games movie!

You can find the trailer right here, enjoy:

So of course I’m excited about this! I got goosebumps for it, just like I did for the first trailer. Catching Fire will be released on the 21st of November this year (if you live in Australia, who seems to have gotten it just before a few other places, by a day, which is way better than how they treated The Hobbit here!). For a teaser trailer, it’s pretty long, I was worried it would be about a minute, but it’s actually 146 seconds, which is pleasing. Even though they decided to do a countdown to the ‘release’ of the trailer, which really was a countdown to the beginning of the MTV awards, I’m happy with them. Oh and there are book spoilers below! So be warned!

So down to the trailer itself. The beginning really reminds me of the first movie trailer, with the shot of the Town Hall (can’t remember if it had a different name), and the crowds milling around. This time of course, they are here to see Katniss and Peeta, on their Victory tour. Effie is as controlling as ever, but we love her for that, that’s just her way of helping. We must be in District 11, cause there’s who I think is Rue’s mother.

I love the fact that we get to see President Snow and the new Head Gamemaker,¬†Plutarch Heavensbee (the replacement for Secena Crane, whose death we saw at the end of The Hunger Games, and makes me really excited for the Training sessions!), talking about Katniss, and this way it makes it seem like it is obvious they are trying to kill Katniss, and what better way than to put her into the Arena yet again! I do like the shot of ‘The Odds are Never in our favour’, whoever came up with that is genius!

Then we see the dear old man, giving them the symbol of respect, and we all know how that ends, terribly. I think Snow and Heavensbee are a little ambitious to think that Katniss would ever work for them fully, and that people would want to kill her for that. Good old Haymitch, telling them how it really is going to work. Without him, they’d be dead. I have to wonder at what point does Haymitch really know about District 13 and the rebellion?

Gah, what are you wearing Effie? What an extravagant party, Snow as always is disarming, I hope we get to see him at Katniss’ home! What are you trying to do Prim, get involved in the rebellion? You are way too young for that, which just makes me tear up thinking about it!

There goes The Hob, stupid ‘peacekeepers’! And the intense scene where Gale is whipped, but Katniss steps in. “Go ahead”, ooooh so brave Katniss, at least you know he can’t kill you, because Snow wouldn’t be happy with that, the rebellion would explode.

“Her entire species must be eradicated”, yes because winning the Hunger Games only happens if you are different species! But, they’ve really set it up to make it look like the Victors sent into the arena, not by ‘chance’ during the Quarter Quell but because of Snow. Speaking of Quarter Quell, it’s going to be so exciting to see Haymitch’s Hunger Games.

Not to mention they for once, didn’t spoil the entire thing about them going back into the arena! Thank goodness they didn’t, because that would just have been a stupid decision. Yeah I already know about it, but ruining it for those who haven’t read the book, would have been a bad idea. Even though I want to see what it’s going to look like, and it’s going to be super intense, it’s a smart move!

Oh, I cannot wait for November!


4 thoughts on “Hunger Games: Catching Fire Teaser Trailer

    1. Yes that is really going to be interesting. I’m really excited for Beetee and Wiress, the whole Quarter Quell is going to be so intense, I can’t wait for it! Thanks for the comment!

  1. When Katniss & Finnick got to the Cornucopia first, why didn’t they grab more weapons and throw all the weapons they couldn’t hold into the water to sink so the others wouldn’t have weapons?

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