The Great Gatsby – Chapter 2

Chapter Two

I have to say the writing style is very interesting, very descriptive and quite different. I know the book was published in almost a different ‘age’ so everything is going to be different, but I can certainly pick up a distinctly different way of writing a book and describing a scene. So far, I don’t know if I like it, but I Gg think it can grow on me once I get used to it, just like Shakespeare does. I really like the description Doctor T. J. Eckleburg’s eyes, which have been painted on a wall somewhere, very interesting. And while our little narrator, Nick is in the Valley of Ashes, he comes across Tom’s mistress, I thought she was supposed to be in New York?

I cannot believe his brazenness, going out in public with her! Do you any respect for Daisy and your child? What scum you are Tom Buchanan. He even takes Nick to meet her, on their way to New York (missed that part in the opening sentence). I’m surprised that our narrator didn’t express his disgust and contempt for Tom Buchanan in the opening few paragraphs, like he did for Mr Gatsby, or was everyone just like Tom in those days? Cause he really is a waste of space, treating people as if they are dirt, really makes me angry (which is probably just was Fitzgerald wanted).

And he is having an affair with a married woman! George Wilson doesn’t even realise, and he seems like a good man. And Tom gets Mrs Wilson to come with them up to New York, but he doesn’t want to be too open about it, so they don’t sit together on the train. So he’s only discrete some of the time? And they even have an apartment together! And Ms Wilson just bought a dog, on a whim, it really is a different world. Nick tries to get away from them, but he is stuck with Myrtle who wants to set him up with her sister, Catherine, who is called beautiful ‘by people who ought to know’…. which is an odd phrase.

For only the second time in his life, Nick got drunk, in Tom’s apartment. They had a party, and everyone chatted and drank. I absolutely hate it that Myrtle takes the compliment and throws it back at Mrs McKee, and says that the dress is nothing and she puts it on when she doesn’t care what she looks like. I know part of it is being polite, but that’s just rude, just accept the compliment, that’s more polite. And Mr McKee isn’t a gentleman at all either (I don’t think many gentlemen actually existed in the time when they were all supposed to be) and becomes fascinated with Myrtle and wants to take pictures of her (yes he is a photographer so that’s pretty normal). And these people seem to think saying things randomly is okay and makes them important, it doesn’t.

Gatsby is mentioned so much can’t wait to really meet him! He does sound interesting, a man with money and power, a dangerous combination. Catharine is interesting, she reveals that Tom and Myrtle don’t like their spouses and gives a good solution, divorce them and then get married! But Tom doesn’t want to. It seems a lot of relationships are shams, and nobody loves each other. As much as Nick tries to leave, someone keeps him here, taking to him, as if he cares.

Myrtle shares how she met Tom, a contrite little tale, and then rattles off all the things she had to do tomorrow. Somehow with that riveting conversation, time flew for Nick, no wonder he got drunk. Then Tom punches Myrtle on the noise! Now he’s an abuser too! That’s when Nick leaves and the next part is too hazy to remember.


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