Bookish Topic Tuesday – Bookshelf Organisation

Bookish Topic Tuesday

Bookshelf Organisation

So here we are for another Bookish Topic Tuesday! And today I want to talk about bookshelf organisation (I have to credit Jamie over at Perpetual Page Turner and her own post, for inspiration for this post). Now it’s a pretty personal thing in my opinion, bookshelves are to bibliophiles their personal space, and I think some of us would get a little protective of their collections, and would probably spot a book in the wrong place a mile away. The wrath towards the perpetrator might be fierce. But is there any order in the chaos that some bookshelves use?

I have to say that my bookshelf isn’t ordered by author, by title, or by colour (which honestly, is one order that I just don’t get, I guess it looks great, but for me, that wouldn’t help me find the book!). Instead, it’s organised in a special way, but I assure you there is order there, I just order things differently just because that’s how it is, and I think many of us have an order, without it being ‘ordered’. I don’t think I could or would ever decide to order it alphabetically by author or title, it just doesn’t seem feasible. Like, when you buy a new book, would would have to move everything over and it would just be such an effort! My order allows I don’t necessarily have to do this, I just make space elsewhere.

One of my bookshelves

So on the left you can actually see a photo of one my bookshelves, one I only bought last year. As you can see I do have a few random things on there, and in that picture I have a few less books that I do now, and the whole thing is less cluttered than it is now. I tend to clump books together based on the sort of genre they are in. So in the top left, I have all of the ‘classics’, the old literature type books. Then along that shelf I have more of the young adult, fantasy, like the dystopia sort books (Hunger GamesGone) and John Green’s eureka at the end!

In addition to that, my books are clumped together based on authors, so (for the most part) you’ll find all the books by one author together. So on the middle shelf, on the left, are all of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works, then Dan Browns, then a few random books, before all of Isobelle Carmody’s. And then The Casual Vacancy which is separate from her other work, simply because the other shelf has the Harry Potter books and there wasn’t enough room. Plus that has more of the children and teen books, and as we know The Casual Vacancy is anything but childish!

Even though there isn’t really a logical arrangement that others would pick up instantly, I know where everything is, and would notice a change. If I had about teen bookshelves I guess things would be different and I’d need to perfect the system, maybe even have a catalogue?

So how do you organise your bookshelves? Is there any order? Does each book have a specific spot? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Bookish Topic Tuesday – Bookshelf Organisation

  1. I can’t seem to really get organized with my books in relation to bookshelves. The one in my room simply has a random line of books on top of it barely falling off, and I can never remember what order they’re in.
    There is, however, a full pile of books on the shelves after that, organized by author, but simply standing on each other. Random newspapers and comic books from a long time ago make up the bulk of the bookshelf.

    The bookshelf I have in the hall is organized in that the shelves are full of books, but it only has space for pointless Disney books that I got when I was a child and don’t even care about anymore. A multitude of books are on top of this shelf and on the floor surrounding it.

    I know I should organize them all some time, but it just seems like a massive project at the moment. To be honest, I just don’t have space for all my books, and the bookshelves I have are either too small or their shelves aren’t tall enough to support books standing up in them.

    1. Mm, even with the small amount of books I have, a reorganisation would be way too much work! Would be a fun project though, if you could spare a couple of hours (or days if you have a lot of them!).

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