The Cuckoo’s Calling – Part 4

Well this part is where shit hits the fan and things get wonderfully interesting. We don’t yet find out the murderer but so much happens as we finally get to meet Guy, Lula’s biological mother, we go to Lula’s flat, we meet Deeby Mac and Ciara, and there’s another murder! After a reasonably subdued first three parts, this is certainly where the excitement builds in great bounds before the climax which is sure to come in the finale.First we meet Guy Somé, finally. Rowling certainly has delayed us meeting so many people, and it seems like we meet them all in this section.

Lula’s password to her computer was Agyeman, which is apparently a Ghanaian surname, and she had bookmarked a website for the School of Oriental and African Studies, where there was an obituary to a Professor Agyeman. But more interesting is that someone deleted some photos off of the computer, 10 weeks after she died, and it wasn’t the police. So, was it Tony or John, who else could it be? I doubt the murderer sneaked into Lady Bristow’s house and deleted a few photos, especially when they were just social photos, and not that incriminating. Despite what Robin was anticipating, though reading about her excitement is nice. Some of it rubs off I think and gets me excited about detective work. Rochelle is in a few photos, but other than her, it just seems like regular ‘famous’ people who were around Lula. Speaking of Rochelle, Strike hasn’t seen her going to her treatment for the last few days.

We finally are able to see the crime scene as we go inside the flat. Interesting that Strike is able to uncover a few more details from Wilson about that night. Though where would a private detective in a crime novel be, if the police were actually good at their jobs? Most interesting is that there were drops of water on the floor. Did someone go for a swim? After all the pool door wasn’t locked that night, so it is possible. Maybe the alarm man hid in the pool, which seems somewhat unlikely.

In yet another meeting of an alluded to character, we meet Lula’s biological mother, Marlene Higson. Who seems mostly interested in selling her story, and was most disappointed that she wouldn’t get any money from Strike, so much so she kept cancelling the interview. Once again we have JK’s use of written accents/phonetic accent. Seems Lula’s father was an African student, perhaps related to Ageyman? Though Marlene has no idea who he was, Strike does check to see if the last name was Wilson, does he think there’s a connection with the door man? And he checks for Owusu, which we later find out is Guy’s real name, I guess he’s just covering all bases. Marlene certainly has some dislike for Rochelle, who she sees as money-grabbing, which is of course ironic when she highlights how she got nothing from her daughter.

Charlotte calls and reveals that she’s marrying her ex. And Robin unfortunately has to tell Strike this news, and he doesn’t respond well as he goes on a bender. Once again consuming Doom Bar (honestly does JK have shares or something?) and getting quite drunk (and we get to see JK’s drunk man accent or should that be legless man accent, sorry). But Robin, the wonderful woman she is, helps him out and takes him home (well home to the office). It certainly changes their relationship. Though she is only supposed to stay for another two weeks before moving on to a much more boring job, we’ll see about that though, since she later thinks about ‘their business’ rather than Strike’s. She is even nice enough to be out of the office for the next day so he can recover.

And recover he does, enough to meet Ciara the next day, after Guy invites him to a shoot. First we hear from Byrony, the makeup artist who was with Lula the day she died, she didn’t notice anything unusual. Though she does know that Ursula May was cheating on her husband, an interesting development.  Then finally we meet Ciara, and what’s more we get to meet Duffield later on. Plus Strike gets a taste of what it is like as a celebrity, can’t say it’s a good life with all that attention. I think you can certainly feel a bit of hatred towards the paparazzi and media as whole here from JK. They all then head back to Duffield’s place. And what we really find out is that Tansy Bestugi seems to have been lying about the night of Lula’s murder and Bestugi himself doesn’t want that coming out, so what is the truth? And Strike gets to have a night with Ciara, which was somewhat unexpected.

Robin’s little venture on her own to gather information lends some interesting news. Professory Agyeman studied in London, and has a son, if Lula thought Agyeman was her father, than maybe she was looking for her brother, and he killed her? Strike plays mysterious and makes Robin try to figure out where Tansy really was, just to leave readers in suspense a bit longer and point them in the right direction. Then we get word of quite a shock, Rochelle is dead. I was beginning to wonder whether there would be more than one murder in this murder mystery, there doesn’t have to be, but usually the body count is reasonably high. Strike is questioned by police, and Carver doesn’t seem to be very happy with him, perhaps he knows he’s actually investigating Lula’s death properly. Strike believes that she was blackmailing the killer. Quite an interesting theory. What’s more one of the runner’s seems to be wearing Guy’s clothing. What should we make of that?

One of the more revealing sections is when we finally meet Bestugi himself. And we see just how much Strike has been able to learn. On the night of Lula’s murder, Bestugi was abusing his wife, and made her stand out on the balcony as a punishment. So she was out there in a nightie in the freezing conditions, which explains why she seemed to be so cold moments later. From that vantage point she was able to hear the confrontation because the windows were open, since Lula liked it that way. And it seems she heard someone running too. Obviously, Bestugi wouldn’t want to reveal why Tansy could hear the confrontation, so it made her seem like she was lying or off her face.

And our final fascinating passage is finally meeting Lady Bristow, and Strike actually he finds the will!! Well, presumably that’s what the blue paper was, but we’ll have to wait for that to be confirmed.

I’m going to have a go at predicting who I think the murderer is. I think the murderer is Tony, or the driver. Both seem to be so suspicious, but maybe it is just that they have something else to hide. But I’ll go out on a limb and say one of them is the murderer. We shall see whether my prediction is any good soon. Things have certainly gotten exciting, so let us see how this finishes.


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