The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Teaser Trailer

Well, it’s time for another book to movie trailer. This time the next Hobbit Movie, this is number two in the trilogy of movies, and is titled The Desolation of Smaug (spoiler rot13-ed ur’f gur qentba). It comes out in most parts of the world on the 13th of December, with some getting it even earlier. But poor Australia and Iceland we only get it on the 26th, and Poland gets it the day after, and poor Argentina doesn’t get it until January 2nd 2014 (check here for your country:! Once again, not happy with that decision, I honestly see no reason why they should delay the release date, it’s not like they couldn’t release it then, they’ve just chosen not to.

So here’s the trailer, there is also an international version circulating, and the only difference seems to be that there are subtitles, even though it is a few seconds shorter. If you notice a difference, let me know!

So I’m really excited about the next Hobbit movie! I can’t wait for so many things, like Beorn! That’s going to be so exciting, and I hope like hell that they are going to keep the introduction the same, because it has potential to be hilarious! And there’s going to be so much action, as we head into Mirkwood and then meet the elves. Well not so much meet, as get captured by. And by the looks of the trailer, that is going to be very interesting. And they couldn’t help but drag up another character, Legolas, into The Hobbit. I’m not complaining, but here he does look like a bit of an ass. And what’s with his eyes, they just look creepy. Whoever the woman is with him, I like her already, she seems concerned with the goings on of the world, unlike Legolas, whose just like, whatever.

And going to the Lake-town is going to be interesting also, the encounter seems more tense than I recall, but that’s what movies do, add drama. As always, it looks stunning. And then we come to the Lonely Mountain, and we are actually going inside and seeing the dragon! And it’s Benedict Cumberbatch which is super exciting, and I can’t wait to hear it. I just hate to think that it’s going to have to end again at some point. Will it be as the Dragon tries to kill all the dwarves, or is it as the Dragon leaves to go to Lake-town. Or is it after they kill the Dragon? Ahhhh, I just can’t wait!


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