Movie News – Greylands and the Turning

So I’m back again with more movie news, since it’s all I can really manage at the moment while I’m busily studying for exams. The first is some exciting news for Isobelle Carmody fans, the author herself (just like JK Rowling with Fantastic Beasts) is in the process of writing a screenplay for her book Greylands, which was re-released only last year as an ebook and by Ford Street Publishing. I have a copy of the book, and over this summer I’ll be most certainly reading it. The screenplay will be turned into a movie by producer Tara Morice, obviously right now there is no word on when the movie will be coming out, but there’s plenty of time for excitement! For more information check out

In other movie news, The Turning by Tim Winton (author of Cloudstreet and you can find all of my reviews of that book here), which is a collection of short stories has been made into a unique cinematic experience. It too is a collection of really 17 short films, by 17 different directors, which is very unusual. It actually goes for 3 hours, so there is a 10 minute intermission in the middle of the film. It stars Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Miranda Otto and Rose Byrne, and is only out in select theatres, so check it out if you can (so far I believe it is only having Australian screenings, with New Zealand screenings to come. No word on an international release). I’ve read the story (I recommend that you read the book it really is very interesting!), but I doubt I’ll be able to catch a screening, hopefully it will come out on DVD at a later date. More information here:

You can watch the trailer right here:


3 thoughts on “Movie News – Greylands and the Turning

  1. Okay, I’ll at admit I’m a total Carmody fangirl, so this makes me pretty darn excited. But being the aforementioned fangirl, I also realise that it will probably take her at least 5 years to finish the screenplay. Still- Weeeeee!

    1. Ahaha, yes, she does have a habit of taking her time with things. But I really do think she’ll get this finished pretty soon. I wrote to her this time last year actually, and she mentioned she was working on the screen play. So hopefully it won’t be too long for her to finish it! Then we’d still have to wait for someone to produce the movie, etc.

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