2 Year Blogiversary

My oh my how the years fly by! It sounds so clichéd to say that “it feels like only yesterday I started this blog” but it’s the truth! I can hardly believe, that I’ve been here blogging for 2 years, writing 555 posts (covering 33 categories and 1705 tags!). We’ve had 221 comments nearly 25,000 views! And it keeps growing, last year we had around 7,500 views, and this year we’ve already more than doubled that with 16,600! Which is absolutely phenomenal, and we’re on track to treble last years views! I cannot thank you enough for this, it really means a lot. And I love reading your comments, and I want this to continue into the future.

I know I haven’t posted much that’s related to books, but, I’m quite busy studying for senior year exams and trying to organise my life for next year with more applications and interviews in the next few months than I care to think about! But don’t fret, I’ll be back, in fact, this time next month, I’ll (probably) be posting again. And I’ve got so many books to catch up on! I’ll be finishing off a Cuckoo’s Calling, and getting around to Catch-22, and I need to read Greylands, and some books by John Green. And House of Hades, Under the Dome, The Silmarillion and Metro Winds. And that’s not even half of the books I have waiting! I’ll also have posts on Pride and Prejudice, the Time Machine, Candelo, The Road and Ninety-eightyfour! And I’ll be hopefully discussing Cloudstreet’s adaptation, plus the Catching Fire movie, The Hobbit movie (though it will be later than the rest of the world cause I’m in Aus), The Book Thief movie (again later cause of my location) and possibly The Turning! So there’s so much to get around to, I hope you can join me, it’s going to be an exciting time!


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