Bookish Topic Tuesday – Feeling the pressure of other readers

Bookish Topic Tuesday

Feeling the pressure of other readers

I briefly alluded last week, that today I was going to go through some stats from Goodreads. And reading through the stats I have, I realised just how little I read. Sure, I probably read a heck of a lot more than the average person (especially of someone my age) but I read hardly anything compared to the majority of other book bloggers out there! And I guess I feel a little under pressure about that. Like I feel as though I’m not a true ‘avid reader’ or perhaps even a true ‘book blogger’. There are some book bloggers out there doing a few books a week, or perhaps one a day. And even general readers who read at least a book a week, or perhaps over the year read over 200 books, which just, I can’t even begin to comprehend! To put in content before I went through a few days ago to add in books I neglected to over the years, I had only about 170 books that I have read. I went through yesterday and added a lot of books I had neglected to add over the years, and I had only about 170 ‘read books’. Now it’s up to 185, and I’m sure I’m missing a few, but, still, some people read that many in a single year.

So I’ve always thought myself to be a pretty avid reader, I’d go to the library perhaps once a month to pick up a book or two, and maybe buy one every now and again. I’d read usually every day at least, unless I was particularly busy. When I went to high school, there was a girl who was just such a huge reader I couldn’t believe it. Like, she would be reading before class, after class, during class, at recess, at lunch, and when we got school laptops to use, she was always reading fanfiction. There are only a handful of times I saw her not reading. So, it was then I realised I didn’t really read as much as I thought! And then looking around online, I can see that I really don’t read that much.

This year I set myself a goal of reading 45 books, it was a little ambitious since I knew I was in for a busy year. And right now Goodreads says I’ve only read 31 books. However, I argue it’s a little higher, since I reread a few books during this year, so it really should be more like 36 books which is a little more acceptable. Plus I’m nearly finished with American Gods, and there’s still a few days left this month! So I could still get closer to it, and for the record last year I apparently read only 31 books, and the year before (according to Goodreads, so not entirely sure) it was more like 14. So I’ve improved!

Also according to Goodreads I’ve read 12806 pages this year (well obviously more since it hasn’t counted 5 rereads) but still, I’m impressed by that. At the same time, I think, jeez that’s only 12 The Stone Keys, so, I’m not super impressed. Looking at the publication years, a lot of them have been after 2000, but, increasingly this year, have been more of the classics, which is something I was looking to do.

Looking at the broader Goodreads community, there were over 400,000 people who signed up for this years reading challenge, at an average of 57 books per person. Though I’m sure there were people who put like 1 million in which have skewed the average, so a medium may be better suited for this. Though I guess there must be a limit because a total of 25 million books to be read were pledged. More interestingly is only 7000 challenges have been completed yet, which is unfair because I’m sure there are many more who just haven’t updated yet. So perhaps I shouldn’t feel so bad for not completing my challenge just yet.

I personally don’t think I could have read too many more books this year, perhaps a couple, but I honestly prefer spending some time not reading at all, and just savouring the last book I read. I tend to finish a book, and then wait a day before starting the next one, so I can think about it some more. And really I doubt I could blog too much more either, it takes a lot of effort, and I don’t know whether I want to be the blogger who blogs 5 books a week. At the moment blogging about one book a day, plus Bookish Topic Tuesday is what I’m pretty comfortable doing. I also want to get a post or two a week about The Cuckoo’s Calling, which should hopefully happen soon. But, we shall see.

So are you a blogger or reader who feels a bit of pressure to up the number of books you read? Do you make book reading challenges? Do you succeed? Should we perhaps go for quality reading instead of quantity? Or perhaps have a goal of reading a different genre a week?


One thought on “Bookish Topic Tuesday – Feeling the pressure of other readers

  1. Don’t worry about it. I read a lot less than you do, which is not to say there isn’t always multiple books I am reading, I just am such a slow reader and time seems to move by too quickly for me.

    For example, it took me two months after Roger Ebert’s death to finish his autobiography, even though I was, I believe, only a little more than ten chapters from the end.

    Also I’m a bit too clinical about it for whatever reason, postponing the reading of a certain chapter for a specific time.

    In fact, it would actually be embarrassing to reveal just how long ago I started reading one of the books I am a little less than halfway through.

    But quality should be placed over quantity. Too many books are released that aren’t worth your time one should focus on reading only ones we will like. I said before I believe you should not leave a review that says “I couldn’t finish the book”. I did not mean by this a person should not give up on the book, this is a perfectly acceptable thing to do.

    I would like to up the number of books I read. I do not make book reading challenges. I think I did sign up for the library once to read a certain number of books by the end of the month when I was a lot younger but that’s it.

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