Bookish Topic Tuesday – Fandoms

Bookish Topic Tuesday


These days there are fandoms for every TV Show, Book series, Anime, Manga, Music, you name it! If you don’t know what a fandom is, it’s basically just a group of fans that join together online, and usually post a million things on tumblr! There are fandoms for Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Avatar the Last Airbender, even My Little Pony (yes, I’m serious). They’re all out there, and it doesn’t take much to find them. They’re all over the internet, on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, even Wikipedia, and most of them have fansites, or wikis for themselves too! Though sometimes, it might be best to avoid them altogether, some aren’t too well behaved…

Fandoms are great, they get together a group of people with the same passion, and provide a place for ‘squeeing’, ‘fangirling/boying’,  for writing fanfic (fanfiction, so writing a story in the world/with characters of their favourite world) and for creating fanart. The internet has allowed these people to get together and share their passion, and get excited over their favourite show/whatever, and theorise and obsess over every little thing to do with that show/whatever. Before the internet, you wouldn’t really be able to do that, unless you went to a convention or had friends who also watched/read the same things. So this has just meant people can come together.

But, things aren’t exactly all calm in the realm of fandoms. There’s an ugly side. Some fandoms take it too far, and if you express an opinion against their ‘thing’, you better watch out. And that’s a really bad thing, because, hey, if you haven’t realised people have different opinions on things, and are allowed to like things that you don’t like, and are allowed to hate things you love. And when people express different opinions, they aren’t attacking you, they are just expressing their opinion, but, you’re allowed to have a different opinion. Which can really ostracise people, and can create divisions within fans, because, they didn’t like this character/episode, but those are extremely vocal, attack them. I think that just makes most fans painted in a bad light, and really shouldn’t be welcomed in any fandom.

Another dark realm you probably don’t want to enter is Slash Fic, where fans write fanfic about their favourite characters and, usually, pair together two people who aren’t together in the canon. Which is alright, shipping (the pairing of two characters) isn’t a bad thing, you are allowed to want two characters to get together, but, there is a limit. And when people write stories about incest and rape, and terrible things, especially when the books/show itself is largely innocent, it isn’t really a good thing. It’s just taken too far sometimes, and for those who aren’t into that, it’s a thing you should avoid (though a caveat, there are some really good regular fanfics out there, so don’t discount the whole genre). If you really are interested there’s a whole site full of the stuff:

I have to say that I’m only really actively apart of one fandom, the Obernewtyn Chronicles fandom. I mean I adore Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, Rick Riordan’s works, Avatar the Lastairbender, Legend of Korra, Lord of the Rings, Sherlock, The Stargate Franchise, and a lot more, but as far as actively online, I’m not too engaged with the fandoms, I usually just ‘lurk’ (read things/look at things without commenting/discussing) and find out the news on new movies/Pottermore/next book/series and sometimes read theories and reviews and things.

With the Obernewtyn Chronicles, because it doesn’t quite have such a large group of fans, it’s more intimate, and the community is a lot more welcoming. The Chronicles even has it’s own fansite which has been running since 1999, so it’s been around for a long time, and it’s run by a great team of volunteers! You can find the site here: – The Official Isobelle Carmody Fansite. If you’re a budding writer, there’s a great group of people who will happily read and edit your work, and gently encourage you to finish your next story!

If you want to find some fandoms here’s one site with links to various fandoms:

Tumblr is home to plenty of fandoms, there are plenty of fanart and fanfictions posted, and lost of discussion, so if you’re brave interested go and check it out.

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2 thoughts on “Bookish Topic Tuesday – Fandoms

  1. I’m of the same opinion as you, fandoms are very good because they allow people with the same interest to talk about it together, but they also have a negative side.

    For example, I never fail to be astounded by how cruel, selfish, and entitled many members of the ASOIAF series are. Calling the man a lazy horrible writer for watching football instead of dedicating every second of his waking existence to working on their book, and I even found a song on the Internet presurring him to finish the book “Before you are dead, George…” barely a year after he finished the last book! How would you like to have people telling you you have to finish your goals in a hurry because you’re old and fat and you’re going to die soon?!

    I even found this comment on, “I’m 27 now and decided that if Winds of Winter does not come out before I turn 30, then I’m finished with the series. Life’s too short to wait that long.” Wow? Almost 30, you’re so old! How old’s Martin again? Oh, that’s right, 30 + 30 + 4, and my great-grandfather lived to be 30 + 30 + 30 + 5. Yeah, you’re really one foot in the grave, aren’t ya, buddy?

    The strangest thing is that many of these people don’t even seem to like the books that they’ve spent so much of their time complaining about him taking too long to finish. They’ve even pretty much taken over the books’ comment sections on to thumb down anyone who gives a positive review of them!

    It really is quite astonishing and depressing that people like this exist, but that still doesn’t mean fandoms are necessarily a bad thing…..

    1. Yeah fandoms can be notorious for demanding new content. I don’t think those people would cope with the Obernewtyn Chronicles, the series started in 1987, with the longest gap between books of 9 years! So, they really wouldn’t be able to ‘survive’ without the next book. Sadly, I’m sure we have lost fans who couldn’t be bothered waiting, but if you love it enough, you’ll wait!

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