Bookish Topic Tuesday – Isobelle Carmody and The Red Queen

Bookish Topic Tuesday
Isobelle Carmody and The Red Queen

Edit: Just an edit to point out that the day has nearly come and The Red Queen will be published on the 12th of November 2015! Preorder away!

This week I just wanted to give an Isobelle Carmody update, considering I did a read through of The Obernewtyn Chronicles. Thanks to for keeping me up up date with everything Isobelle Carmody! Happy 15th Anniversary, and loving the updated site!

First, the long awaited final, The Red Queen, has been pushed back to a 2015 release date. Isobelle has said she’s finishing the book this year. Now it is disappointing, but I know I want Isobelle to take her time and do it right. We as readers have no entitlement to the story and must understand that authors are people and have lives outside writing, and that the creative process is not something which can be turned on instantly. Some authors are prolific, others take their time, and Isobelle is one of them. The fact she doesn’t just do one thing at a time is because that’s how her process works, she isn’t purposely making people wait, and she likely feels guilty at the set backs. Isobelle is currently doing a creative writing PhD, and has a family, so her writing has to fit in around that. It’s been a long time coming, so a little longer won’t hurt, after all the best things take time, just look at George RR Martin and his work, that isn’t rushed either! Exciting news is that we’ll one day get a Before Time Chronicles and possibly a stand alone book about Matthew’s story in The Red Land!  You can read more about it here in a recent interview for The Australian Spec Fic Snapshot 2014

Next, members can now read a Isobelle Carmody short story, The Bear Flower, for free here. It was published years ago in an anthology, The First Times II. Be warned this has some mature themes. I liked the story, it certainly has mature themes, but I think quite empowering at the end showing us we all have a choice. Some of her other stories I like much better, but it was interesting, and somewhat strange to see this from Isobelle.

Lastly you can listen to another IC short story here, titled Perchance to Dream, thanks to Far Fetched Fables No 19. I quite liked this story, though at first I didn’t have a great liking to it, because it seemed too basic and somewhat clichéd but where Isobelle took it was wonderful and quite complex. Interesting that this second story also had night blooming flowers, just like The Bear Flower. More interestingly the similar theme to Obernewtyn of dreaming and how dreams have meaning, and that they are interconnected (in this case the dream space, and in Obernewtyn, the Dreamtrails). And even Greylands

Oh and if you want to get involved in an independent anthology inspired by the OC, based on ‘Misfits’, head over again to who are in the year long process of collating an anthology. You can submit a story or poem, get feedback from the panel of editors, perhaps become an editor yourself, or maybe you want to submit the cover artwork. It’s a wonderful opportunity helping support a great site, check it out.

I’ll keep you updated on The Red Queen, or head to or like them on Facebook!


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