Catching Fire

I’m back! It feels so good to be done with my exams, and to finally be back reading again! I think for once I’ll finally make a dent in my massive ‘to read’ pile (that is before I go and buy more books that is!).

To launch back into reading, just in time for the new movie, I decided to re-read The Hunger Games Trilogy. I’ve already breezed through Hunger Games and Catching Fire and well on my way to be through Mockingjay. And even now, after reading them a couple of times, and full well knowing what’s going to happen, I still get hooked. It still is captivating, and I still get ‘tingles’ reading them. Which is a brilliant thing. Which has me wondering, what book makes you feel that way, even after you’ve read it so many times? I know Harry Potter does the same thing to me as well.

And it’s not just the books getting me excited, it’s the trailer for Catching Fire and the TV spots! Containing my excitement is difficult, but I will have to wait for about 7 more days till I get a chance to go and see the movie. And oh I cannot wait for the 2 Mockingjay movies as well! So much to put into the movies, so little time!

For me I really want to see in Catching Fire, Katniss meet the refugees from district 8, Bonnie and Twill. Though I think that could be something that’s cut, sadly. I would also really like to see some of Peeta’s paintings if possible, they would be interesting to see. And just about everything in the arena, that’s going to be so thrilling!!!

So my question is, what do you want to see in Catching Fire the movie?

Since I’m back now, I’ll be continuing my posts on The Cuckoo’s Calling by ‘Robert Galbraith’, with around 2 posts per week, and Bookish Topic Tuesday will return, plus the occasional single post about books I have been reading, there’ll be a few of those I think!


5 thoughts on “Catching Fire

  1. I have to apologize to you. I was alarmed when I read “snarkiness”. I had no idea that was a negative review site. The author is currently reviewing a book she actually likes. I only looked at the opening of the first chapter which seemed like it was something a fan would write. Please forgive me.

      1. I’ve only read the first book but it looks to be mostly a lot of ridiculous nitpicking to me. And in other cases she seems a bit too bound by her own opinions and ways of thinking.

        I wouldn’t put too much stock in it.

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