Bookish Topic Tuesday – Loaning Books

Bookish Topic Tuesday
Loaning Books

There’s nothing better than sharing a good book with a friend, spreading the joy, and getting someone else to talk about the book to. But how often do you do it?

There is a sort of danger in loaning out a book to someone, even if it’s one if your closest friends. I mean, what if they lose it? What if they rip a page accidentally? What if they never give it back? Obviously you don’t want to think the worst, but these things are going to happen.

I’ve lent a number of books out to people over the years. Usually it happens as a result of a conversation where a book gets mentioned and then I say I have it, so why not borrow it. After all, it’s sometimes so much easier than going to the library, especially if you see them at work, or school nearly everyday.

And my books have been well looked after, so no complaints. And I certainly would do it again. But I have to wonder what my reaction would be to a tattered book being returned, or it never being returned. I can say I wouldn’t be very happy, and I’d think twice about giving then another book.

I think book sharing is a great thing, we can’t all have a giant home library, so why not share the books that usually just sit there for months or years? It’s a concern of mine that with ebooks you won’t be able to share books in quite the same way, and even if you can, you don’t really have to physically hand over the book, so it would likely be a different experience. But I’m sure I’ll continue lending books out in the future.

What about you? Do you lend out books? Got any horror stories of lending gone wrong?


One thought on “Bookish Topic Tuesday – Loaning Books

  1. Nope, don’t have any horror stories. In fact, I loaned The Casual Vacancy to my aunt, and she showed me how she was keeping it wrapped up in a bag to prevent it from getting wrinkled.

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