The Great Gatsby – Chatper 7

Chapter Seven

Finally I’ve read through this chapter, and have continued The Great Gatsby, it was a long time coming, and hopefully I’ll have the final two chapter finished this month!

One day, Gatsby’s stopped holding parties, the lights went off, and as Nick puts it, ‘Trimalchio’ was over (which interestingly was a working title for this whole story: someone who worked hard to get to the top after starting at the bottom, is my understanding). When Nick went to find out what was wrong, he met a butler, who we haven’t seen before, and told him that Gatsby isn’t sick, and then proceeded to slam the door in his face. Very strange indeed. Later Nick found out that Gatsby fired all his staff, and replaced them with new ones, but, apparently they aren’t actually going to the town, instead, ordering things over the phone. Some people think they aren’t servants at all, and I’m questioning their existence! But when Gatsby calls the next morning, he explains that he just didn’t want servants who would gossip, because, Daisy has been coming over regularly, and he needs to keep these meetings private.

Gatsby just rang to invite him, on the behalf of Daisy, to lunch at her house tomorrow, a request Daisy seemed quite pleased that Nick accepted. So when Nick heads over the next day (which is stinking hot) and meets Gatsby there, and it’s just weird. How incredibly awkward it is for Tom and Gatsby to be in the same room!

A tank of petrol/gas for $1.20!!! That doesn’t even get you a liter these days! Interesting to see Tom’s world collapse as both Daisy and his mistress, Myrtle seem to be just about to leave him all alone! Just saying that Tom is right about one thing, complaining about the heat (or any weather) just makes it worse, even if it feels good to complain!

Now things get interesting as the pair of men start to verbally send out barbs, well it’s more Tom than Gatsby. Just who is Biloxi? Don’t go to Gatsby what’s up with Biloxi? Wait is Gatsby Biloxi? Gatsby was at Oxford only five months, because of an interesting deal made to soldiers after the armistice that they could go to any university is England or France!

“Good heavens, intermarriages between whites and blacks?” Well Tom, that did happen.

So they continue to have the edge of an argument in the room, and Daisy really seems reluctant to agree with Gatsby, and I think he isn’t going to have such an easy time getting her away from Tom. And Tom is just too explosive to know what he will do if she really tries to go.

At one point had I had to put down the book, because it just made me annoyed. Nick decides to say that it’s his 30th birthday, like he completely forgot until this point, when Gatsby and Daisy have left. It just made me annoyed, why bother saying it all, it was completely random, and nobody cares.

And so we come to them leaving New York, and driving back to Tom’s house, where they come upon an accident. For a moment I was confused as to what was happening, and thought that somehow Daisy was dead instead of Tom’s mistress, Mrs Wilson. Mrs Wilson was trying to get away from Mr Wilson, who had become abusive, and was trying to keep her with him, instead of running off with Tom. Quite sadly, Mrs Wilson was running away, and saw Tom’s car coming towards her, and thought he was in there, and would save her. Instead, it was Daisy and Gatsby, and they didn’t know what was going on. So, it was Daisy who hit her, and they didn’t even stop! I know they were shocked, but that sort of behaviour is disgusting to be honest. And Daisy needs to own up for what she did, and Gatsby shouldn’t try to take the blame. It sounds so ‘good’ of him to try and take the blame, but, it’s not right. And him just waiting outside her house in the bushes is just a little creepy. Yes, it probably was a good idea to ensure that Tom didn’t try to do something to her, but, wasn’t Jordan there anyway?

Oh well, let’s continue on, and see what else is left to happen, at least there’s only 30 pages left….



3 thoughts on “The Great Gatsby – Chatper 7

  1. Actually, I am that sort of strange person who does care about characters’ ages. I don’t actually know why.

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