Great Gatsby Movie and Ebooks

So today the Great Gatsby Movie is premiering in New York (where else would be perfect for it? Even if some of it was filmed in Australia….), and in fact, it’s already premiered. Since I’m reading the book for this blog (more on that at the end), I decided that I’m far enough through this book, that I’m actually going to go ahead and watch the trailer. Not something I would really normally do, what if something is spoiled? Well, chances are, that’s going to happen, trailers are notorious for that. But, I want to see what the movie is going to be like, I want to see the characters, see the locations, hear the dialogue. And, with the premier today, it’s a good time to take a look at it, and get prepared for when we get to see the movie for ourselves.

First of all great opening, just who exactly is Mr Gatsby (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), that is the big question of the book, and he seems to have quite an outburst, which I think is about to come up in our own book. Since it looks like the big meeting of Daisy and Gatsby at Nick’s house, though I’m not too sure (and I don’t want it pointed out to me) who exactly is everyone in this trailer.

Shot of Great Gatsby during filming with Leonardo Di Caprio and Carrey Mulligan in the car by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

Those parties look way more extravagant, than I would have thought possible! Did Daisy just get hit by a car? Frankly I’m not surprised there is an accident, given the fact how dangerously everyone drives, but that’s going to be very interesting! Is Tobey Maguire, Nick? Oh my, it really does look intense! Well done to Baz Luhrmann, a great Australian director, it really looks great! I’m actually excited about both the movie and the book now, I wasn’t sure I would be interested in the movie, but it looks really good!

In the second part of this post, I just want to draw your attention to a new blog post by Isobelle Carmody: Ebook an Evolutionary Step or a Fork in the Story Road? which has a really clever title. After my own ebook post I found her post most enlightening. As I mentioned in my post, Isobelle Carmody decided to republish her book Greylands, as an ebook, and she did it all herself! It was a little experiment to see how easy it was to do, and whether it was worthwhile for her point of view. She reveals just how much money she has made from the ebook and how many she has sold, in comparison to the physical reprint, and it’s quite interesting. Go check it out!

Lastly, my own reading of The Great Gatsby, will have to take a little four-day vacation, as I simply won’t be able to post anything about it, I’m heading off for a few days. I’ll be back next Tuesday (for a Bookish Topic Tuesday post, which I’ll get out on a Tuesday, instead of what I did this week) and then we’ll continue our way through The Great Gatsby, hopefully finishing it in another week, before a few more single post reviews and discussions, and then we’ll start Catch-22!


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