Bookish Topic Tuesday – Finding time to read

Bookish Topic Tuesday
Finding time to read

It is one of modern society’s worse issues: time management. We never seem to have enough time but there is always more to do. I can really relate to this now as I struggle to find time to read, let alone blog about it! So what can we do about it?

The simple answer is to find time, but if only it was that easy. Go ahead and point me to the lost and found pile of time. Even if you have some ‘free’ time running about, it’s easy for that time to be consumed without realising. How often do you start doing something like watch tv or even read a book and say it’ll only be half an hour, then suddenly five hours have transpired?

I think the only way to find time is to consciously make effort to give time to the things we need to but importantly the things we want to do.

The only reason posts are going up are that they were written a few weeks ago whilst on holidays. This is the first one I’ve written in a while and I’m doing that on public transport. Instead of sitting there mindlessly or listening to music really loudly so everyone else can appreciate my taste in music or playing angry birds, farmville or candy crush, I’m writing something or reading. It’s an ideal time for reading, as long as you don’t get motion sickness…

And while it might sound a little hygienic, but reading while on the toilet is a good use of time. Most of us use our phones in there. Just make sure you wash your hands before touching the book again!

Of course reading before bed is always an idea, just as long as you can deal with either reading late into the night or stopping at a frustrating spot when the cliffhangers start coming!

It’s just about making some sort of effort to find a few minutes a day to read, if you make it part of your daily routine then you’ll find you’ll have plenty of time!

So where/how do you find time for reading? Any tips for time management? How long do you read a day?


3 thoughts on “Bookish Topic Tuesday – Finding time to read

  1. This is a very good question. And it’s largely why I have been unable to keep my promise of regular updates for The Book Thief. Though mostly this is because my main computer is having problems and I can barely ever manage to use it for long enough to write anything. The obvious answer is to do what you can with what time you have and this is what I do. Unfortunately, it’s ridiculous how fast time goes by! Many times, for me, an hour feels like a minute.
    So one should I suppose stop slacking about thinking about when to do something and just do it when we can. And this applies to me more than anyone else. At the moment I actually have more free time on my hands than I have had for about as long as I can remember, so once my regular computer has been fixed I will try to deliver as close to regular updates as possible while still enjoying the book. Although usually I only read about a chapter a day anyway of any book.

    1. The perplexing thing is when you have lots of free time you tend to procrastinate and not use time all that efficiently, but when you’re busy you have to get things done so you do them.

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