Catching Fire The Movie

AHHHHHH I got to see the new movie and it was awesome! It really was a fantastic adaptation of the book, yes there were things missing (which I’ll detail in a minute) but it was visually stunning and was really, really good. Often people complain about the movie adaptations of their favourite books, but I really don’t think people have a reason to complain with the two movies they’ve released so far. They’ve been really amazing, and I’m happy with how they turned out. Beware the movie/book spoilers below (I’ve been careful to not spoil much of the third book). So if you haven’t seen the movie, go out and see it, cause it’s excellent! Also read the books, since how could you possibly wait another 2 years until the final movie….

Even when they added in things that didn’t even happen it was really good. Like I loved how they included Snow’s granddaughter, who was starting to copy Katniss, and wanted to love like Katniss and Peeta, which was really symbolic and felt like an awesome punch in the face to Snow. And it also sets things up perfectly for later, so hopefully I’m not let down on that detail! And then they also explicitly showed Snow and Plutchard Heavensbee scheming together about how to best deal with Katniss and the uprising. Like in the books you get a feeling that maybe Snow orchestrated the rules of the Quarter Quell, and a few of the things in the arena, and also the new head peacekeeper, but here it was explicit, and I was okay with that (and I guess Collins was as well since she was part of the screenplay and production team). And I really do like these little additional scenes where we see Snow, which we wouldn’t usually, since after all the book is from Katniss’ perspective. So seeing the dynamic behind these two was really interesting, and as someone who obviously knew Plutchard’s ‘true intention’ you could get a sense that maybe he wasn’t just being an evil person determined to destroy Katniss, it looked like that, but he was really ensuring that she was given a chance to escape.

Now to some negatives, really I’m going to be nitpicking here, these are pretty minor to be honest, and didn’t really detract too much from my enjoyment. I didn’t really like the Victory Tour, the part in District 11 was pretty good, but then as we went to the other places, it felt a little too stretched in terms of the outright rebellion. Now I get that in the books we hardly saw anything so maybe there was some more obvious signs, but it was a little too much for my liking, but I understand their decision. The end was a little weird to be honest, like I get that they wanted to show Katniss becoming determined to fight the Capitol and Snow, but it wasn’t the best. And then the changing of the symbol, felt a little too overdramatic. I’m not too sure though how they could have ended it. Also just saying the line that “There’s no District 12” has always annoyed me a little, it should be obvious that it’s been destroyed but everytime I read it, I feel like it’s almost them saying, what are you talking about Katniss District 12 isn’t a thing, it never existed, you’re crazy. I don’t know, it’s just what I think when I read that, I really feel like an ‘anymore’ at the end of that would make it better, but maybe that’s why I’m not the writer.

Katniss sneaking around on the train and spotting footage through the cracked open door was a little unbelievable, like, why was the door open in the first place? Since they cut out Madge and the Mayor, I guess they had to do it differently. The worst part was the fog, like, seriously somehow they could hardly out-run it when they were running as fast as possible, then all of the sudden there’s time for them to stop for a moment? And it was coming at them from all sides, so they were running in odd directions. Then they ended up in a pool of water, instead of the beach, which made things a little weird, cause it made the idea of the segments a little tricky.

Also why was there a need for a whole new training centre? That made little sense. Though I have to admit the training scenes were really good. And they changed the reason for Gale’s whipping, I guess they wanted more drama, and to make it seem like he was defying the Capitol by protecting the woman, instead of him being found having hunted. And why wasn’t he knocked out by all the lashes? One thing that bugged me was the interviews with Caesar Flickerman. Like they were all different, we had the siblings from One interviewed together, then Katniss was standing instead of sitting, and Johanna somehow got from behind the stage (where she said the ‘make him pay bit’ which was good) to above the stage with all the other victors. That seemed a little impossible. But I’m super glad they showed the interviews and how everyone was subtly and in Johanna’s case very explicitly, showing their disappointment with the whole thing. And then they all held hands which was awesome, and the outrage of the Capitol residents when Peeta revealed Katniss’ pregnancy, was powerful. Caesar himself was quite interesting, like his laugh! I was in two minds about him, in the books it almost seemed liked from Katniss’ perspective he was ‘on their side’, but in the movie he seemed shocked all of the time and he wasn’t doing his best at being on their side. But what he did was pretty good though.

I’m disappointed with a few things they cut, but understandably they couldn’t keep everything. I really wanted to see Haymitch’s Quarter Quell that would have been very interesting and created a whole new perspective of Haymitch in the movie. But we didn’t see any of that at all. In fact, we didn’t see any of their training regime, so it was a little weird in that regard, and the timeline made it feel like the Quell was revealed the day before the Reaping, but it was months. I guess conveying that was really difficult. Then they had Prim and Katniss’ mother doing the hand gesture when they were reaped, which was really touching and showed they were with Katniss, but it felt too dangerous. Honestly, since they basically removed any interaction between the three of them, they had to put something in to show they were actually a family. And really they cut everything to do with District 13, except a threat by Snow about District 12 being destroyed in the same way. Like, no Bonnie and Twill, no mention of the repeated footage, no mention at all. So, people who haven’t read the books were surely like, what the heck is District 13, which is perhaps what they want, since we’re going to be spending a lot of time there, so might as well leave the explanation till later.

But I have to say despite all of this, I really loved the movie, I honestly did. The above points are really quite minor things, that I noticed, with a few little annoyances, but I wouldn’t really change the movie, it’s brilliant the way it is. I loved the new characters, the actors did a great job, like really Mags and Johanna were awesome. In fact they were all really good. And it was so visually amazing. The arena was perfect! I am just so excited for the next two movies, like they are going to be a whole ‘nother level of awesome!!!!!

What were your favourite parts? What were you disappointed they missed out or changed? How many times have you seen it?


2 thoughts on “Catching Fire The Movie

  1. My father watched Luhrmann’s Gatsby movie on a plane and praised it. He didn’t remember the book’s plot and thought the movie had in fact added one before recalling it was straight out of the book.

    He said (in effect) that it had an absorbing and compelling storyline and that it got its message across very well. He said it even did a good job with the green symbolism.

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