Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 1 the movie trailer

It’s time for all tributes to get excited about the next Hunger Games movie, with the latest trailer. The movie comes out the 21st of November, so there’s still two months to go, but it’s always exciting to see the next trailer. As normal for these book series adaptations, we have the final book in two parts! Whether that’s a good or bad thing, is a debate for another time, but I don’t mind it since we get more stuff. As to where the cut will be, that is always an interesting thing. It makes sense to be perhaps after the defeat ‘The Nut’ and Katniss returns to 13, since that seems reasonable. There’s lots left to do for the second movie, and it ends at a dramatic point. I guess it could be near Peta’s return, but I think ‘The Nut’ makes more sense. What do you think?

A few thoughts:

Katniss and President Snow having a conversation!!! That totally didn’t happen in the book, but I definitely approve of their relationship developing.

At a few points things felt a little off. Like Katniss reading her demands and the opening monologue, didn’t quite feel right. Perhaps with full context it would, or maybe that’s because in the books Katniss at that time isn’t completely rational and apt at conversing with Coin and co. I’m not sure, I’ll have to wait and see.

I’m so confused as to what that dam thing was, and why that was collapsing. Now that I think about it, I think of the scene from Hunger Games where the train nears the Capitol and there is that big lake, but I so doubt that that is it.

I am excited for Julianne Moore as President Coin, she looks great in the trailer, and seems to fit the character quite well.

What did you think of the trailer? What are you excited for?


2 thoughts on “Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 1 the movie trailer

  1. I have 6 chapters left in Catching Fire and by contrast to people who read the book in one setting or very quickly I am actually reading it one chapter at a time. I don’t have a choice because my father is reading it with me and I have to wait for him to read the next one and for us to meet to discuss his thoughts on it..

    This isn’t really that difficult for me, because it makes it feel like a 1940s movie serial, or like the old episodes of Doctor Who that ended with a cliffhanger ending every part. People who read it so quickly probably don’t notice this interesting aspect.

    Also, I would never be able to read more than a chapter at a time of this in any case because my blood pressure can barely stand 15 or so pages of this at one sitting, and I don’t want to know how this plays out at all. I was annoyed by how little action there was for the two parts, but now I appreciate it because it really created great build-up for the third part and it shocks and terrifies me just how awful and unrelentingly dangerous the book has become. They never seem to get a moment to relax at all. Also, I know the last book alluded to this when Katniss said Rue was “good and safe” after death, but I like that 2 people willingly gave up their lives in just 1 chapter because I know I honestly wouldn’t have the will to even attempt to keep fighting to stay alive (or as Katniss called it “some deep-rooted animal desire for survival”) in this arena. The lifetime of memories would be worse than even what Cato suffered for me.

    In fact, the last chapter (21) was actually so intense and grippingly horrifying to me and ended at such a bad moment I actually spontaneously collapsed and fell unconscious for 3 1/2 hours after I finished reading. I woke up terrified, having had nightmares of being a war veteran in combat. I’m not even kidding about this.

    I’m a bit wary of reading it because fans tend to hate it and the people who find the first two books flawed tend to find this one irredeemably awful. I am glad you and Mark like it, though. (I enjoy Mark’s write-ups of the trilogy and read them all as I go along, only a shame he banned me from commenting for asking when he would be updating the new Doctor Who and Fringe reviews…)

  2. I meant I’m a bit wary of reading Mockingjay due to its reputation.

    Also, since I included my mother’s blog excerpt last time, I’m just going to post this from Dad, hope it isn’t too annoying:
    Chapter 13 (Dad did not like. Didn’t like the idea of 2nd Hunger Games and wasn’t emotionally prepared for it. Disliked Haymitch and Katniss agreeing to save Peeta, didn’t feel that made sense. Didn’t like Katniss disagreeing with Gale’s plan of running away. Didn’t mind rushed pace, actually liked that.)

    Chapter 14 (Not Dad’s favorite chapter. Had some things he liked in it, like new information he wanted. But also some other things he didn’t like, thinks Katniss trying solely to save Peeta makes no sense. Still liked it because of new information about Haymitch)

    Chapter 15 (Just doesn’t like the fact that they have to go back in the Games. Sees it as so unfair. Didn’t find much to fault in this chapter, though. Agreed about the other victors’ behavior being strange after first saying he felt sorry for them, too and that they should have refused to go back in. He said that he guessed they were just jealous of Katniss and that their behavior was bizarre. He agreed Chaff was likely drunk and also said he didn’t think the twist was as dramatic as some of her other twists even though she acted like it was. He didn’t remember who Darius was, but cared more after I told him.)

    Chapter 16 (Liked the chapter, yes and no. Liked meeting all the people though he forgot most of them. Did not like strangeness with Darius at the beginning, didn’t really get it, didn’t like the strategy session, didn’t really get that either. Liked that it had a strong finish, with Katniss and Peeta rebelling against the Gamemakers, well whatever Peeta did. Wished that all the tributes would be as rebellious as Katniss there.)

    Chapter 17 (Thought was one of the stronger chapters. Liked that the victors were all finally starting to be rebellious, and thought they should have been like that before, refusing to go. I suggested this was a flaw with the entire series. He said he could buy it with poor families wanting to get grain and thinking there was such a small chance their child would get picked and that
    the victors should have formed an army and risen up, refused to go from the beginning and risen up against the Capitol. I said if I were a Gamemaker I would just kill all these people and let one of the Morphlings win. He suggested Seneca Crane had felt sorry for the tributes and been executed for his compassion. He admitted the series was flawed and had too many flaws to count, then said well somebody counted them. He felt it was still a good series, though, entertaining and keeps you wanting to know what will happen next. Thought the ending was amazing, one of the best chapter endings of the series.)

    Chapter 18 (Liked it. Thought it had good action. Realized he had had a premonition of Cinna’s fate. Worried about him, but when I asked if he thought they would make another Seneca Crane out of him, he said he hadn’t though of that, thought they were only going to beat him up. We discussed briefly why Cinna would want to help the rebellion at the expense of his own career.)

    Chapter 19 (Was ashamed to find himself getting into it after all. Did like, though had one question: “When Katniss & Finnick got to the Cornucopia first, why didn’t they grab more weapons and throw all the weapons they couldn’t hold into the water to sink so the others wouldn’t have weapons?”) I posted this question from him on your site actually because I was interested to hear your take.

    Chapter 20 (Thought it was good, okay, as good as a chapter about the Games could be. He said it made him feel better about the story going in this direction. He said it was obviously written for people who couldn’t get enough of the first Games, but he just wanted them to do something else.)

    I should also probably point out if you’re worried about my health that I had been awake for a few hours and hadn’t gotten the usual amount of sleep when I read that Catching Fire chapter. I get too emotionally involved with books and TV shows I like, because I watched the Season 1 and Season 2 finales of the revived Doctor Who before bed and easily fell asleep due to how emotionally drained I was by them.

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