Bookish Topic Tuesday – The Awesome Future of Books

Bookish Topic Tuesday

The Awesome Future of Books

Today I just wanted to tell you about this awesome new idea that needs your help! The idea: Choose Your (Own) Adventure books, but brought into the 21st century. It involves a number of authors, some well known like Isobelle Carmody, Sean Williams, Kim Wilkins, Michael Pryor, and lots of other award winning authors (plus a few up and coming ones too). The idea needs your help because it needs funding, on Pozible (the Australian version of Kickstarter). At the moment it only has $800 out of its $26,000 target, with just over 50 days remaining! Here’s the link:

So what exactly is going on? Well, there are 14 Adventure writers, plus about 7 emerging writers, who are each going to write a choose your own adventure story. That doesn’t sound so interesting, but here’s the cool part, you’ll be choosing your own adventure in real life!

Confused? Well, with the advent of smart phones and tablets, comes a whole new possibility for storytelling. So, Emily Craven has taken advantage of that, and has already run a similar idea in Adelaide, Australia, where people went across the city finding QR codes, which led them on to the next one. And this is a similar thing, except this time, these fantastic authors are writing stories for you to live yourself.

Again that probably made no sense, but in essence you’re given a map, which will take you to your first location, and from there you’ll scan a QR (Quick Response) code from the map (the weird square barcodes which are read by your phone) which reveals another part of the story (takes you to a page online), and from there you can then choose how the story should continue. Then you’ll be directed to another place on your map, in the city you’ve chosen, so essentially your going on a tour of the city like no other, and reading a novel at the same time, whilst choosing your own adventure!

There are two sorts of maps, a print version, and a PDF version (which will just have links instead of a QR code), with the possibility of enhanced ebooks in the future. And right now, with Pozible you can help fund this venture, and get perks! These perks include getting some of the maps, discounts on buying a map, a book with all the maps and stories (so you don’t even have to adventure around), even getting a skype chat with an author, or getting a tour of the city with the author that wrote the story, OR you can even pay for the author to come to your city and write a story (at a price of $7,500 so probably not for most people…). Other perks include getting your name in a story, getting photos from the author on their adventure through the city, getting a classic Choose Your Adventure book, getting a book from the author signed, and a lot more!

Now most of the cities chosen for now are in Australia, like Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, Perth, Byron Bay but there is also Prague, Paris, Washington DC, Toronto, New York, and in the future there could be a whole lot more to choose from! And in the future you won’t even need to travel to the city, there will be an ebook with photos of the area included, so you can enjoy all the stories!

Plus the money you pledge won’t be processed until the target is reached. If the target isn’t reached you keep your pledge, you won’t lose any money if the target isn’t reached, so there is no risk.

So here’s the link again: and I really, really urge you to support it in any way you can, because it’s an awesome idea! Just imagine being immersed in the story for real, going around the actual location the story is set in, and being able to choose how the story goes! It will be a whole lot of fun!

I also apologise for missing last week’s Bookish Topic, but unfortunately that’s how it’s going to be for the next three months, I can’t guarantee a single post, I’ll try to post when I can, and continue The Cuckoo’s Calling, and a few Bookish Topic posts, but I don’t have the luxury of time! After the three months, I have lots of time to spare for reading!


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