Bookish Topic Tuesday – Audiobooks

Bookish Topic Tuesday


I only own one audiobook, and I only have that because I won it. And so far I haven’t listened to it, and I don’t know if I will. I just don’t think audiobooks are for me.

Now some people find audiobooks really good, they listen to them on their way into work, and they get to be immersed into the world without having to read it themselves. Obviously they are really important for those puerile who are unable to read, so they too can enjoy books, and really anything that gets more people on general into books is a good thing.

But I’m no so sure about it. I kinda like reading out myself and stumbling through pronunciations of strange character names (which makes talking about the book and that character awkward if they don’t know who you are referring to), rarely used words, made up words, odd phrases that if not said right make you confused. It’s part of the fun of reading. With an audiobook you are given someone’s interpretation of how it should be read, with possible accents used fie characters that otherwise you wouldn’t have. I guess I don’t like being told this is how it is, I like to interpret things myself.

I haven’t really had much exposure to audiobooks, so I might find I love them! But there are a few things about an audiobook rat is love.

1. If the author reads it themselves. That way we get things read how they should, which I don’t mind at all.
2. They are for a work like Shakespeare, which can be such a challenge to read, and really has to be said allowed, but doing that yourself isn’t really possible all the time.
3. It’s read by someone like Stephen Fry, or Morgan Freeman, whose voices are so soothing, that you’d pay to hear them read the dictionary!

So maybe I should give audiobooks a bit more of a chance? What so you think? Do you like audiobooks? What would make you want to listen to it?


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